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  1. thames_side


    Can anyone tell me what brands of spirits are included in the all inclusive price?
  2. I have sailed on Cunard and Celebrity. We were put off Celebrity by the loud music everywhere. The only place you could escape it was back in the cabin. Otherwise we enjoyed Celebrity. I wonder if it is any quieter now. The Grills on Cunard are a haven of peace and quiet.
  3. Certainly no point if they are the same size. That is probably why they don't seem to be selling very fast.
  4. So is it worth paying the extra for a deluxe cabin. They look a bit bigger but do they have any other advantages?
  5. So do people actually wear these things? They take me back to the world of work where the HR department come out with "loyalty" awards like a scroll for five years "loyal service". A photo with your head of department shaking your hand. And company ties. I am afraid I am far too cynical for all that.
  6. Thanks for all the very interesting insights. I have now booked cabin 9009 so should be well away from any possible vibrations.
  7. Thanks for your advice folks. I have booked 9009. I reckon that's far enough away from the cigar smoke/.
  8. On a round trip next year Cunard has a Queens cabin near the bows on deck 9 and a Princess cabin midships on deck 10. For the same price. Which to choose? Up in the bows there may be more movement and you are a long way from the grills restaurant, midships should be more stable but then I am hearing about vibrations (see my earlier post)
  9. Thinking of a round trip from Southampton next year. Princess Grill. I read of quite strong vibration in cabins between stairwells b and c. Deck plans don't identify stairwell letters, but cabin 10119 has been mentioned. Any advice?
  10. We recently traveled in grill class and found the dining set up gave us the best of both worlds. We had a table for two but there were two other tables for two fairly close by. The diners in the other two tables turned out to be very convivial and after a time we got quite a party atmosphere on our "virtual" table for six. At the same time we had the flexibility to come and go whenever we wished. If, however, the others had not been such good fun we could have kept to ourselves on our table for two and just enjoyed each other's company.
  11. I am sure there are no free cocktails. I know they do serve canapes but I don't know what time. I have never been there at the right time.
  12. A "more immersive" Royal Arcade. I try to avoid getting immersed in there as it is.
  13. Just back from Q Elizabeth to Norway. Great trip. However we did go up to some northern ports: Bodo and Narvik and I'm not sure it was worth the detour. Yes it was north of the arctic circle and so in the land of the midnight sun. However there wasn't any sun, midnight or daytime. The two ports were not that interesting although Narvik does have a fantastic war museum. By contrast the fjords in the sunshine were sensational. I agree you don't get to know the Norwegians much but I guess that applies to most cruises. Maybe Hurtigruten is better from that point of view. However they did a tour from Bergen to a farm where there was a chance to learn a bit about the country by chatting to the farmer
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