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  1. I do remember and will keep you, Patti, and Rayn in my thoughts and prayers.
  2. I normally wait to comment, unless I have a question, but this picture...WOW!!! This would be beautiful enlarged, framed, and displayed. Please let Patti know this is a GREAT one!!! Since I'm commenting, I noticed on John Heald's social media page this morning that he posted an article about the Choose Fun Airship (blimp) will be doing an "east coast tour". It will start at the Manhattan Cruise Terminal tomorrow (5/23) for the ship naming ceremony (Sunrise) and will do a month long tour of the NYC area, NJ, and Philly. The article mentioned it would be touring over NJ the first week of June. So hopefully you and Patti will get to see it. Really enjoying your review and so glad to see the weather has cooperated for you so far and hoping it stayed that way. I'll keep tuned in to find out.
  3. Is your husband interested in ocean fishing or freshwater? Several years ago (OK, going on six), I remember reading a picture review by another CC member who took a cruise out of San Juan in the fall of 2013 and had a couple of days in San Juan before the cruise. She booked fishing trip for her husband (freshwater fishing) and covered it in her review. They used Captain Paco with Peacock Bass and Tarpon Tours. Just to be sure this company was still up and running, I did an internet search (will attach link for that too) and it appears they are still in business. I don't know if they also offer ocean fishing tours or not. As soon as I saw your question, I remembered the review because it was good, but sadly it was never finished. I was able to easily find it because she we had done a cruise out of San Juan and we were commenting on eachother's reviews. I had started mine just few days before she went on their cruise. Link to the review so you can read about their experience, if interested. Hoping this link opens up to the second page of her review and the fishing trip starts on Post #41. If if not, fishing trip is Page 2, Post #41 Link to Peacock Bass and Tarpon Tours (there are others tours too, just do a google search) https://fishingbooker.com/charters/view/3416?booking_persons=2&booking_children=0
  4. I don't comment here too often, but your pictures are beautiful and I look forward to them. Thank you for sharing.
  5. You have mushroom coral in your tank at home? How cool!!! I love it! Thank you about our cat, that was a tough one so the happy memories of Hawaii I wanted aren't the ones I have. I normally don't reply to start a chit chat session, I did tell you I had those pictures. The quality isn't the best since they are scanned prints. At the time, I took what would have been considered a large amount of film with me (still ended up buying 2 more rolls), so I only have 2 pics to share. One is of the whole boat, right after we got off and the other is the best I could get from the interior to show the seating/stairs to the second level (there we 3 levels). That pic was from where we were sitting, which was the bottom level, right side (starboard) & just a few tables back from the stairs. The bar was just to the left of the stairs and I can't remember now if there was another bar on the middle level. They actually took us out to a shipwreck to snorkel & there was a platform near the shipwreck that we could swim to and hang out on. That was in Carlisle Bay, but at the time I had no idea where we were besides Barbados. There was a rope swing off the left (port) side of it and that was a lot of fun. We were trying to see how many people we could get on it before the weight of everyone got to be too much and we all dropped off. Of course they had some great tunes playing.
  6. I see that reedprincess already replied to let you know about Spencer Abrose's "Sugar Beach Break". We've done both the "beach break" and the "Land, Sea, and Beach Adventure" (also mainly by speedboat) with Spencer's in 2013 & 2015 and loved both. There was a gentleman on our most recent tour (Land, Sea, Beach, 2015) who had two bad knees and really appeared to have a tough time getting around. His wife helped him at the land sights and Spencer/crew assisted him in getting in and out of the boat each time and they were so nice to him about it. They also offered assistance to anyone else needing/wanting it. We have no issues, but did witness the assistance. I do hope you get back and hope you have a beautiful day when you do. We've been very fortunate in both visits to St. Lucia the weather has been beautiful. That is also the best snorkeling I've experienced.
