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  1. To be honest, I don't think any of us have even a clue as to what to expect (and what we're all in for) once cruising starts back up. I think it's gonna be a wildly different experience in so many ways .. and not for the better. The days of the things we were used to are long gone.
  2. They look taller .. they gonna fit under the Verrazanno-Narrows Bridge anymore? It was pretty close already, if i recall! 😲
  3. Whatever you do, don't get the Prime Rib on "Prime Rib Night" .. it was an abomination. Its a thin miniscule slice of leftover re-heated roast from who knows when. Actually this place is horrible in general. We tried it 3 separate times on Escape on our Sept 2019 (Dorian) cruise and it just sucked. Bad or cold food .. entrees coming out before apps, warm drinks, drinks not delivered, dingbat servers. It was the only poor spot on board .. otherwise, the food & service was great everywhere else.
  4. Ah OK .. sounds like the plan is to continue ops with just Classica, then .. it definitely looks like a nicer ship than the old Carnival party barge. Thanks for the link.
  5. Wonder whats going on with the Classica. I read on a FB Ship site it was over in Freeport .. no word on whats happening with it tho.
  6. Agree! I've never been one to pay too much attention to who the CD was on cruises I've been on, but we've sailed 2x with him and each time, you couldn't help be impressed by him and noticed how engaged and into his job he is. Great personality and super friendly too. Glad to see his FB page is back and that he's got a couple of other things in the works should this delay continue indefinitely. Thanks for the update!
  7. I'll bet you're right .. I do remember reading that on his page recently. That poor guy (and family) .. first the covid cruise shutdown and then that to deal with. Awful things happening to such a nice guy.
  8. Anyone else not seeing Marc (Bing Bong)'s FB fan page any longer? I enjoyed seeing his updates and posts about cruising and also life on land (covid times, etc) .. but as of yesterday, it seems to have vanished. Hope all is OK .. anyone else seeing it ? Was "Marc Walker Cruise Director" page name.
  9. I certaily hope not .. i loved that Water Grotto back there ! There was already enough kiddy amusement park crap rides on that ship .. it doesnt need stupid go karts added.
  10. The appraisers walking around figuring out how much to ask the shipbreakers for her.
  11. It will take a vaccine for Covid to have been invented. And for a minimum of 6 months to pass with ships back in operation .. and without any mass quarantines. And not having a mask requirement by then would be a nice touch, but i could deal with masks if required.
  12. Well i'll be darned ... it worked! 😉
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