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  1. We have a day and a half in September on our Celebrity Cruise and I’m looking for food tours just wanted to see if anybody has ever done one and how they liked. Looking for some history and good food and wine .I have already searched on TripAdvisor and am looking at a couple but just curious if anyone on here has actually done one in their opinion?
  2. We have a cruise from Vancouver next year to LA and I didn’t think about the sail under the Golden gate Bridge that just became a big plus to doing the West Coast considering we live on the West Coast but have not been to some of the ports looking forward to it!! We have Boston to Quebec in September and have an aft AQ ! very excited about all those sailaways. Thank you also for the great review will be sailing on the summit in September I just went through your whole review this morning before work!!
  3. I miss Mudit and his smile every morning when he would bring us our coffee and breakfast ! We also had great conversations with him when we would see him would it be in the Michaels lounge or when He would stop by our room to either drop something off or just check on us!!
  4. We also have upgraded to the premium package every time for more wine choices and I’ve also paid an extra couple dollars to try some even better wines . We were in the sky suite last time and our Sommelier Anna was great for recommending other wines that cost were above the premium package. Most nights I just told her what I was having for dinner and told her to pair it with whatever she thought was best!
  5. On our last cruise we had Mudit on the equinox for a B2B in two separate rooms. we were very happy to have them on the second room considering we had to move just four doors away. On the first day I just told him things I liked that we always have breakfast in a room (with cappuccino that he brought from Baci every day )and we tipped daily. But I also like a picture of ice tea and a cheese and fruit platter in the afternoon. He was great and always wanted to do more! He brought us a nice bottle of Pinot for the beginning of our second cruise and also noticed my husband Liked Pellegrino so he supplied that daily. He made a cruise memorable they also decorated our room on my birthday. We tipped him at the end of both cruises and also our room attendant.Next cruise will be an aqua class and I’m sure will have a great room attendant but he won’t be Mudit😁
  6. Thank you I thought so but was not for sure and looked under my dining package and it wasn’t quite clear! Since the Summit only has a couple of specialty dining options it would be nice to add sushi on five for dinner !! thanks again
  7. We are in Aqua class and have Blu as our dining room on our Sept. cruise next year on Summit. I want to book 4 night dining package and was curious if we could dine in Sushi on 5 as one of our dinners? I know it is generally an la carte restaurant so unsure??
  8. Hi Norma! Doing great but wish I was going on a cruise on Sunday😁 Our next one is not until September to Canada! Have a great holiday!! Stefanie
  9. We were on the Equinox 10/24-11-9 and saw many games on in Craft social on Thur. Sun. And Monday night.Do not remember how many at a time but seems like two games most Sundays! We had fun!!
  10. Our cruise is a 12 Canada day cruise at $21 pp for the drink some more seems a little bit much! Will probably just go with upgrading to the premium package ! Plus were staying at 1140 on the summit so we’re one flight above the Sunset bar LOL!
  11. And sorry I meant to say I could not upgrade the package till today. Last night it would not let me upgrade and today the options were there for both!
  12. I cannot upgrade my classic package to the premium till today it just came up at a cost of $12 per person per day and the Drink some more package came up at $21 per day so thank you for clarifying that that is with gratuity included I was curious about that .But I checked last night and it was not available so they just added the ability for me to do that online today just can’t decide on which one to upgrade to?
  13. I booked the September 9, 2021 cruise a couple weeks ago and it did the same thing then! I assumed it was happening on other cruises too!
  14. We’ve had a few on American Airlines change our cruise back in October they changed both directions and put us on very long layovers had to change them up a little bit but still was very inconvenient times. Flights for 2020 on both American Airlines and Alaska have both changed in the last couple months !! Our flight on Alaska going to Costa Rica in April has changed three times twice on the way there getting later and later leaving LAX and arriving. And the flight home leaving earlier arriving home earlier?? Very irritating but what are you gonna do!!
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