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  1. Thinking of a cruise that sails from Tokyo to Vancover, leaving Tokyo on the 2nd May for 17 nights, so reaches Anchorage on the 11th May. Also what do the seas tend to be like crossing the northerly reaches of the Pacific.
  2. Thanks, I see what you mean, but better than nothing.
  3. Gosh that was a quick reply, thank you very much. It would be our first Princess Cruise if we go ahead with the booking.
  4. Thinking of booking an inside cabin on Sun Princess (or poss another Princess ship). Can anyone tell me if you can get a view of the outside on cabin TV's so you have an idea of what is out there?
  5. They tend to have a singles table in the self service restaurants in the evening as well and you may have more variety of people there - we have often sat with the cabaret artists and speakers in the self service as that is where they eat and they can be very interesting people. If you went regularly though, you would find you keep meeting the same people, especially if you turn up at the same time each night. Fred's self service restaurants have the tables set and often with table clothes. Balmoral self service less appealing IMO, though you can get a good view to the rear if you walk to the far end of the restaurant (behind the bar).
  6. Glad you enjoyed the trip which sounds good, as does the previous one mentioned. Thanks for the feedback.
  7. tring

    Check in + Photos

    Thanks, had assumed that would be the case, but good to have reassurance.
  8. tring

    Check in + Photos

    Completed check in and now got tickets for our up coming cruise and a form to fill in regards financial stuff. The check in process is asking for photos, but I am assuming they can do them when we get to the ship like other companies do - is that correct?
  9. We were on another P&O ship when the cancellations happened and spoke to the future cruise lady about them. She said they were cancelled because their ships have a union flag painted on the bow and also they fly the red ensign, but other Carnival Corporation brands have not cancelled cruises. It was also a case of needing to make a decision soon and it seemed sensible to cancel for the entire season, rather than on a rolling basis. P&O include the price of flights from the UK in their cruises and yo pay the same even if you do not want to use their flights. So they would have to have made a decision regards the charter flights for the season, which go from different airports in the UK. P&O have another ship due in Dubai in the spring as part of a world cruise, but that has not been cancelled as yet and will depend on the situation.
  10. A brilliant video, thank you very much for posting it Cruzer Two.
  11. It is true we are not really interested in visiting the vineyards, but the pictures posted here (and others I have looked at) do show some lovely scenery and would involve a lot less travel than the Garden Route on a longer tour. The wine areas of France tend to be very mundane in appearance by comparison as they are not surrounded by mountains. We may just spend a few days in Cape Town along with a stay in one or two other locations not too far away. Hermanus looks nice for one stay, with a good hotel called 'The Marine' which may be worth splashing out on, though we may look for something a bit cheaper if we can find a good option in a similar location with views. Self drive is obviously the way to tour South Africa, but not entirely sure we really want to get into that as part of a much longer holiday, though I do see they drive on the LHS which would be very good for us, so may be worth considering for a few days. Thanks to Terry and all the others posters who have given good information.
  12. Thank you very much for that very detailed information. The Garden route sounds very good, especially if we can end up in Cape Town easily since we do not want to do an excessive amount of travelling. We may skip the idea of a safari on this occasion as we will be away for a long time all told when we include the 2 week cruise and a post cruise stay, Barbara
  13. Thank you for the reply. We are looking at a December cruise, so would be in S Africa late Nov/early Dec 2020. Not as active as we used to be (will be 70 by then) so would be more interested in strolls rather than 'long and active' style walks. We are not golfers either but a safari - maybe and will look up the company you mention. A garden route sounds interesting as I am a keen gardener and scenic is always good, so will look that up as well. Is it possible to travel with a car/driver or would things like that be very expensive in S Africa? We have done that in Sri Lanka for a 6 nights tour (and doing similar next January). It worked very well there as the better hotels have driver accommodation. Not a cheap way to travel in Sri Lanka, but very effective as they have driver/guides so a bit like 2 for 1, if you see what I mean. We will have at least 4 nights in Cape Town so we can do it justice in a relaxed fashion, but if other places can easily be reached in day trips, we may stay there longer, so will not have a lot of extra time to go elsewhere.
  14. We are booked on the Freccebianca which is a long distance train from Genoa to Rome and it leaves Civitavcecchia at 11.16 am . That does have first class - I do not know about others. The prices are searchable, but we got a special 2 for 1 offer currently on for Saturday travel only. I think April is too early to be picking up offers yet, but do not know their systems - we are travelling in October. For travelling with luggage I suggest you see this thread, https://boards.cruisecritic.co.uk/topic/2677190-rome-termini-station-to-civitavecchia-by-train-with-luggage/
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