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  1. I haven't been on CC for several days and just stopped back to see if you had any updates posted. I am so happy to see the last couple and it really sounds like things are starting to head in the right direction for you. It's about time! πŸ™‚ I probably won't be on CC for a couple of weeks since we're going to FL (driving) and hitting a beach for a few days and then meeting up with friends to stay at their timeshare. Another 50th birthday celebration. Last year NOLA was the destination. So glad that PT is coming up and hoping that by the time I get back that you'll be well on your way. Thank you for keeping us posted. Still keeping those good vibes and juju your way. Holly
  2. Hi Jeff! I was going to wait till I got caught up to comment, but I'll have to get caught up later. So happy to see Yoki!!! We got to know him on our last cruise in September 2015 (Carnival Liberty, southern itinerary out of San Juan). We actually met him the first night at the sail away deck party. He had the trays of the "flashing" shot glasses filled with Fireball Whiskey and when I got my husband and myself each one, we were talking to him for a few minutes. On the itinerary out of San Juan, MDR seating the first night is open seating, so you don't have your assigned table until the 2nd night. Well, once in our assigned seats on the 2nd night, guess who our bar waiter was? Yoki! He was awesome! This is all the further I've gotten so far. Haven't been on CC much lately since I need to keep the computer turned off so I can get things done around here. Lol! Sorry that you ended up with crud turned to bronchitis. My DH has had it a few times and it's not pleasant and I even lose sleep since his coughing got worse at night. Glad you're getting over it. I'm really enjoying your review and Patti's pictures. We'll be going away next week to FL since we're all heading down to celebrate a good friend's 50th birthday (were in NOLA last year for her SIL's 50th) and taking a few extra days for ourselves. We do have a cruise booked for next year - Magic in May to Aruba. I think I saw on our social media roll call that it's the Blackjack championship tournament cruise. Who knows, maybe we'll see you? Thank you, and Patti too, for sharing your experiences. Holly
  3. If you do find the time to do a review, I'll definitely look forward to it. Would love to visit Bermuda. I'm definitely a beach person but like a variety of things to see/do on our cruises. We do plan to get to a less crowded beach in Aruba and I believe those are further from port, so it will be nice having the extra long day as a cushion with time. Hoping to get pics of the ship lit up in port after dark as well, but don't know if there's a spot for a clear view of the ship there or not. I don't think you'll have to worry about the Steelers this year. They are looking terrible. It may end up being a good thing for them that "Big Ben" is out for the season since the defense and offensive line have up their game. Time will only tell.
  4. That's great to hear about Aruba. That's going to be our long day, 8am - 10pm, so looking forward to being able enjoy without rushing. I actually haven't been on CC much since May or June. Been busy here and trying to behave, meaning less time on computer. Lol!!! That's a shame Jamman has bronchitis. My hubby has had it a couple times. You picked a great time to go to Canada/NE, I'm guessing the leaves should be in peak. And you can't beat the no traveling to get to the ship part. Now that fall is upon us, I'm hoping for some good reviews now that I'll be inside more. There have been so many that I have enjoyed over the years. Except for Jamman, Mitsugirly, Watermelonqueen, and a few others, there don't seem to be as many as there once was. Deladane may have one coming up too, always loved hers. Hope you have a great time on your cruise!
  5. So sorry you had to cancel your Journeys cruise and the one in May and I'm really sorry that it was medical problems and not knowing what your "cruise future" holds. I so I'm so happy you're getting to cruise this Sunday. Believe it or not, this Magic cruise is the LONGEST wait will have. We normally book cruises 3 months or sooner from sail date. Since our friends started booking then let us know they were having a tough time finding cabins, we decided to book asap and so glad we did or we'd may have missed out. We've never been to Aruba or Curacao but everyone I've talked to who has been really likes them, so we're looking forward to it. We'll also have stops in HMC and GT and we've been to both in 2010 and I loved both. Just hope weather doesn't prevent us from getting to either. I'm also looking forward to Jamman's B2B on Sunrise, so thanks for the reminder so I can start looking for it. Will send along some prayers and good vibes that things will get better so you have a nice cruise future (meaning more cruises).
  6. I remember your reviews! I really enjoyed them & love how you wrote them (very informative) and I also remember your beautiful pictures you always included.
