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  1. I noticed next day the price popped up $650 pp. I was very happy we just leaped and booked it. You're welcome and thank you
  2. Hi - We're doing the 10 day on Feb. 9th. It runs Tuesday to Friday so we can spend time in Hawaii before and after and then take Hawaiian Air's once a week service from Honolulu to Tahiti. We ended up booking a guarantee. I had planned on booking a window suite but where I ended up booking had a guarantee available for substantially less than picking a cabin and they're all over 300 sq ft so I don't really care where it is. There are no inside cabins
  3. I needed her to cancel a cruise for me and purposely waited until today to send her the e:mail. No way was I bugging her the last two days :)
  4. As mentioned, don’t just watch...I’d also make it clear on your roll call that you’re very interested. I’ve always told my roll call ahead of time if I was cancelling a prime cabin.
  5. Just quickly looking at the Caribbean in December there’s a 7 day itinerary that’s very similar on Edge and Regent. Looking at a suite on X. Celebrity is $400 more pp. and please don’t think that I’m suggesting Regent is usually going to be a comparison for Celebrity, it’s not...but sometimes you get lucky as we did for Tahiti.
  6. They apparently did. I think Pacific may have been heading there after her Tahiti run. But not now.
  7. new Trump announcement today, no ships maybe going to Cuba. He's curbed Travel unless it's Family. Formal statement this afternoon
  8. It's certainly looking that way. Will be interesting to see what the News Conference states.
  9. Already done :) there's a poster here who I've chatted with privately a couple of times on tours of wine regions that actually recommended Regent to me.
  10. And the price does compare to a Concierge suite which was my point. I have no intention of turning this thread into a debate between Princess and Regent, that's just silly. It was a comparison of what can you get on Regent for the price of an Owner's Suite on Princess. And I think we've covered that.
  11. I was only comparing the cost to what you could get on Regent. Definitely not comparing the large owners suite to Concierge Cabin. Just that you're paying a lot for extra real estate.
  12. I just booked Regent on Monday this week after all of our cruising on mass market lines. My only advice, read the fine print, see how much of a reduction you get off the price when doing your own air. My cruise was including Business Class Air & Transfers...by deducting that I saved $9,600 Canadian Per Person. That's a massive savings and now the price really isn't that much more than Princess doing the same route.
  13. I just booked Regent this week and would be happy to provide all the details of a comparison. It works out quite favourably with Princess on the same itinerary.
  14. Viking just got a license for Glacier Bay, that may be a better alternative than NCL
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