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  1. I meant I have a FCC to move, so if I move it to a cruise with this special, does that work and would I only lose the FCC if I cancelled?
  2. Which is complete BS. There are tons of cruises showing it online.
  3. I'm trying a couple of cruises for April 2020 and the banner is showing includes 4 perks but I can't get them to appear on the booking unless I pick that and the extra $$$ they cost on the screen. I'll try later.
  4. Europe 21 is already out.
  5. All cruises now have the non refundable deposit option and you never know when sales are for new bookings only.
  6. I like princess but I do prefer Celebrity. Nothing wrong with Princess though if they go where you want for a fair price. There are a lot of Celebrity cruises on my Grand Princess cruise in 2021 as Celebrity put Connie in Tampa instead of Dubai.
  7. Keep an eye on prices and don’t lock in. We’ve done that one twice on Solstice and paid $1,600 pp us each time for a 1a on the hump with drinks. They now have two ships doing it there will be a sale. I also looked at that as an option for us next year and laughed at the price.
  8. I'll be jet lagged on the 26th, it's the day we land home from Australia. Better hold off on booking until the 27th :)
  9. my rate went up $130 pp. Think I'll buy my own dinner :)
  10. Grand is doing it in April 2021. Lots of variations ending in Southampton.
  11. ship to ship I'd pick Solstice any day of the week over Ruby, and Ruby is my favourite Princess Ship, but for Itinerary, the nod goes to Princess.
  12. They're doing it in September 2020. Pacific Princess 9 days Honolulu to Papeete
  13. I booked two on Princess, that's how it's working for me :)
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