  7. Hi Karen! Remember me? Yes, his wife's name is Tracy. I think his CC name is MikeyA53 and I also enjoyed their reviews. Seems like only a few are doing reviews anymore. We're finally cruising again next year, on Magic to Aruba/Curacao, the 5/9 sailing. A lot of the group we got to know on our last cruise (Liberty, 2015) are also going. πŸ™‚ We had such a hard time booking (booked it in July), not many cabins available. We actually went through hubby's aunt (a TA) and even she said the pickin's were slim but she found us a balcony cabin for 2. Our friends were having a hard time finding cabins as well, but we're all booked now as cabins eventually opened up. We have since found out the Ultimate Blackjack Tournament Grand Finale is going to be on that cruise. Wonder if Jamman54 will win a tournament to qualify for that? You should go too. πŸ˜‰ Holly
  8. Thanks for the update and glad this one has brought a wee little bit of better news. Just so sorry that you're having to go through all of this. I think I'd be going batπŸ’© stir crazy and don't know how you are able to manage. Continuing to keep the good juju/vibes heading your way.
  9. Kim, I just hopped on CC to see if there were any updates/how you were doing. As others have said, you have been a BIG help to us all for ideas and for a great read to get us through the cruise withdrawals. I was glad to hear the surgery went well and that there wasn't as much infection as they had originally thought. So glad you got to go home too, that DOES get expensive. I'll continue to send some good vibes and juju your way, not only for healing but the whole comp thing w/your employer. Time for this "nasty weather" (raining/pouring, tornadoes, and tsunamis) to move on or clear up...so good vibes/juju heading your way for fair skies and smooth seas. Holly
  10. Oh ship....just read your latest update and tsunami IS more like it! I'd have had the wind knocked out of my sails by now and would definitely be tears and breaking down at this point as well. So sorry you have to go through another surgery and impatient stay, and I hope this will resolve this nasty infection once and for all so you can get back on the right track with this recovery. The positive thoughts, vibes, juju, and whatever else works for are on their way. Thought you'd enjoy this little snowflake eel we saw in Hawaii 2 years ago this month. Out of 2 weeks there, this was one of the 2 times we were able to snorkel (water conditions much different from Caribbean). This was from Poipu Beach on the south side of the island of Kauai. Saw some beautiful fish too, but currents were strong and stirred up sand and my camera focused on the sand and not the fish. I thought I had some great pics until I reviewed them later, so I'm glad that this is one of the ones that came out. First I've seen an eel snorkeling.
  11. Holy heck and oowwwiiiiiiieeeeee!!!! I haven't been on CC much with too much to do around here with me trying to get off my lazy butt and going for walks every day (no, not trying to rub it in) and then that keeps me in the "mood" to get the house cleaning done in addition to my big project of getting rid of stuff we're just storing. But I just came back to see how you were doing. You were definitely right about raining/pouring and tornadoes! I just hope this starts moving in the right direction and soon. Hopefully you won't need IV antibiotics. I mentioned in another review of yours my hubby's issues last year (surgery was a year ago last Friday) but leading up to it he was in the hospital with diverticulitis infection that wouldn't clear up so they got an infectious disease specialist in to come up with another treatment plan. They decided on a daily IV antibiotic and put in the picc line in his upper arm. Guess who was lucky enough to be the "nurse"? Lol!!! They actually had someone come out and show me and it really wasn't that bad. We also had a home health nurse come out once a week to change dressings and do blood draws to make sure the antibiotics were working. And my gosh, the knowledge she had! Any questions and she was like an encyclopedia and so helpful. But once he had the surgery to remove that section of his bowel, he no longer needed it and fortunately he had no complications. They were able to do the laparoscopic surgery. But he's all good now. He will not get suckered into any of Carnival's "men's hairy chest" contests though. LOL! In his defense, he did NOT want to do it but a few of us got him roped into it. 😜 Sending more good vibes and juju your way and hoping for a better report soon. Holly Attaching some pictures of fish from Barbados from our last cruise in 2015
  12. So sorry to hear the pain is getting worse and not better. πŸ˜₯ I just hope you get some good answers and relief soon, and hoping no more scary setbacks. And 2 1/2 hours for Sakari on the bus home? WTH??? And I complained about my former commute (and the same one my husband still does), 1 1/2 - 2 hours, each way. But that was for a job, not school. That is totally ridiculous. Will keep the good juju/vibes coming your way. Holly
