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  1. That’s funny that was exactly what we had the last sea day last Friday!! Yumm
  2. I don’t eat sushi but I do love the rolls and had to go back a few times just for the lobster Ramen!!😁
  3. Darn auto correct we actually ate in Luminae not illuminate! LOL ! I hope they do it on the summit when we cruise next year !!
  4. I just got off the equinox and about halfway through the cruise they offered a package that was a lunch in Murano or Tuscan Grille and dinner in sushi on five for $45 a person. We did not do it because were eating illuminate but I thought it was a good deal and will probably do it on our next cruise if they offer it on the summit next year when we are an aqua class
  5. Hi Norma it’s Stefanie & David from San Diego it was nice to meet you on the cruise had a fun and good time dancing up in the sky lounge. We just got home Saturday from the second part of our B to B. We had a great time on both and I don’t know if we noticed as much of the poor service as you did! sorry to hear that!! Now there were definitely areas that were busier than others and a little slow service but we were never in a hurry ! Maybe our paths will meet again. cheers!!🥂
  6. We boarded the Equinox on the 24 th also and thought is it was one of the rockier cruises and am not usually bothered but on the 4th or 5th night My friend went down to the medical facility and got me some meds that helped me sleep much better.It seemed like a lot of shaking at night.We are on still on board doing our 2nd cruise and it is much smoother!
  7. I will be following ! And also will actually be on the cruise too!! We didn’t have such a great travel day today it was really long from San Diego!American changed our flight and we had a three hour layover and almost got stuck in Dallas because of a lightning storm but are in our hotel It is 10:30 !!look forward to sleeping in and I know we will definitely meet Up somewhere on the cruise this week!!! We look forward to a new day tomorrow and boarding the Equinox!! 😁
  8. Thank you for all the feedback!! I was not going to pack more 😆 but nice to know I can have more washed if needed!! We leave in three days and hope to have it all done tomorrow night!!😁🛳🥂
  9. Too funny when I tap on this link it still says when you scroll down just a discounted bag I see your above display ?? I was not looking at select!
  10. You just made me reread it and on the website I’m looking at still says discounted bag for 12 months or more! I hope that you are right because I have no more room in my bag lol 😆
  11. I reread it again and was wrong about length of cruise it says 12 nights or more but it said discounted bag of wash dry and fold not complementary which I believe I have read before.
  12. My husband and I just became elite after our last cruise and are cruising in about four days on a B2B with an eight day cruise and a seven day cruise to Caribbean .My question is that I could have sworn that we were given a complementary bag of laundry after becoming elite and when I just re-read on the website it said for a cruise of 15 days or more?? Did they change it or did I miss read it? I was packing as if I would have laundry done complementary on first and second cruise not that I could not afford it just was looking forward to having it complementary! Thanks for info
  13. I also think it’s worth it depending on the price we are going to be in a Sky suite in less than two weeks and are looking forward to seeing the new retreat deck on the equinox even though they didn’t finish all the refurbishment! We were on it a couple years ago and it’s a beautiful ship! We love The food and service in Luminae and visits to Michael’s lounge ( retreat lounge) before and after dinner! But for our cruise next year from Boston to Canada 13 day the difference between an Aqua class and a sky suite was $7000 !!! And we booked the day it came out and has gone up !! So we booked Aqua class and will book a 5 or 6 night specialty dinner package and upgrade to premium bev package some excursions and still save $5000 ! so in the end for me it all depends on $$ But will probably walk by Luminae and be a little bit sad!! Or just meet a new friend in a suite and gladly pay the $50 pp extra
  14. Ouch for your friend!!! I actually booked our 2nd cruise Nov2-9 after reading Chicago Paul’s review and thought it would be great to stay on board after first cruise ! It was a few months after booking the Oct 25 and also on a Sunday (Mimosas again) but do not regret doing it and look forward to our first B2B!! We have only made it to one meet and mingle (I always have good intentions) but usually too early!! Cheers 🥂
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