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  1. Early May could be too cold for midges to be a concern. Whilst they do bite (only the females) they are more annoying due to their small size. They are tiny and get in eyes and ears. The west coast is by far the worst area for them, I have never had an issue with midges in the east of Scotland, including Inverness area. You can buy 1001 different potions, remedies etc etc, but avoiding areas where they are likely to be, in particular forests and near lochs is far more sensible, particularly around sunrise and dusk, which is when they appear. You can also pray for windy days!
  2. 7am to 3pm is plenty of time, very little of interest as the centre was heavily bombed during the war and was rebuilt. It is some time since we visited, but from experience of many ports buses run about every 15-20 minutes. We couldn't walk into town as it was some way and we were in a very busy commercial area.
  3. Did this in 2012 and it was easy. Port tourist shop sold us metro tickets and gave info on how to get there. Walk to centre, metro and walk to the ski slope.
  4. We have done a similar trip, we didn't spend any actual cash. Credit cards used everywhere.
  5. Its a balance between seeing something and getting best value from what you are seeing. I'm sure you can see Britannia and the Castle in 2 hour visits each, but we were on Britannia for almost four hours. It's not large, but when it opened it was quiet and we took our time to take it in as it is so interesting. I could happily go back and do it again for as long. Despite lots of visits to Edinburgh I haven't done the castle for over 30 years. However that is large and I'm sure a couple of hours wouldn't do it justice.
  6. I watched Anthony Bourdain last night and on his trip to St Petersburg he went to Cococo.
  7. No need for cash in Sweden or Denmark. Use a fee free foreign exchange credit card, even for that £2 ice cream from a street barrow seller.
  8. Over many years of visiting Scotland I can say that both will give you a good day out. Trossachs is great scenery and on the boundary between Lowlands and Highlands and you will get to see Stirling Castle, similar to Edinburgh, but smaller. Not sure what you will gain from driving through Glasgow. Inverary wins it for me over Callendar which is a street of ice cream shops and 'Tartan outlets'! You have to go out of your way to get to Inverary so it is quieter and it is in a spectacular location. Never been to the castle (which is more of a Country House) as we are usually there in winter when it is closed. Jail is worth seeing, There is also a really good whisky shop on the High Street (which may cloud my judgement as to why I prefer it!) Luss is beautiful and unexpected as it is just off the very busy main road to the north west of Scotland. You may see the floatplane doing trips from Loch Lomond (pity you won't get chance to try it, its amazing).
  9. The Oslo ski jump and museum is worth a visit. Getting there by Metro is a great journey as you climb out of the city to the surrounding hillside.
  10. Joint accounts usually have unique card numbers. If they don't you may need another card. Check with a member of staff before commencing any journeys.
  11. Hurtigruten run all year round, so thats not an issue, The downside is smaller ports may be closed as access roads could be snow covered. My parents went in early May and lots of trips were cancelled due to snow.
  12. My own experience is Grand class (Ventura, Azura, Grand Princess etc) and Celebrity Eclipse. The marked difference between the two is the Celebrity Solstice class ships have a high proportion of square tables. Lots of tables for 4, but in addition tables in rows so accommodating 2, 4, 6 or 8 diners around one rectangular table is easy, they just push tables together. P&O have far more round tables to seat 6-10, so a wait may be more likely, especially at 7.30pm.
  13. No need to share, but you may have to wait until a 4 seat table comes free.
  14. Train straight to Glasgow, afternoon and evening in Glasgow. Very early train to Edinburgh, day there (busy, but great during Festival), afternoon train back to Greenock.
  15. I would wait until you arrive. There are plenty of tour options ashore so you can wait and see what the weather is doing before deciding which one to do. It was throwing it down when we visited with low cloud, seeing anything was almost impossible from the viewing points. An expensive trip would have been money wasted.
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