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  1. Hi, the only other option is by public transport but, as I said previously, there is no direct way to get from Rostock City to LP41 by public transport. There are, however, two possibilities involving train/bus or tram/bus. 1. From your hotel by bus, tram or taxi (depending on which hotel you are staying in) to Rostock Hbf (main station). S-bahn, (direction Warnemünde) to Lütten Klein, change to #45 bus to Seehafen Fähre, short walk to LP41. This bus runs at 30min intervals before 8am and after 1pm, 1hour intervals between 8am and 1pm. 2.From your hotel by tram #s 1,2,3 or 4 to Dierkower Kreuz, change to bus #49 to Seehafen Fähre, short walk to LP41. This bus runs every hour. Each of these journeys would take over an hour depending on where your hotel is and the timing of connections. IMHO neither of these options bears comparison to taking a taxi, whatever the cost, at the beginning of a cruise when you have luggage and if you want to avoid the stress of navigating a strange transport system. Drive from hotel to ship will take 15-20mins depending on traffic. Happy cruising Anni www.travelanni.webs.com
  2. Hi, thank you for your appreciation. The reply to your question is, unfortunately, no. LP41 is in the overseas port on the opposite side of the river to the City of Rostock. There is no DIRECT rail or public transport link between the two. Passengers traveling by train from Berlin must alight at the Rostock Hbf. (main station) and continue to LP41 either by taxi or the bus which is provided by some cruise lines. The other alternative is a bus transfer provided by the cruise line direct from Berlin but this is usually an expensive option compared with the train/bus option. At the moment DB offers a ticket from Berlin to Rostock, when booked on line, at €31.90 pp. and the cost of a taxi is around €30. Happy cruising Anni, www.travelanni.webs.com
  3. I agree entirely with your last sentence but we have been assured of the opening date and can only wait and see. You have the stations right, the one under reconstruction is just called Warnemünde. The shuttle bus departs from right alongside the platform at Warnemünde Werft, through the town and finishes at Warnemünde station . The temporary footpath from there to the cruise terminal, although flat, is quite a bit longer than it will be when the station is finished as it has to go round the construction site. It should take about 8-10 mins for the average walker but I would not recommend this route with luggage as the bus is usually small and the footpath has what can only be politely termed 'a wide range of surfaces'. However, the present rail terminus, Warnemünde Werft is about the same walking distance to the cruise terminal as the above, 8-10 mins along a new road with a wide, smoothly paved footpath. You exit the station on the opposite side, through the subway from the arrival platform, no steps just a gentle slope. I would certainly recommend this route if you are walking with luggage. There is no shuttle bus direct to the cruise terminal at the moment although there have been rumours............. I hope this is clear, it is quite difficult to explain the present set-up well enough for a stranger to visualise but hopefully all will be back to normal before you arrive. Nearer to the start of the season in late March, for the benefit of cruise passengers arriving while construction is still under way, I will post revised instructions on how to get from the ship into Warnemünde and to the train station for visiting Rostock and points beyond. Hopefully by then there will be more news on a shuttle bus to the cruise terminal and a firm date for the station reopening. Happy cruising Anni www.travelanni.webs.com
  4. Hi, The previous 4 posts show just how confusing some cruise lines information can be so I would like to clarify a few points. The rail station in Warnemünde is, finally, under reconstruction and due to re-open on 19th May 2020 but even though it is only across the road from the Cruise Terminal, this has nothing whatsoever to do with where the cruise ships berth ! Port Authorities assign berths months, even years, in advance and it depends on what other ships will be in port that day (eg here Aida ships have priority on berth 7), length, draught, dockside facilities required and a host of other details. The Rostock Port Authority publishes the Cruise Ship Schedule (https://www.rostock-port.de/en/cruise-shipping/port-calls/2020-port-calls.) in January each year and this only changes in cases of emergency which is very rare. If you look at the port schedule you will see that berth 8 will be in use right from the beginning of the season, in other words while the station is still under construction ! Some cruise lines seem to have a very loose relationship with the truth in their information to passengers. Also we, in this city, get a bit miffed when we see the port described as 'Berlin (Warnemünde) or Berlin (Rostock)'. It is not the port OF Berlin, it is the nearest port TO Berlin which is over 200klms inland to the south. A bit like saying 'Moscow (St Petersburg)' or 'Washington (Newport News)'. Hamburg is the same distance from Berlin but no one would ever dream of referring to it as 'Berlin (Hamburg)' Rostock is a port city of over 200,000 people stretching along the west bank of the River Warnow. Warnemünde is a beach suburb at the mouth of the river and the site of the Cruise Terminal (berths 1-4, 7 and 8), connected to the City by both road and suburban rail.. Rostock Seaport (berths LP41 and LP31) is the commercial port on the opposite bank of the river about halfway between the City centre and Warnemünde, connected to both by road only. Anubi is quite right regarding the stations. The one previous is Warnemünde Werft , the rail terminus at present with a shuttle bus to the main station until it reopens. It is only a short walk to berths 7 and 8. The refurbishment of the station means passengers will be able to travel direct by ICE from Berlin, no changing trains in Rostock main station and the walk to the cruise berths will be barrier free. Happy cruising Anni www.travelanni.webs.com
  5. Hi, thank you for your appreciation. LP41 is in the commercial port on the opposite side of the river to Warnemünde and Rostock. The nearest station is Lütten Klein, on the rail line between Rostock Hbf and Warnemuende and a ten minute bus ride from LP41. This would be a difficult route with luggage and the bus service is only once per hour. Some cruise lines run a special bus from Rostock Hbf (main station) for embarking passengers and their luggage, IMHO the best way to go but failing that I would recommend a taxi. Fare is about 25-30 euros. For more details on the port please see my web site. Happy cruising Anni www.travelanni.webs.com
