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  1. I was traveling with a friend, and Celebrity put both of our credits on my card, so I have to write her a check. I have no idea why this happened, but it is what it is. My answer would be that you could try to dispute; however, you may receive the credit while you are waiting for the dispute to be handled. It is anyone’s guess. Most likely, it will be the credit...good luck!
  2. The issue that I am contemplating is what the resurgence will look like, along with a vaccine and other protective measures. If you get Covid-19, and do okay then you will have protection, but not everyone will get it. This is not a one and done, unless something remarkable happens. I had an Apex b2b planned for October, but my DH had a skiing accident, needing surgery on his shoulder. He had his MRI, but we will find out about surgery on 2/23/2020. However, with medical emergencies, it might have to wait. So, our next booked cruise is Galapagos for 5/2021... if my crystal ball didn't drop and break into 1,000 pieces, I might have a better idea for you! The best answer is that no one really knows!
  3. Etretat, France...2019 Edge TA with cruise buddies.
  4. We have been doing quite well with everything, but my DH had a skiing accident, his shoulder hit the ice like a rocket, so he is in a lot of pain when it locks up. Monday, he will learn the results of his MRI, along with finding out if he can be put on the short list for surgery. I am still upset with him, as I asked him not to go, but he thought he was indestructible, even at his age. Hopefully, neither of us get Covid-19, but it certainly is scary. I hope the same for all of you! As far as getting groceries, we havee not had any issues so far...
  5. Canceled at the beginning of February due to a companion getting a cancer diagnosis. Thankfully, she has all of her money. It was returned in early March. Celebrity still owes two of us over 1,000 each, but we did get most of it in the early part of March...this had nothing to do with Covid-19, and was before all these cancelations. I had to get the help of Celebrity, even though I was booked through the big box company...conundrum! I have faith that Celebrity will correct this issue for me, but for the big box company...no faith at all due to my specific agent!
  6. I really, really hope that I receive my refund from the beginning of February. Several of us canceled due to a friend getting cancer. Two have their refunds, but two of us are still owed an additional thousand+$...this was before the ship cancelations due to the virus...our TA, with the big box company says to keep waiting...well, I have someone with Celebrity helping us now!
  7. I have been working on receiving the rest of my refund - 1,004.00. It has been over 40 days, and has nothing to do with Covid-19. This is a huge conundrum for many. I booked with Celebrity, and transfered to the big box company. Someone inside Celebrity has been assisting me due to my refund being mismanaged by an employee. This person mistakenly canceled my additional funds that were to be credited to my card, but there was no reason given for that to happen. I am sure that this is happening to many others as well, but in a different capacity...human error! I have insurance, but since I am owed this amount, less 200 for airfare, but cannot submit my claim until I show proof of all refunded money. I have 90 days to file, and half that time is gone. This has been explained to my insurance company, and I asked them what I should do. Unfortunately, they have not responded to me. It always amazes me how one error contributes to so much time and effort for others...
  8. I have a friend whose grandaughter may have been exposed by a friend who returned from Europe. It is truly amazing how quickly Covid-19 can spread, making it virtually impossible to contact others that may have been exposed. She self-guaranteed herself, using the casita attached to the house until she can be tested. My personal physician has a very limited amount of tests, and will administer the test while you are in the car. He is part of the MDVIP network, so that is why he has some tests. I do not expect to need one, but I am very happy that this service is available now.
  9. Refund for sure! I have been waiting for 40 days for the rest of it, which is $1,004.00. I had to pay a $200.00 cancelation fee for airlines, and I want to file with my insurance. I must file within 90 days. This had nothing to do with Covid-19, but I am still in limbo. I can only imagine how long some of us will have to wait just to have $$ refunded to our credit cards. Hopefully, I am not the norm! I also have 6 other cruises booked, and not looking forward to ever having to cancel again, as this was my first time. Celebrity has quite a lot of my money at this point.
  10. I canceled at the beginning of February for a May cruise, due to a cohort receiving a cancer diagnosis. I was charged $200 for changing airfare(?), but am still owed over $1,000. Does anyone else have a similar issue? My TA says just to be patient, but I called Celebrity, and someone is working on it for me. I realize that a lot is going on with all the cancelations etc., but am hoping that this money will be returned to my credit card. With everything happening, I am truly afraid it will just get lost in all the confusion, and placed at the end of the line due to this new escalation. Anyone going through a similar situation?
  11. The most difficult thing for me is the return of my money. My cancelation was over 40 days ago, and not due to the virus. Celebrity still owes me over $1,000 of my fare. The rest was on my card, and I was charged $200 due to airfare only. So, please look at what you should receive, along with what you get very carefully. There are so many cruises being cancelled for different reasons. Plus, I have insurance, but only if I file within 90 days. Half of that time period has passed, and I need documentation...FYI
  12. That is age discrimination, especially if one does not have an underlying condition and is in great health. I totally agree about buying the stock!!!
  13. I hope that your b2b's go off without a hitch, as that would be a fantastic way to travel with less people aboard. So, I will be following and once again enjoy your perspective...calm seas, blue skies and a fantastic journey!
  14. Four of us had to cancel in early February due to a travel friend getting a cancer diagnosis. Two of us received money back on credit card, but the other two, including me, are still waiting for the rest of our credit which is over 1,000 pp. We would have already had it, but someone in one of the departments canceled it for some reason. I have been following up for a couple weeks now, having a person who is keeping me aprised of the entire situation. The big box company just wanted me to keep waiting, but there is a point where you just know that something is not right. I am so glad that I did call Celebrity 'because I would have been waiting for months with everything else that is happening. My next cruise, a b2b is in October, and I have quite a few more through April 2020. I totally understand this conundrum, but after a month, it was definitely time to move forward, so I can move on and send in my insurance for the $200 cancel fee. It has to be filed within 90 days, and I need these records too.
  15. I appreciate everyone sharing their concerns and opinions above, as we are all different. I only hope that sooner, rather than later, things start improving. I had to cancel a cruise due to a travel buddie getting a cancer diagnosis. She has since had surgery, is home, and resting. Life is difficult, but someone always has a situation that is worse. She will begin radiation soon, and is happy the surgery is done.
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