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  1. Thank you both for the replies - looks like we should be OK, but will try to get two cases down to 30kgs, to be sure. Will give feedback on return. Jayayeff, we booked our flights about the time the changes came in, but decided to book with the agent who is doing a tour/stay for us in Sri Lanka as we got an add on price to our package for less than a saver fare, yet still get 30kgs pp, because that is what they have contracted with the airline. You are right about the new allowances, with two other economy fare groups (special is 15kgs, and flex plus is 35 kgs).
  2. We are off early next week, travelling from Manchester to Sri Lanka, then back from Dubai and want to take three cases between us, but rang Emirates and told luggage allowance cannot be shared, so two of our cases would have to total less then our pp allowance of 30kgs. We feel certain we have taken three bigger cases previously, but I know some changes came in last year (I think February), so can anyone tell us what has happened more recently regards any possibility of combining luggage allowance? We are trying to get the weight down, but are away for 5 weeks including tour, land stays and cruise.
  3. Not sure if it is still valid, but I think it used to be that soft drink cards were only available on the child friendly ships.
  4. They have always been in the terms and conditions over the time we have cruised (more than 12 years). Probably much the same with all holidays as well. Travel insurance would definitely include death, but not so sure about pregnancy, but that can be planned these days. With a son who 40 years ago was born at 30 weeks, (and was touch and go then), and knowing there were babies in the special care unit at the same time who were born earlier stage, I can see the sense of not allowing anyone in late pregnancy on a cruise ship. I seem to remember seeing similar T&C's for flights - again sensible IMO. I would not call either of these things rip off Britain, but if it makes people realise they need travel insurance and need to care for a baby even in the womb (which needs easy access to good medical care), then it could only be good publicity. I suspect pretty much all posters here are in favour of travel insurance though and also realise that it is required as part of the T&C's when booking a cruise, but again all publicity can only be good publicity as there are always those who do not bother to tell their insurance company about existing conditions etc. The other point of course is to read the T&C's as well as travel insurance policies. It seems a bit short sighted to turn up at a port at that stage of pregnancy, when they would have known about it when final balance was due, so would have lost no more than the deposit and may have been able to save that if booked on Freedom Fare and able to change the booking. A shame people do not read the T&C's. So overall perhaps worth mentioning Andy.
  5. Thinking again and realising you will not be in Heathrow the day of your cruise, Fred does offer coach transfers to the ships from various locations, so may be a London pick up point of use to you. Booking a Fred transfer would mean you are covered if delays on the Road of course.
  6. We have just had Fred ask for our info. prior to cruise. When told we were leaving 2.5 weeks before the cruise, the caller lost interest in flight details and asked for our hotel. When told we will be in 6 different hotels, he lost interest in that as well 🙂 We did check he has our email address and also our mobile phone number (he did), and stressed it would need to be a text as we would not answer abroad, given the cost to the recipient. Also assured them we would be able to track the ship and will check the website as they always post on there if there is disruption to an itinerary, which was confirmed by the caller. Even if the cruise was cancelled before we leave, we would still be taking the rest of our holiday and would just add extra hotel nights in Sri Lanka and a flight to Dubai. I think Fred just wants to make sure any changes can be notified ASAP which may prevent people getting stranded out there, which could leave him responsible for any further plans. Hence does not really need all that info. I do not think anything was written down other than our contact details, so thankfully had no reason to fall out with Fred.
  7. I suggest you contact Fred to ask as this board is very quiet and probably not much call for that information given that most Fred passengers are form the UK rather than flying in to the country. Fred is good at giving info. on the phone, but you could try email as you would be making an international call. I have never seen anything like that offered though so would not think it probable. There can be delays on our trains, so suggest you leave plenty of time to get to the port if using a train journey. Enjoy your cruise 🙂
  8. The problem is that it was very near his eye and after a while the eye closed tight, so it had to be forced open to insert anti viral cream. After a day or two I could not manage that and the hotel nurses came regularly to apply the cream - even in the middle of the night. He was very borderline for going blind in that eye, but the the only permanent effect is very dry eyes. The shingles was also over his head - in hair etc. and he had to put cream on that. He is ok now but did have a lot of head pains and also spasmodic after pains which went on for about a year. All because of lack of treatment at the right time. It is easy to forget how lucky we are with health care. I hope you are OK now and that you enjoy your holiday - sounds like you need a good rest, Barbara
  9. I have no memory about an address in Middlesborough, but there was a very well publicised case (I think within the last year) of a woman taking in very large quantities, supposedly as a long term supply for her boyfriend who was living there, so that was definitely illegal regards quantity and also because it was not for her own use and she did not have documentation. That is what they particularly do not want to happen. It also makes one wonder how much pain her boyfriend was actually in - or was the pain more to do with not having drugs to peddle.......... I could be wrong but just sounds suspicious. It is also illegal to have enough for yourself without the documentation, but not sure what they would actually do, though technically you could still be severely punished. One big problem I did have was in Cuba after an accident when I found that straight forward paracetamol was not available, even from a doctor. I could only get Ibruprofin along with the tablets that are used to protect the stomach, but that still causes me a lot of problems and they were also totally ineffective. I am not sure if the lack of paracetamol was because it was not allowed or if they could just not get hold of it. Cuba will say they have good healthcare, but there is a lot of drugs they cannot get hold of which we consider standard over here. Their system is more like it was here in the fifties. It is worse for their nationals as anything they can get is primarily given to tourists to make money - there are totally different health systems for their nationals and tourists. We loved Cuba and been 3 times, but would be loathe to go back after my husband nearly lost his eyesight to shingles for the want of some acyclovir tablets, which would have been prescribed straight away if at home.
