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  1. What a disappointment to read you had a bad experience in the Pinnacle. Did you go for lunch? We will be sure to order something other than steak when we go and may have to limit it to our free meal. Any insights on on the new ports? Carol
  2. Is anyone able to post a photo of the thermal mugs? I hope they will be available on our upcoming sailing in the Maasdam Explorations Cafe.
  3. I don’t know why I only counted back 2 weeks rather than three, it must have been one of my many senior moments. I really do not know how to edit the topic. I was happy to hear of the variety of lecture topics shared by Jakers. It won’t be long before our questions will be answered.
  4. Thank you, Jakers, for taking time to reply. . This is our 7th Alaska cruise, 6 have been with Holland America, we enjoy the relaxing HAL cruises. It appears there should be something for everyone when it comes to the lectures. The guest chefs will be a new twist and something to look forward to. I did see that regional cuisine was offered on the menu the first evening, hopefully that will continue throughout our sailing. I am am hoping they will also bring in guest entertainers some evenings. We have always enjoyed the Maasdam an are happy they have found a reason to keep her as a part of the fleet.
  5. Please share your experiences of the first Alaska Explorer cruise. Since this anew approach by Holland America, I am curious as to what to expect. How where the speakers, how many a day and the entertainment? Did they have the Orange Celebration? Was the Pinnacle open for lunch? Has the cost or the menu changed?
  6. Condolences and prayers for the family.
  7. There is a new menu. The one posted on HAL website has been replaced and my 2 favorite items have been deleted.
  8. Ruth, we also enjoy the Pinnacle and often make reservations for the first night to avoid the rush in the dining room for anytime seating. Lunch on a Sea day is also enjoyable. we found the Pinnacle to be very good on the Rotterdam last year.
  9. I always enjoyed the Tomato broth with spicy lemongrass chicken and the Pinnacle soufflé. Sorry to see them go.
  10. Does anyone have a recent experience in the PG on the Maasdam?
  11. We are just off the Koningsdam and they did have tamari which is the gf substitute for soy sauce. They changed their menu and no longer have gf tempura so we did not go. They do accommodate the gluten free diet.
  12. I neglected to say that I have enjoyed many gluten free meals on HAL over the past 18 years in the main dining room, Lido with caution and in the specialty restaurants. What I had hoped to learn is what dishes others have enjoyed in the restaurants. Has anyone tried the new venues on the Koningsdam? What were their experiences. On on our recent Voyage of the Vikings, I enjoyed the best gluten free offerings yet. The adaptations at dinner were far above any I have had on previous sailings. Gluten free (removed) beer is available on all ships now. My only complaint was the lack of variety of non starchy vegetables in the Lido and (I did not make special requests) and many of desserts are dairy based. If you are wondering if HAL handles special diets, my experiences have been positive but I will always question if I am served something I am unsure of. I do appreciate the strides they have made to accommodate our needs allowing us to travel and remain healthy.
  13. Avoid soy sauce and oats as well. Thank you.
  14. I have had enjoyed several meals in the specialty restaurants and plan to do so on our upcoming sailings on the Koningsdam and Maasdam. We have dined in the Pinnacle Grill and Canaletto recently as we were on the smaller ships. I wonder if recent cruisers have had good gluten free experiences in any of the specialty restaurants and what menu items were available. Please share your experiences. I have found the tomato broth with spicy lemongrass chicken and the cedar planked halibut to be very good. I also the beef tenderloin with Oregon blue cheese with a substitute for the scalloped potatoes. In the Cannaletto I had the Rigatoni with Italian Sausage. Although not memorable, it was good.
  15. The discounts do not show up as 25% or 50% since the 15% percent service charge is then added on. From experience, the 15% is calculated on the full package price.
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