  7. I can't believe it's over already - boo! Seriously, I enjoy and look forward to your reviews, no matter which cruise line. I thought I'd wait till the end but during your scuba in Barbados, I loved seeing the live mushroom coral. Apparently it's a common find in Hawaii and I did fine one piece (dead, on beach) while there. The other was one of those shipwrecks was the same boat we did our "booze cruise" excursion (thought Carnival) on our honeymoon cruise in 1992! I knew it was on the ocean floor somewhere, but didn't realize it was in Carlisle Bay. We had a great time on that, but we were a lot younger too. I have pictures of what it looked like if you're interested. And when you guys were all being paged before getting off the ship - classic! That was hilarious! Someday I'd like to try that. 🙂 I am SO glad that Loki made it and you guys, especially Sakari, had a happy ending. We lost one of our cats while we were in HI two days before our return and that was tough and I'm so glad you didn't have to go through that. My heart was breaking for Sakari. So glad he pulled through. I'm shocked and saddened by that news you got. That sucks! Please know that you are in thoughts, prayers, good vibes/juju, etc., which ever works for you. I just can't imagine and I'm really hoping you prove them wrong. I feel like I've gotten to know you/your family and we have a lot of the same interests - beaches and I also love snorkeling the past few years. And thank you for taking the time to share your vacation with us. Holly (aka pghsteelerfan)
  8. I know I commented earlier, but I was only part way through that time. I really enjoyed your review and the videos. I can't believe how much the port are of Costa Maya has changed! We were there in March 2006 and I know it was wiped out by Hurricane Dean in August of 2007 and rebuilt. There is so much more now that I hardly recognize it. I just finished another review a short time ago with a stop there and it looked different in her pictures but from the video I was really able to tell. Sorry Roatan was cancelled but so glad you got the bonus day in Cozumel. Thank you for taking the time to do a review and again, I enjoyed your pictures and video.
  9. I have been looking forward to this one for a long time!!! We spent our 25th in Hawaii, a few months late, but we did it as land vacation to 3 islands (Oahu, Kauai, Maui) and that was a LONG flight (9.5 hours), so sure wish we could have had the business class. I'm really looking forward to seeing what all you see/do in Hawaii (hoping you had nice weather) and I am also looking forward to seeing what you and Patti get yourselves into in CA before your cruises as well. I really enjoy that you include your travel to and from your cruises, so no complaints about that from me. Thanks in advance for taking the time and to Patti for taking lots of pics. EDITED: Almost forgot, Happy 25th Anniversary to you and Patti and wishing you both many more happy years together.
  10. Hi Dana, Yes, the one we toured through was definitely much smaller and on the other side of the river. That was in 1996 though and before Hurricane Katrina. I do remember after our tour when we were waiting for the next ferry, we walked along the levee area, which seemed pretty high but I don't know if it was breached during the flooding or not. We went in (small group) but there was no movie, but there was a man who explained the history of Mardi Gras (Krewes, floats, and parades) that took about the same amount of time and then we were turned loose to walk around and look at the floats and figures. It definitely wasn't as organized as the one you went through and they were basically scattered about with no apparent order. Out of curiosity, I searched "Mardi Gras World" and found on Wikipedia that Mardi Gras World was created as a tourist attraction in 1984, but in the late 2000's, it "nearly quadrupled in size, expanding from 80,000 to 300,000 square feet", so that would definitely explain. But they actually still have "Mardi Gras World" still on that old building across the river that we were able to see when we rode the ferry across and back last year. I'd definitely love to check out the updated Mardi Gras World, so I really appreciate the information AND the pictures. 🙂 I have a pic I took from the ferry during our trip last May of that building across the river where Mardi Gras World was in 1996 (actual view and zoomed in of the building with "Mardi Gras World"). We actually thought that's where it still was so never even looked into doing another tour if it. Had I known...LOL!!!
  11. I just found your review and remembered seeing another of yours (last year?) from the Magic. I am really enjoying it but I just had to comment here. We saw Jason Blanchard on Carnival Liberty in April 2014 and he used that towel animal to close the show. That towel animal was a "naughty" one and definitely had something to do with a topic he touched on during his show. Definitely raunchy but hilarious. I haven't laughed like that during a comedy show before or since, although Carnival does have some good comedians. I actually just finished your section on the "Bar Hop" you did in Cozumel and that's what I want to do next time we get there. Friends of ours did it and highly recommend it. Thank you for taking the time to do another review.
