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  1. We are so excited .. Escape in Sept .. 7 day Bermuda! Looking at the Clearwater Beach Triangle package which sounds amazing .. anyone have any input good or bad on this one ? Thanks!
  2. Hey .. that's what Saturday afternoons are for ! ;)
  3. Groovy lookin boat! I wanna ride that when we're in BDA in Sept on Escape. Curious how long the ride is to St George. And is there a ferry from Dockyard to Hamilton too? We took the city bus last time :(
  4. Ahahahahahaahaaa… smoke detectors on the balcony. Ahahahahahaha… Sorry. Continue.
  5. Classy. Lets see what you look like.
  6. Kinda sounds like an orgy room …. what are these about ??
  7. … a confused Filippino behind the counter asking … "you want?"
  8. … and how the Hotel Director remembered him by name and specifically came looking for him to get his opinions on the service? Seriously? I think there's a little stretchin goin on here.
  9. I hate to break it to you, but nothing was "made for special for you" .. that cake came on frozen from Sysco and he just customized your plate .. and all the other stuff was just assembled from things already on hand. No one is THAT "VIP" that some chef is back there in some special kitchen preparing special request things to order. Especially on a ship that holds 6,000+ pax.
  10. Why would ANYONE book a cruise on a ship in March (-WINTER-) that sails off the northeastern Atlantic coast of Norway? And how irresponsible of this cruise line to even schedule one there at this time of year.
  11. We are booked on the Labor Day weekend sailing of Escape .. 7 day Bermuda. First time on Norwegian! Formerly RCCL guys. Curious if there are any nice catamaran (preferably) .. or other boat tours in Bermuda? We fell in love with the catamaran boats in Barbados and Antigua (with lunch and drinks, etc. on board) and would love to do another in Bermuda if there are any. Any thoughts? And thank you for any info !
  12. ... and smuggling liquor .. and smoking ,, and .. and . . .. ;)
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