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  1. I would have to say the ship does not matter. What matters is the individual bartenders. I have had some that precisely make sure they don't give a drop more than the shot which usually gave me less, and others that over pour into the glass. I do tip with each drink and select the bartenders that give me the most bang. I will say, I'm under the impression that the shots on Carnival are not 1 1/2 ounces. I have no proof other than the "strength" of some drinks even with an over poor. We never get drinks from a server, we order at the bars to get a connection with the bartender, and of course to see the drinks being made.
  2. We have taken this excursion through Princess 3 times, we really enjoyed it, The food was great and all 3 times included flying fish among other items. We thought the food was wonderful and were surprised that it was on the ship since before we left port, it was always that good.
  3. Also looking for other opinions and most current information. We will be there in early March and like others have read great reviews, but all from one poster. We just want a great experience as advertised, but need to hear from other posters before committing.
  4. We have hit 15 several times. At 15, you are not "supposed" to be able to get anymore drinks, even if you purchase them. We have had bartenders warn us ahead of time so we could purchase. But, one time when we were at 14 and tried to buy a drink, the bartender said he couln't do it because he knew we were buying drinks for each other. This only happened to us once and we had been tipping this guy all cruise. Other times I have seen cruisers use their spouses card to get more drinks when the spouse was not there. Just goes to show that all rules are subject to the bartender and that tips don't always guarantee results.
  5. I'm sure the question was more about Cheers than the tax which would also be applied with or without Cheers. When my son sailed from Galveston, he complained that Cheers didn't start right away and that the variety of alcohol and beer was restricted in the beginning. The real question is, did Cheers go into effect before they turned around, or did they have to wait longer than normal to start Cheers?
  6. Difference could be buying it on the ship vs. bringing it on from a port...not sure it would be easier to make that connection.
  7. Another great review Sid, felt like we were there.
  8. Great Review as always Greg. The Pride is our favorite because of the layout and the Serenity at the back. The Magic is our second only because the Serenity is at the front.
  9. Great review as always Greg. I've never heard of that rum, how was it? Jim
  10. We have only sailed once so far with Oceania, and we were disappointed with the number of entrees offered in the dining room. We preferred having more options from the terrace. It was only one cruise and we have others booked, we'll see...
  11. Pepsi is just not a great mixer with rum. If you like rum, you would understand. We like rum, so no diet coke is a problem. We have had cheers on every cruise we've taken since it was offered, it's now lost it's novelty. There are many other vacation options out there...
  12. I'll bite, you posted it twice and no one noticed? Just catching up, because I've been at work, great start to your review. We have sailed NCL twice years ago, the "New" Dawn, and the "New" Jewel. Haven't been back for no apparent reason, we just don't like the giant ships.
  13. Probably not worth canceling a cruise, but just one more reason not to book one.
  14. Having sailed on the Insignia last summer for the first time, I made a discovery on the last morning. While checking under the desk for anything that might have ended up under there, I noticed another outlet. It would have been good to know so I could have used the blow dryer without having to unplug my wife's makeup mirror that was plugged in on top of the desk.
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