  13. I just made time today to sit down and read the rest of your review and I enjoyed as much as your others. You mentioned the concrete at the water park in Costa Maya and what it did to your feet. I know exactly what you were talking about. As a kid I was always running around barefoot, including gravel driveways and the creek that had a lot of rocks and it never bothered my feet. My family used to go to Hilton Head, SC, and the lower part of the beach is hard packed sand, sand you can actually ride a bike on (might have something to do with the tides that go pretty far out). The upper beach is softer sand. From walking on the harder sand, my feet were always a mess and peeling for a long time afterward. But I did it again, year after year. My feet ain't in no beauty contest. Lol!!! I did see your reply on how the other passengers on this cruise was more how people describe passengers on Carnival, giving it the nickname "Wal-Mart of the Seas". I have heard the same thing and have never experienced any of that on any of our Carnival cruises. The cruise in 2014 was very crowded, but the passengers were fine and we didn't see any of that. Heck, we were in New Orleans for a week in May 2018 and yeah, we saw some stuff but not like that, but it was New Orleans and not a NCL cruise. The funniest we saw in NOLA was a woman in a very short sun dress riding a mechanical bull during "happy hour" (3 beers for price of 1) one afternoon. Us gals weren't looking but one of the guys said "Holy ****!!! She ain't got no drawers on!!!". Yep, you read that right, she had NOTHIN' on under that dress. They gave her a bar towel to cover up, but when she was thrown, the guys sure had a show. We weren't really paying attention after that, but I sure hope they wiped the seat of that mechanical bull down with a bleach solution...nasty!!! I also saw the updates on your leg and so sorry you are now dealing with blood clots. When it rains, it pours. Will keep that good juju/positive vibes coming along and hope it will all go smoothly from now on. I love the color of your cast and Sakari's drawings on it. And I can't believe how grown up she looked with her graduation dress and heels on. I don't have kids but I can imagine that's a proud moment but also hard, missing the "little kid" years. Loved the "throw back" pictures you added - that did NOT seem very long ago!!! Thank you again for doing another review, I always enjoy them and your beautiful pictures. Holly
  14. We have had stops in St. Lucia on two of our recent cruises on Carnival. At the time we cruised, our stop in St. Lucia was the day following our stop in Barbados. Carnival still visits the same islands but they now stop in St. Lucia before Barbados so I don't know which route to Barbados the ship takes. Both times we sailed (May 2013; Sep. 2015), our ship went around the south side of St. Lucia from Barbados and up the west coast before docking in Castries at 8AM. I got up early (between 5:30 & 6AM, sunrise seemed to be around 6AM but may vary different times of the year) and was able to see the Pitons both times, but at a distance. But as reedprincess mentioned, that all depends on which route the ship you'll be on takes from Barbados into Castries. I'll attach a couple pics in case your ship comes up from the south and sails up St. Lucia's west coast so you'll know what you can expect to see if you decide to get up that early. So glad you're doing the catamaran tour, nothing like seeing them up close, their beauty is just stunning. The first picture is what you'll see (Pitons in center of pic) and the second picture is same view but I used my camera's zoom and zoomed in on the Pitons.
  15. Kim...holy crap!!! I'm only on page 7 and will continue more tomorrow but have a party to go to. But dang!!! So sorry you broke your leg like that. Just seeing those pictures made my leg hurt, I just can't imagine!!! I'm really enjoying this and it's a shame about the service on this cruise. The only thing we experienced like that was Carnival Liberty in April 2014 (Spring Break), but with that it was mainly just crowds, lines, and long waits that we'd never experienced on any cruise prior or on our last one, which was also on Liberty in 2015. We actually booked another one for next May on Carnival Magic with all of the others we had gotten to know through CC and then our on social media "roll call". We're going to HMC, GT, Aruba, and Curacao this time and really looking forward to it. Got a long wait, but we've got one booked. I'm looking forward to more of your review but please know you are in my thoughts, prayers, sending good vibes/juju - whichever works best for you. Gosh, you must be going stir crazy insane bored by now. Hope you're finding ways to keep entertained. Holly
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