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  1. https://www.foxnews.com/travel/royal-caribbean-cruise-passenger-dangerous-selfies-banned-for-life
  2. I just heard from the hotel we stay at in January all inclusive and they know nothing about it
  3. Me too. I have emailed the hotel we stay at in January every year to see what they will tell me.
  4. I have never heard of this.... time to do some digging and see what's up
  5. Your sister can't drink on the ship. Sharing drinks and especially with someone underage can get the package suspended with no refund
  6. You will need a Real id to enter the courthouse. Therefore people who can't afford it can enter the courthouse for jury duty
  7. I think when they booked they let sister book niece in her room so she wouldn't have to pay the single supplement. Not something I would have done but not judging.
  8. A private table is a relative term on a cruise
  9. We spend 2 weeks there every year and eat and drink at all kinds of local places with no issues
  10. That makes sense. Just not something most people would think of. I knew they would have a valid reason. Most just don't think about a baby monitor that way
  11. 😲 uh not a smart idea at all.
  12. Exactly right. Also as our family doctor said sanitizer lulls people into a false sense of security as it doesn't protect you like actually washing your hands
  13. Please be courteous about leaving the ship timely. As excited as you were to board so is the next group and that can't be done until everyone is off the ship and the cleaning process can begin
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