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  1. My husband and I are booked on 10 day Star Princess cruise to Alaska from San Fran on 7/2. This cruise is round trip. I'm hearing that San Francisco is a no, but haven't heard from Princess yet. If Seattle is ok, would we have a chance of switching to that? The cruise is paid for, but thankfully we hadn't purchased air yet. Wondering what anyone is hearing or knows? Thanks.
  2. Depends. Are you or anyone in your group “high risk “ according to CDC, U.S. State Department, NIH/Dr. Fauci? (See their websites) Well, I am 59 and my husband is 60. Sounds like we are considered "elderly" in some circles LOL. My husband has glaucoma; not sure if that is an "underlying condition" that they refer to?
  3. We have an Alaska cruise booked and paid for in July, sailing from San Francisco. Should we be worried? We bought the travel insurance, so wondering if we should be ducking out now while we could still get most of the money back. I believe the amount you can recover goes down as time goes by right?
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