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  1. Thanks for the further input. I think we are comfortable with our decision to stay the day after. We might be able to make the flight if disembarking by 9, but any later, I think we'd have problems. We have more things to see, and it should be a lovely time of year.
  2. Atseamylife: Later flights have long connection times (as opposed to non-stop). Even then, depending on the fog delay, we could still miss a flight. We've decided to stay a day, split up our sightseeing, and eliminate (hopefully!) the fog risk. We'll be off the ship, and have plenty of time to get to the airport. SFO was more expensive, and no non-stops. I appreciate the information!
  3. Wheezedr: Thank you for the breakdown, and confirming the times we were seeing. We walk a lot--with luggage (San Diego cruise port to airport, for one!)--so that's not a problem. Nice to know the condition of the sidewalk. We saw either Blue or Green lines go to Coliseum. Do I have to purchase the specific line, or does the same ticket work on either? I appreciate knowing the airport leg is an add-on fare to the main ticket. We've had to deal with that in Newark and Madrid. It makes sense to get it in one purchase, but it's nice not to be surprised at the ticket kiosk! I realize step 1 (and what time the ship gets cleared) and the airport side of it have the most variability. My other concern is fog delay. I'm not seeing much on the boards about this being a SF problem in early May. Google doesn't really tell me much either way--though it seems to be in the clear. Hopefully someone else may be able to shed more light on whether that's an issue. Like you, I'm skeptical about going by car/taxi/etc. Again, thanks for your reply!
  4. We are returning May 6th (a Monday) from a Princess Hawaii cruise out of San Francisco. Ensenada is our prior port, on the 4th. Looking at a Southwest flight at 11:55 AM. Itinerary says we will be back at Pier 27 at 7 AM. We pack fairly light, so can do self-assist off, and walk to the Embarcadero BART station. Total travel time looks to be 1 hour 15 minutes or so. Is this a reasonable connection? We've never sailed out of (or back into) San Francisco, so don't have experience with this port. Is a fog delay a likely issue in May? Obviously that could mess us up. Most of the Oakland Airport threads I found after searching are years, if not decades, old. We figured being a Monday, once we got onto BART, "traffic" would become a non-issue. Thanks for your input!
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