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  1. From our limited experience, as stated above you need to do the math. We use our Olife for the beverage package and then upgrade onboard. This has saved us money because the cost of Olife with the extra $20 per person per day is less then buying the package outright.
  2. We received 2 new emails from Bermuda Tourism yesterday. Thought it was odd, no mention of anything open or closed. Probably just an automated email that gets sent out periodically?
  3. The Bermuda Cruises from NY in July and August are still showing available. We cancelled our Bermuda cruise before penalty started on April 7. We will re book if it sails and pricing is the same or better. We will drive to NY day of and back day after. But, our state is still asking for 14 day Quarantine when returning from NY, NJ, and Conn. Hoping this will be lifted soon because of the more favorable results showing recently in NY. We are still waiting for our deposit back.
  4. Any idea when they are planning on releasing the new stock offerings? I'm sure the stock price will take a hit when they do. I ask because when CCL offered theirs, the stock price went down significantly.
  5. Any idea as to when the stock offerings will be made available?
  6. While I know Medical information is protected within the US, not sure about all the countries rules where the ships are registered.
  7. With the amount of money involved over the time before your next more expensive cruise, there are easier ways to make more than 25% profit in a very short amount of time. I'm glad we cancelled our Bermuda Cruise this summer before the penalty period. If it ends up sailing, we will look to re-book it at a lower price if available.
  8. My worry, is with all the extra credit out there. When things settle down, I'm afraid the prices could go up 25% with all the demand for the credits to get used up by a certain date. If this happens, there will be no profit margin.
  9. The offers are all over the board, but for those of us not getting free cruises, Please compare pricing with, and without the "offer". Most of them tout savings of up to... and the $500 OBC has been tagged to a higher cruise rate than without the offer. Do the math and see for yourself. Don't just trust the offers to be as good as they seem.
  10. I recently saw a lot (most if not all) of Caribbean cruises through Carnival listed as sold out through most of June. They are either sold out and plan on sailing or just listed as sold out as to not take any more reservations in case sailing is cancelled.
  11. I would be shocked if they stopped the credit. It is a benefit to those who sail and I have to believe it helps fill ships. The OBC it generates is also spent on the ship. They make a lot of money onboard, they want to give everyone a reason to cruise. The cost of the cruise is set by demand. Again, they want to sail full, if they can sail full and charge more for the cruise due to demand, they make more money. Just my uneducated opinion
  12. Having read all the ways this can go with cancellations, refunds, and FCC...we have to make a decision in 11 days. We booked Bermuda out of NY August 8. We need to decide to get our $1,500 back and possibly re book if things change. Or we work our way into final payment and just see what happens. Here are the reasons why we might just cancel: Will NY be available to sail out of? Will Bermuda be accepting Cruise Ships in August? If not, will we be sailing somewhere else with no compensation? We booked this cruise with a future certificate and have extra OBC, not sure if we could keep it if it's cancelled. If it's cancelled and we have made final payment, can we use our FCC to pay off another cruise we have already booked? Or, is the FCC good only for new bookings? Just trying to get as many facts that are available at this time to make a decision we will be happy with.
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