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  1. We enjoy Celebrity, but do choose to cruise in suites most of the time. On "E" class it is our preference to do an S1 or an SV. On S class, we prefer corner aft suites...we have our first two b2b's booked( TA on each) and cannot wait to cruise our first TP, along with trying Flora and spending extra time in Florida visiting friends and relatives. Most of our cruises are in Europe, as we are not especially fond of the Caribbean, having been there several times. Yes, the prices have soared lately, but we still enjoy Celebrity's product. Furthermore, our best trips include personal land experiences, along with cruising...we are both educators, so learning and experiencing new adventures is how we enjoy our lives...it is wonderful to have choices! it is even more wonderful to enjoy them...sometimes the grass is greener, but sometimes it needs a dose of fertilizer...happiness is a choice, knowing that life can't always be perfect...just my own opinion!
  2. Honestly, I get so tired with all the games. I just want to cruise for a fair price and enjoy my vacation! A few hundred here or there is not a biggie, as long as I feel good about the price I paid...
  3. Kelmac, I thoroughly enjoyed your comparison review. My husband and I are also retired educators, but I still work several days a week. We have been retired, but had a parent to take care of and now a dog with issues. This year, I have a cruise with friends, but my DH is staying home with our little Kelsey. Have you done anything like this overseas? I am a fanatic about European travel, as I love all the history and culture...I also have a bit of a silver spoon in my mouth, but my DH is easy to please with a good gym onboard. We are used to washing our own workout clothes...We have our first b2b planned for Oct/Eur...25 days... What plans do you have for the future? thanks so much for sharing!!!!
  4. Okay, so when you paid the final payment, or just the amount down? I have my invoice from the big box company, but my 10% was not listed...is your company in the northeast? I am hopefully getting educated with the big box company, as I must have booked under the "perfect storm" situation!
  5. Agree, as on one of my booked cruises in a suite(S2) was almost $1,500...I know, right? Let the games begin...
  6. I hope sailing once again on Edge this coming May, in an SV rather than a suite, will be comparable. However, I will not know until I complete it; however, the ports are very nice and two are new for me. Many of the previous issues should be solved, and we will still have two lawn chairs on our balcony!
  7. I have been doing tons of research lately to look at many different agencies, their policies, along with extra perks. For now, I am staying the course, but will certainly shop around based on time frame, extra perks and ease of communication. If I am happy, that's all that matters, I guess. thanks so much for sharing your perspective!
  8. So, you can see from the previous posters that weather, Mother Nature, does not always stay the course. Saying that, our last TA to Southampton in April of 2019 was wonderful. The year before that was all southern, and it was great too! You just have to take the plunge know ing that the weather is totally out of your control, and be happy with that premise. One year we sailed the Adriatic, at the end of April, and saw very high seas, rain, along with bitter cold. Our ship, Reflection, was able to dock, but the ship behind us could not...our tour was held up because one couple was delayed onboard by Celebrity because of all the lightening...
  9. Why does the big box agency keep telling me that I cannot find out about my 10% back(was, card, OBC) until just before I sail?
  10. ...and with Celebrity's constantly changing policies the confusion is monumental. Four of my bookings are suites, and the other two are SV's, but I can cancel, move all cruises around or whatever not incurring a fee. I do have a NRD coming up in May with this big box company; do any of you know if the airline fee is paid at the same time as the cruise final payment date? I called them and received a yes and a no answer, as I called twice. Furthermore, what about the additional $25 when a person you recommended finsihes her cruise? The big box also lost a cruise on Flora, but all they were giving was a $500 card! My cruise was over &22,000! Maybe we are seeing some changes all the way around for cruising in the future...isn't Celebrity in charge of how much TA's can make on a particular cruise?
  11. I did book with Celebrity and the transferred to this company...gofigure. I was told that this company could not tell me if my cruise price would give OBC or something else, but it would be over &1,150. My TA gives back $ on your credit card if you do not spend it all. So, it looks like I was given very poor service and information, along with it.
  12. i am sure it is the same one, but I had a great one prior, so that made it seem even worse. I also sent a friend to them, and she had the same issues. I even canceled and lost $100 to not have to deal with them. I am happy that you have had great service, and I do have the name of a great agent if I want to return. Do you receive an extra $25 additional OBC for every cruise that you take? Three cruises=$75 and so forth...
  13. I have two NRD's booked; one is this coming May, and the other is for April of 2022. The price difference was extraordinary large for 2022, so that was my rationale. For May, I am cruising with a friend and received more OBC and all 4 perks! Personally, I am not a fan of this at all, but Celebrity wan't to look in that money no matter what...
  14. I agree with you! Anything can happen before a cruise, so one has to be careful. I wish it wasn't this way, but unfortunately..."Let the games begin!" This has been my attitude for a number of years, and I play to win...If I feel it is a good deal, then for me it is; however, I hate checking the website constantly, but my TA is available seven days a week for me.
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