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  1. I wonder if you can ask for no upgrade and still purchase it. I’d be interested but not with the risk of losing my massive balcony on 4
  2. Fingers crossed they've been paying attention and add a some more regular balconies.
  3. she never made her flight... Gotta love Ms. Zhao and her can-do attitude. Unfortunately, our travelling buddy couldn't hold her liquor very well. According to reports, she quite quickly began "acting wildly and yelling incoherently." She fell to the floor and stayed there until the police arrived. They took one look at her and did not allow her to board her flight. Zhao's family was called to pick her up and, when she sobered up, she was released to them.
  4. Wouldn't the time zone difference make it very difficult to play with friends?
  5. You'd lose a lot more if you couldn't move the balance to another cruise within the one year time frame.
  6. paying a change fee wouldn't cost that much if you were interested in switching, although higher air cost might kill the deal.
  7. Thank you. I was starting to feel so alone in my price hike 😜. We’re doing that route on HAL next year. $7,000 cdn for 2, giant balcony and drinks on their brand new ship. As much as I love Celebrity I won’t pay what they want.
  8. It might be a website glitch, but check out the cancellation rules. Mine said I would lose 25% of the fare if cancelled after next week even though the deposit is only half of that. Very strange terms.
  9. I was looking at Europe. We're comparing some Celebrity sailings with our booked HAL cruise. Yesterday the 10 day Barcelona to Lisbon on Aug 30 was $7,700 cdn for two perks, price today is $8,500 with three perks. I have a drink package on HAL for 12 days and it's $7,000. No Deal Celebrity.
  10. what a joke....add an extra perk and the price goes up $800 Cdn. Now the price of the Non Refundable with 1 perk is the same as the two perks refundable deposit yesterday. Do they think people are stupid? I'll pass.
  11. While I don’t believe they are sailing full, that site has been having issues for a while now. I wouldn’t put much faith in it. Some HAL prices haven’t moved in a year.
  12. Carnival yes, but not Princess or HAL or Seabourn, Cunard. There are other brands that would fit other than Carnival.
  13. They don't have to buy a line but it would be nice if they partnered with one for some B2B opportunites like Viking has done pairing their River and Ocean cruises into one offering.
  14. The September 20th sailing is wide open and about half the cost of yours. They are showing all categories including all categories of suites being available.
  15. My TA fought for it but honestly I don’t think she had to try very hard. They set her group rate wrong. They knew it was their error.
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