  10. Ok I went on a bit with things in my mind at the moment, but my point is that Co Codamol is not on the banned list at all, but is controlled, so it is perfectly legal to take a months supply (or the amount for you full holiday if less than a month) into the UAE, along with a copy of a prescription and doctor's letter. Ephedrine is also on the controlled list (Sudafed in the UK for instance), so same applies for that. As you seem to realise there is also a prohibited list - things like heroin and cannabis, which are ones I recognised. It is quite an extensive list, though I have not heard of most things on it. I got to the list by searching through from the FOC site to the official UAE details, but it was very difficult to get to it so will post the link here in case anyone is interested:- https://www.mohap.gov.ae/Files/MOH_Service/361/ANNEX TO TRAVELLERS GUIDELINES 08-04-2019.pdf.pdf It may be useful for people booked on Oceana's winter season next year - well if it goes ahead that is.
  11. Early sitting is always more popular, so maybe they want to even out the number of people choosing a particular sitting. Must admit 6pm sounds far too early to us. 8pm sounds a reasonable time, but would not make us want to choose club over freedom as the main appeal is that we can vary our time according to plans for that day and the next. On hot climate cruise we particularly like staying out on deck when the sun is less strong and watching the sunset, before getting ready for dinner. Eating late is no good for me though if need to be up early the next day so want an early night. If change to meal times mean show times changing, could also mean quieter cabins late at night in some locations. Not be a problem for us though as we do not do saver fares.
  12. Co Codamol is fine in Dubai if you a prescription and a doctors letter. Bit of a nuisance as our doctors will not now prescribe anything that can be bought over the counter, so probably need to ask for a private prescription as well as a letter. We are transiting Dubai Airport going out later this month which is reputably OK, but are staying 4 nights on return and whilst I do not take Co Codamol regularly, I do have issues at times when I really need it. Not sure whether to just ditch it on the return and hope for the best, or to take a few tablets in with the hope they will not be found, which is highly unlikely. I do not see them putting me in prison for that (though would have them taken away) as what they are bothered about is stuff being taken in to supply others rather than anything for private use. We went there three years ago and I would have had some with me then. Publicity certainly seems to have been upped since then - even on the FOC website, but the only time there has been anyone reported in the news as getting into serious trouble is if they have possession of a lot of a particular medication. I think the real problem is if people have a lot of tablets with them that are seen on a scan, so they look further. Will have to think a bit or just see how I feel when we go there.
  13. I am also thinking that it is quite possible a particular port could be removed from an itinerary (often with another in it's place), but would an insurance cover that if the change is made prior to sailing, rather than because of bad weather. We do not have cover for missed ports or cabin confinement and suspect most other people do not. May be interesting to know what the cost for that is though. It is unlikely to be of benefit to us as our insurance is provided by a bank - and yes it does cover air evacuation if needed as we have checked.
  14. tring

    Sri Lanka Visa

    May be worth going to the forums on CC's sister site, Trip Advisor as people there are usually more into the requirements for specific countries. Worth mentioning your nationality though as things can be different and can also vary by method of arrival (air vs sea). Could be easier to find the official websites on those forums though. If you cannot find the TA forums, let me know and I will post a link. We have not been there in the last few years, but I think I saw mention of a change over that time - could just be going mad though 🙂
  15. We have the time now as we are both 70 in the next few months and even DH has been retired for ten years (I left early but have been worth a fortune in cheap holidays ever since, due to the time I spend on holiday, especially cruise, websites). However we are conscious that we are getting older and so do not have the amount of energy we had in younger years, so have had a very limited time to travel. You are doing the right thing by travelling where you can now and there will be more time available later in life for the rest to be done. In our younger days people with families did not have the cash to go on the sort of holidays often done now as it was normal for one parent to leave employment when children were born and it was never easy to get any sort of decent salary job after that, even if well educated (e.g. a graduate). Not sure I would have liked to juggle a career at the same time as a family though, then I remember all the DIY we spent so long doing when our son will think nothing of paying to have people do things for him. Time has changed a lot over not that many years and I can perhaps see advantages and disadvantages in both systems. This Aurora one will be a biggy, but we feel very worth while as we will get a lot out of it and have treated ourselves to a balcony rather than just an inside or outside as is our norm, so we are very much looking forward to it. Whatever you do and where ever you go, make the most of it all and make sure you do the more active things while still young enough to do so.
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