  6. Hi, thank you for your appreciation. LP41 is in the commercial port on the opposite side of the river to Warnemünde. The nearest station is Lütten Klein, on the rail line between Rostock Hbf and Warnemünde and a ten minute bus ride from LP41. This would be a difficult route with luggage and the bus service is only once per hour. Some cruise lines run a special bus from Rostock Hbf (main station) for embarking passengers and their luggage, IMHO the best way to go but failing that I would recommend a taxi. Fare is about 25-30 euros. For more details on the port please see my web site. Happy cruising Anni travelanni.webs.com
  7. Hi, the difference is time and convenience. The bus takes 34 mins direct, no changes. The train takes 58 mins plus time to change trains in Rostock main station. Fare in either the bus or train is 4euro each way or 8.40euro for a day ticket which covers all pubic transport in the area , all day. Useful if you want to go by bus and return by train and include a quick visit to Rostock. Happy cruising 😊 Anni www.travelanni.webs.com
  8. In Germany most coffee shops etc. will let non customers use their toilets for a small fee - usually 50c. Just ask at the counter. Another tip, use the free toilet on the train - very clean and well maintained, in this region at least. Anni www.travelanni.webs.com
  9. Hi, thank you for your appreciation. All our public transport, regional (red) trains and most of the stations in this area are barrier-free. Unfortunately your visit will be just a month before the re-opening of the main station in Warnemünde but Warnemünde Werft where the trains terminate at the moment is only a 10mins walk from the cruise centre along good smooth pavements. The trains and trams all have wheel-chair areas with good access even for a larger vehicle. Just look for the painted symbol on the side of the appropriate carriage. Warnemünde Werft, Rostock, Schwerin, Wismar and Stralsund stations and the tram-stops are all wheel-chair friendly. However, although most of the pavements are smooth you will find that a few streets, especially in the older interesting areas, are still cobbled. I, myself, ride a small disability scooter which for sure does not handle kerbs, cobbles etc. as well as a powered chair and find no difficulty in any of these towns. Of course hiring a van would give you much more flexibility and a wider range of places to visit but you can see a lot by train. Happy planning and cruising Anni www.travelanni.webs.com
  10. Hi, my advice to anyone asking this question is - if you have any hope of a few days in Berlin in the future then forget the day trip. If, however, this is your only chance then go for it. I'm working on the principle that anything is better than nothing here Just a few tips in case you do decide to go. Do not use a train tour. You will find the reasons for this advice on several posts! Use a private company rather than a ships tour. Once you are in Berlin the groups are smaller. Do a private, or semi private, tour if possible. Most standard tours try to please everyone and you end up with an impossible itinerary, driving past the things which interest you and wasting time on the things which do not. Use the same company you intend to use in St. Petersburg. Not only will you get a discount but you will have established a relationship with them arranging your St. P tour. Berlin has history covering so many different eras;Imperial, Weimar, National Socialist,DDR; that it is a good idea to choose which really interests you and let the tour people put a tour together covering relevant sights. BTW you do not say where your cruise starts/finishes but if it is in UK or Northern Europe have you considered a few days in Berlin either pre- or post-cruise. It is sometimes only a little more expensive than a day tour from Warnemünde. I hope this helps with your planning Anni www.travelanni.webs.com
  11. Hi, the quick answer is just about anywhere they sell food. But the traditional, local way to eat bratwurst is served in a bread roll with mustard and/or onions while standing at a street stall. No seating, just high tables on the footpath. There are several of these around the Rostock city centre and in Warnemuende, both free standing stalls and shops which serve through a window straight onto the street. One particularly good one is built, grill and all, on a tricycle and can usually be found in University Square or cruising the surrounding streets. Enjoy. Happy planning and cruising, Anni www.travelanni.webs.com
  12. Hi, I have also looked up the deal which you found. As I said in my original reply a Regional Day Ticket is for Regional Trains only, it is not valid on fast, direct trains. Using this ticket the journey from Munich to Berlin would take between 8 and 10 hours and involve 3 - 6 changes of train ! The ICE takes about four and a half hours direct, same train all the way. You did not give your travel date but I see from your chat with Gnome that you are not yet within the 6 months. However, if you give me your date I will see what I can find. At the moment there is a Super Saver offer which works out at under 10euros each for a party of six including seat reservation on the ICE (Inter City Express) but of course that is a winter special. Please do not use a third party, most of the time they have no idea how to find the cheaper fares. Rest assured that any advice I give is from experience as I have lived here for over 10 years and in that time have travelled by train all over Europe, always seeking out the best possible deals. Happy to help you in any way I can. Anni www.travelanni.webs.com PS In future could you please quote the post to which your reply is addressed. Otherwise it is confusing when two people are giving advice.Thank you
  13. Hi, Gnome is right. And the same applies to any type of booking. Good luck. Anni
  14. Hi, further to my previous reply re trains Munich to Berlin. I have just found some better prices available 6 months in advance but they are train specific and seats must be booked separately. It would be worthwhile to look again at https://reiseauskunft.bahn.de//bin/query.exe/en > Booking Information 6 months before your travel date. I hope I have not confused you too much but they do offer so many variables. Anni
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