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  1. Interesting thought, but I have lost my driving licence for medical reasons and DH not that keen on driving in Italy. The traffic has been pretty busy in areas of Italy we have visited previously, so coupled with driving on the wrong side of the road, is particularly unappealing. Can I ask how you found the traffic and driving though and if you drive a lot when abroad? The only places we have hired cars in the last 10-15 years is La Gomera and El Hierro which have more or less empty roads, which is a big contrast to the other Canary Islands, but it was great to get to the more remote areas of those islands.
  2. Most people on this forum seem to be from the US, Canada or Australia, so I tend to think of people being American rather than check their details. My family were more red based, but the only big football fan is my older brother who went to Newfoundland in the late sixties and has raised a family there along with his US born, but Canadian raised, wife. He is still a big fan and subscibes to a streaming (?site or whatever they are called) and watches all Liverpool matches along with others. Lots of exciting games lately, which even I have watched if they were on normal TV. My brother's elder daughter is a soccer player and still plays for a (slightly older) team. She was selected for N'land when she was younger at one stage, but was unable to take it up as she got an injury soon after selection which scuppered that season for her. My son is actually light blue (i.e. Tranmere Rovers) and has had season tickets some years. That is the Wirral team which is a load cheaper to buy tickets for 🙂 and is his reason for that. Sadly they have not done well over recent years, but he did have the chance to see them at Wembly a number of years ago. I have no celtish background going back a fair way, but can claim a Swedish great grandfather. My husband's father surprisingly mentioned a few years ago that he had a Welsh speaking grandmother, though he was from the NE and lived in Hampshire after marrying his wife from Portsmouth (who he had met when he was in the Navy in the war). My husband came to Liverpool as a student.
  3. I herald from Liverpool - often referred to as the capital of Wales (well when it is not being referred to as the capital of Ireland that is). We spent many of our summer weekends in Wales as children and my younger brother has retired to Wales, spending much of his time cycling and walking in the hills/mountains and along the coast. I was brought up in south Liverpool, where there is a large Welsh community and I had lots of Welsh teachers at school as well as a friend who was Welsh. I can manage the well known welsh pronunciations like Dolgellau, Llandudno and Llangollen along with some other places and try my best with other names or ask locals if the opportunity arises. Agreed sound nothing like you would expect. My husband can get quite a complex when exiting a Welsh car park, given that his name is Allan - the instruction "allan out" in the bilingual form, does sound a bit harsh 🙂 The middle third of the long place name eludes me, but I can manage the rest. I have heard it was given the long name in more recent years, largely to attract attention and visitors. I do not know if that is true, but given it's location on the main road across Anglesey, it does have a reputation that can encourage stops by people who otherwise would drive straight past. My grandmother had a Welsh Insurance collector who amused me as a child by reciting that place name if we were visiting Gran. I do like Wales and is our main go to day out, or overnight, venue since we live even nearer now, on the Welsh side of the Mersey.
  4. Thanks - mind I think that has confused me more now 🙂 The local names are always different to what you expect.
  5. Thank you both very much for those useful replies. Must admit our only previous visit to Livorno was on the same ship, though called Adonia at the time and we remember docking very centrally and being able to walk into the town. I also remember the very picturesque view of Livorno as we sailed off into the sunset. Can I also ask how to pronounce Lucca. I am saying 'luck a', but my husband is saying the more likely 'Luke a', or it could be something different again 🙂 .
  6. Can I ask if the Azamara shuttles go to Livorno city centre? We will be in Livorno for two days late October and would like to get a train to Lucca on the second day and drop into Piza on the way back. I see it can be very difficult to get a taxi for a short distance from the port to the station as they want to go for much larger fares, yet cruise shuttles tend to go the opposite way to the city centre. If so, would it be easier (and probably cheaper) to pick up a taxi to the train station from the city centre, which is an option we are considering. No probs getting back as we leave port at 10pm on the second day. We do not want to go the first day as it is the Azamazing Evening that day, which we do not want to miss. We know that a lot of people would recommend Florence, but we want an easy, restful cruise without haring round to tourist venues for that trip as the main point is to experience Azamara as a potential new cruise line to us.
  7. Thanks for the reassurance, we are only a few cabins forward if reception, so should be OK.
  8. We are in one of those cabins in August. Can I ask what was wrong with the air con. We have had problems on P&O previously when the cabin air was incredibly dry and, as an asthmatic, I suffered a lot.
  9. We will be in a mid ship cabin, deck 4 location, as mentioned above in the autumn and I was wondering if there would be disturbance. We decided that as it is not a complete prom deck around the ship and that there is a complete running deck above pool deck, then it is not likely that people will be running along there early morning, but I had not thought about arranging chairs. Can I ask if this is just something that will take about ten minutes or is there more prolonged noise from above at other times - morning or night?
  10. Thanks for the reply. I did think my hopes for Monte Carlo were a bit of a long shot, but we can pick up some Spanish brandy in Barcelona, were we have a couple of days pre cruise. It is an Azamara cruise, so drinks are included on board anyway. I started the thread to ask about prices of spirit for cabin consumption - seems like that is currently £22 a bottle, so not worth buying from Tesco's and carting with us, even at there current offer of £18. We have a lot of on board spend anyway.
  11. We will be buying two bottles of Smirmoff to bring home from our Arcadia cruise then as well as one for cabin use at the beginning of the cruise. Hope they do not run out of stock 🙂 We are on a Med fly cruise in October and will be calling at Monte Carlo (Monaco). Is that considered to be outside the EU for duty free alcohol purchase?
  12. Gosh, Do you have Australian crew on ships operating out of Australia? Ships operating from the UK all have nationalities such as Phillipino, Indonesian and Indian, with the senior officers and entertainment staff staff etc. being Generally European (Eastern or Western), along some other nationalities who have been promoted from other roles - but they eat and socialise in the passenger restaurants/bars or officers quarters and many have cabins in the passenger areas.
  13. I thought they normally deliver duty free bottles to take home the night before you leave the ship so you can pack them. I am surprised you were able to drink them on board - unless perhaps you were on a back to back and got them at the end of the first cruise.
  14. I was thinking about a cabin under pool deck, but very wary. What time do they put the beds out in the morning and how long would it be disturbing for while it is being done? We tend to be late risers, but could cope if we would get back to sleep afterwards.
  15. Thanks for that daiB, much appreciated.
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