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  1. We are with Princess and will be departing Santiago (SAN Antonio) on Coral Princess on 5th January for Buenos Aires via Antarctica. When we were last in Valparaiso we got caught up in a dock strike that day and my understanding is that things have got worse there hence the change to SAN Antonio. But as I said just check to make sure. The decision may be up to the individual cruise lines themselves.
  2. I'm not trying to be smart but could I suggest that you make sure your cruise is leaving from Valparaiso. I was under the impression that all cruises are now leaving from San Antonio. We called at Valparaiso on our last South Amercan cruise but are departing from San Antonio in January. I believe the change has been brought about by continuing strikes on the dock in Valpairso.
  3. Our experiences with this are all different but it does not stop us all from becoming experts on the topic. We will never know the truth until an executive from Princess comes here and clarifies the situation. That is most unlikely to happen.
  4. Thanks for your comments and advice.
  5. You are quite correct. Apart from price, the only real telling points in choosing a specific company are that they cover what you NEED, will honour your claims and process it quickly.
  6. We did Bluff Cove a little over 2 years ago. It was great (including the drive out there) but there were only about six or eight King Penguins among all the others. We are doing Volunteer Point with Patrick Watts next January having booked months and months ago. It seems as though you have to book very early with him, but at least there is no payment until you get there.
  7. Hi cruisine21. I bet the cruise did not include USA. When I talked to Covermore about the USA with pre-existing they were not the least bit interested. I have never used them since.
  8. In my humble opinion celebrations will depend on what part of the world the planned cruise is in - that is not mentioned. If the cruise is in the Baltic it is most unlikely there will be Thanksgiving celebrations. We must remember that the whole world does no revolve around the USA.
  9. Hope they get the engines fixed before we do the Antarctic in January otherwise things could get really interesting particularly across the Drake Passage.
  10. Thanks for taking the time to respond. Yes. I understand what you are saying but a video recording of the experience always adds to the photos (which my wife has the responsibility for). Still photos don't tell everything. I have videos of all our cruises and holidays generally and we watch them more times than look at the photos.
  11. I have yet to find a travel agent who gives me anything or does anything other than book what I have requested. Yes, they are little more than just booking agents - I have little time for them so whenever I can I book directly with Princess. I even had to tell one TA that I could get a better price on a tour once and the response was 'that we don't usually book through them'. it was to cost me thousands more so I told them to change the wholesaler they were dealing with - then they agreed. I just shook my head. I thought the idea was to get me the best deal they could - it seems I was wrong. I have not used them since.
  12. There seems to be plenty of websites that will give you all sorts of tips on taking photos in the Antarctic but next to nothing that I can find in relation to video photography. Can anyone help either from their own personal experience or knowledge of websites etc. We are not doing an expedition cruise, we are doing South America which includes 4 days cruising in the Antarctic. Many thanks.
  13. I'll also support the idea of giving InsureandGo a look. I've got pre-existing and always go with them. You will have to fill in a pre-existing questionnaire though. I think they advertise that they will insure you to 100.
  14. No, I don’t think it will matter which side you are on. Funny though isn’t it? We are all creatures of habit. We have been on the starboard side on all of our cruises including Hawaii round trip from Sydney.
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