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  1. Thanks, Kat, for sharing your great review, photos and insight! I too love the Edge and could also be the age of your parents. I am especially glad that you had a great overall cruise and that the paying for the extra services etc...worked out well for you too. Europe is such a beautiful place to spend time... the history, culture and food are just heavenly... I agree that there are so many things on Edge that are enjoyable for different age groups! It is not just one's age, but ones's perspective on life that brings us together!
  2. I know...huh...the pressure is on...
  3. Honestly, I have been LOL while reading this thread. It also lmakes me think a lot about "the things people say to make a point" or whatever...really interested in meeting Captain Kate, along with her Sphinx cat. Furthermore, maybe I will wear my red bottom shoes too, but I have plenty of time...I am not kidding about the shoes!
  4. Cruise Critic is a valuable source, but the earlier one knows the better! I always stay up late the day before they are released(actually, sometimes early morning too)...put my cabins on hold and then decide to pay. I am very picky about cabin selection and price, having my cheat sheet available for alternatives just in case. Homework is invaluable...
  5. All of this makes me feel so fortunate to be able to cruise in early May and September - October; however, with family obligations, one of us has to stay home...but thankfully, we have done so many wonderful cruises, along with many more likely together in the future! It is great to have flexibility and the money to enjoy the cruising experience. Lots of good ideas above for staying cool and making the best of a hot summer!
  6. I am also a fan of those mini flashlights, as they sure do come in handy! My SV cruise is not until next May and I am doing that with a girlfriend. We will have two loungers for sure, one way or another! Our beds will be by the balcony...
  7. I hope the prices drop after Apex, as it will hopefully bring down prices. There is a ship building frenzy. I enjoyed Edge in a sky suite and have an SV booked in May!
  8. I only use packing containers and Ziplock bags, but also do some laundry in my cabin due to using the gym. The more I cruise, the lighter my suitcase is. I also have a cool carryon type purse or bag that has its own packing bags etc. I usually weigh in at 47-48 lbs, even though I can have 70...what can i say...my DH is a master packer, so i use his abilities to. This is for cruises in Europe, along with land stays too! it is so nice to have cruise clothes and certain gadgets that are lightweight, not to mention a cruise closet for everything, but clothes...
  9. It sounds like Edge was a win for the entire family! Thanks for sharing!
  10. Yes, there are glass shower doors on the S2 Sky Suites. So far, not on the other two classes, S1 and S3 due to the tub configuration and different layouts...they really do look nice, but I could not open your photo either...no worries!
  11. Marilyn, many thanks for all of this information. Hopefully, this may spur more than just a conversation on Cruise Critic. You did a great job and I have enjoyed reading your comments, along with others on this thread! Bravo 11268 sister!
  12. Thanks for thanks for your opinion on the extra days. My cousin wants to do MP on our own, so that would be just the seven days, and not as expensive as Celebrity either...so many decisions and so little time...anyway, I need to do more research for sure!
  13. Usually, we received great WI-FI crossing the Atlantic on her, except a few times due to high seas or other weather related issues. Leaving Bermuda there was a small issue, but it cleared up quickly...must have been triangle related...hahaha!
  14. I am definitely following and would pay the additional 2K for Flora instead of Expedition, especially if it was for 11 days...that is on my bucket list! I desperately wanted to book for 2011, but 1800 was a lot to put down for such a long time, but I will certainly have to do that. It will be interesting to see how all of this turns, especially since there are so many booked...one never knows nowadays!
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