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  1. DIY. Seriously consider floatplaning to a spiffy Lodge in the wilds …on a river. Let them do the work. Zero driving for you.. Alaska the way it’s meant to be experienced.
  2. I think you are right. The K’dam would arrive then lay alongside various HAL vessels hither and yon then would depart after a day or two and head to Int’l waters or to a Pier in Puerto Vallarta for instance. Lotsa miles…
  3. Floatplane into TAKU LODGE for stunning views and wood-fired meal near a glacier. Lotsa wow..
  4. I suspect KONINGSDAM has been physically closeby California and ‘hot’ for 18/months but never provisioned or fully crewed because HAL had it serve as a ‘Guinea Pig’ and their corporate contact with various land entities. It roamed the ocean almost daily. Very curious indeed.
  5. Koningsdam logged 10’s of thousands of miles since it’s aborted March 15, 2020 cruise. Very, very few others have done so. I follow it daily with cruisemapper.
  6. Koningsdam has continually roamed the West coast of Americas since March of 2020; California to Panama. Whyso??
  7. MY GUESS: Rules for Ports will probably be changing weekly
  8. This ‘Delta Variant’ and future variants will be tough on cruising.
  9. Personally, this adds too much uncertainty for me. I won’t be cruising anytime soon.
  10. My booked ALASKA cruise won’t be the same if I can’t get out on my own; thanks for info.
  11. Wondering if HAL’s cruises so far have been pleasant experiences while in Ports. Are cruisers free to roam? Strict rules enforced while ashore or no??
  12. We have done B2B’s. Beforehand, you will be given a ‘Transit Card’ if you wish to leave briefly. It allows you to reboard for Cruise #2. One time we didn’t actually leave the ship, we simply went near the Gangway and they scanned our ‘Transit Card’ then we lounged poolside. Some people cruise for months upon end seamlessly. Two Covid Tests?? Call them now and find out. And yes, your Cabin Steward moves your luggage..
  13. Find a ‘Tour Boat’ that takes you up close to a Glacier to watch the big chunks crash into the Ocean while seeing the Otters swimming near the Glaciers. Would a train ride into the mountains interest them??
  14. My Guess: There will be people on board cruiseships in 2022 who are NOT vaccinated. Me? I’ll get a ‘booster’ if avail.
  15. Our FAVORITE cruiseship. Huge area on top deck for walking/lounging. Library sadly gone, as on most vessels now except Cunard. Pool handrails to the Deepend were a design mistake that can’t be undone said an Officer.
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