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  1. I believe he watch and accessory you are looking for is Luke3DP Watch Adapter for Holding a Carnival Ocean Medallion
  2. Does anyone have any pictures of a recent Menu for Alfredo's on the Royal Princess. Will be boarding in the near future and would like to see what choices are available. Thank You😀
  3. Anybody figured out a way to use OBC to pay for Gratuities? Either prior to the cruise or while on the ship? I noticed that most of our onboard credit is non refundable. Thank you 😁
  4. I noticed on the Princess web site that there are no cruises from Los Angeles to Los Angeles on a 15 day Hawaiian Cruise in April 2021. The only ones I could find were from San Francisco or Seattle. Anybody no why or if they are going to be available? Thank you
  5. I read somewhere about shutting off the auto update feature because the phone tries to update the apps and slows down everything else?
  6. I have read several different posts and I would like to get the definitive answer to the settings that your smartphone, tablet, smart watch should be set for while on board ship. With the internet “slow down” that seems to be inevitable, what are the optimum settings for the devices? I don’t want to use my devices for anything more than checking emails or keeping track of my exercising on board. Thank you in advance.😁
  7. Thank you very much for your info. We’re you able to actually swim with the dolphins or just be in the pool with them?
  8. You have to get older, you don’t have to grow up.😁
  9. Please do post the email address and the fax number. Thanking you in advance.😁
  10. Looking for your feedback from anyone who has done the Dolphin Swim for adults in Puerto Vallarta. Thank you
  11. We were supposed to take a Panama Canal Cruise in March 2019, but my wife had to have brain surgery and we had to cancel. Prior to the cancellation, we had booked Dora for our tour. I did extensive research on the available tours in Cartagena and her name kept popping up in a lot of positive reviews. She was very quick in responding to my emails. We have now rebooked for April 2020 for the same cruise and again have booked with Dora. We are doing it so far in advance because she apparently books up pretty quickly. My wife and I are both looking forward to the tour.
  12. Does anybody have information about rates and location for parking for 7 days at the San Pedro Cruise Terminal? Thank you
  13. Does anyone have any information as to what the cost and location are for a 7 day parking solution at the Princess Cruise San Pedro Cruise Terminal? Thank you😁
  14. My wife and I were on this train last year and we really enjoyed the train trip. It is very scenic. The food in the dining car was really good. A lot of the passengers made great use of the bar during the trip. You can walk around the car and move from car to car by going down the stairs and crossing over from car to car. We walked all the way to the last car where you can step outside. The departing went fairly fast because everything you need to check in at the terminal is given to you before the train arrives at the port. It is a short walk to the terminal from the train. I would like to emphasize again about the frequent use of the bar, hint hint be sure to eat something. Once you are on board most people ate in the Horizon Buffet due to the long day.
  15. I may lose the battle, but right now it is a matter of getting a full disclosure of when the policy 60 day period actually begins. I believe that if the policy about the full payment date is brought to the readers of this board, someone will not have to be put in the position that I am in. I know that in the future I will designate in writing that the Protection policy is being paid for upfront and I expect a written verification from either Princess or the insurance company. I believed that since I paid almost 18% deposit at the time of booking and received an email with a description of the policy in lieu of an actual policy, that it would have been applied to the Protection policy. When you buy something that comes with a warranty/protection, on a payment plan, your warranty begins the day you make your first payment, not when the item is fully paid for, since the total amount includes the Warranty/Protection policy cost. I am going to look into the Cancel for any Reason portion, but since my wife and I are both 72 years old and we are not sure what the long term effects are going to be from her surgery, we take it one day at a time and not necessarily being able to take another cruise. I may not get my money back, but if even one other person can benefit from my situation, I consider that a moral victory.
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