  12. Hey there! I was really looking forward to this and just hopped on RCI's boards today to see if you had it started yet, and yea!!! I've gotten caught up with all you have and am really enjoying, as I always do. But the ship!!! Holy ship, it's beautiful!!! Is Freedom of the Seas larger than Adventure? We were in port (St. Thomas) with Freedom of the Seas on our Carnival Glory cruise, 9 years ago this month. We were on a tour to St. John and there were a few on the tour with us from Freedom and they told us about the ship and we were floored - an ice skating rink ON a cruise ship? But even thought it's the part you don't look forward to doing, I enjoyed seeing it. We've done one RCI cruise (Mexican Riviera in Jan. 2000) on Rhapsody of the Seas, which at the time seemed large but probably considered smaller with the newer ships today. I am still really looking forward to seeing what all you guys did in ports since we seem to have the same interest (beaches). Again, congrats on that degree and so happy all of you were able to get a break from the tragedies at home. Oh, I almost forgot but "pop" IS the correct term, although some prefer "soda". Lol!!! I'm from the Pittsburgh area, so I still say "pop" (and yinz) even thought most refer to it as "soda" here in VA. I'm looking forward to following along.
  13. Dana, thank you again for taking the time to share another of your wonderful trips with us, and as always, I also enjoyed the beautiful pictures you got. I'm so glad that the weather was sunny and beautiful for you. I think I mentioned before that I also really enjoyed your pre-cruise stay in New Orleans, especially since we were just there last May. We didn't get to Mardi Gras World last year but did go when we were in NOLA in 1996, but it was across the river then, so we had to take the ferry over to it. The same building we went through in 1996 was still there last year, and still had Mardi Gras World on it, but the one you got to go through was MUCH larger and nicer. What we saw was more of a warehouse where floats or parts of floats were stored. It didn't appear that anyone was working on them either. After reading about your tour, I think that is something that will be a must next time we get to NOLA. And the Beignets...yum! And yes, I'd be happy to read about your trip to Europe this summer. I can't believe it, but it was six years ago today that we flew down to San Juan one night before our cruise on Valor. It really doesn't seem like 6 years ago!
  14. Thanks for the update! When we were in Hawaii, we stayed in a hotel on Waikiki (Hilton Hawaiian Village) and loved those ABC stores. There were two ABC stores within a short walking distance right along the main road and we discovered that there was actually one AT the resort a couple days later. Lol!!! I guess it would help to look over those maps they give you. To be honest, I didn't think I'd like Oahu or Waikiki Beach, but I LOVED it and Oahu is just gorgeous once we got out of Honolulu. We also visited Kauai and Maui. So happy to hear you had a great time on your cruise after those wrinkles were ironed out. 🙂
  15. I'm still following along and enjoying. I just haven't commented since I didn't have any specific questions. I do know the feeling when you're putting a lot of time and effort into a review and the only comments are your own updates. It was like that with the last review I did from our Carnival Liberty cruise out of San Juan. I actually almost gave up on it but I did know that a few others who had commented earlier were following along. Some of those were CC members we really got to "know" when we branched off on a social network site roll call, so I decided to proceed to the end. I'm glad I did since it is nice to go back and "relive" that cruise (and the 2 others) occasionally. But I'm definitely still following around and enjoying it. I feel really bad for you guys regarding the letdown in Belize with "mother nature" (she's a charmer, isn't she?) and the family who brought that child that needed all of the attention. Not much you can do about wind/choppy seas, but the situation with that child? Certain tours had age limits and this sounds like a tour that really should. Nice that they accommodate the family/that child, but it shouldn't be at the expense of others who paid for the tour who might also want a nice experience. I LOVED the pictures you got scuba diving, it's just a shame the guide held onto you the whole time. I would not be a fan of that. Lol!!!
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