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  1. OMG.....It's like they captured a CARNIVORE CRUISE LINE cruise.,..
  2. Always know your source...after dozens of cruises on many lines since the mid 1970's & several on MSC... . I've been quite happy w MSC & it's product...it's not the RITZ in Paris. The best l ever heard was a man coming out if the buffet on the MERAVIGLIA one afternoon complaint all they had was hamburgers & hotdogs.,..oiy. People are expecting a RITZ Carlton experience at a HAL cost......lol
  3. It's called covid...the op seems to have a lot of complaining time on his hands & his game is to beat out a low balled priced cruise...no matter the line.
  4. Still hoping the MSC 2022 WORLD CRUISE WILL BE A GO..... WHATS THE WORD SO FAR???
  5. Or a check from Jeff bBezos, Michael Bloomberg, the Sackler family, Mark Schmuckerberg and a host of others.
  6. LOL... how true👍 I'm just a believer in simple elegance 🙋🌞😎🤗
  7. I totally agree...when one is on a beautiful ship sailing the ocean what else do you need...there are some on another cruise line here that everyone they sail Louis Armstrong is played singing "what a wonderful world"...after the first time its like they drank too much or have alzheimers. Kitch sells i guess or there's no accounting for bad taste.
  8. I grew up w the midnight buffets on the Italian Lines...ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS to say the least. One note is that we always had late seating dinner so the buffets were for show & maybe a nibble or cookie. The portions in the dining room were also of European size..so even w 4 courses, including pasta I would be full but not stuffed. Part of the cruise experience was the great & varied food onboard. I usually don't go to buffets...saying that 2 years ago I did a 13 day repo cruise on MSC & 12 OF THOSE NITES I ATE AT THE BUFFET...IT WAS so varied & the pizza delicious. The choices were so many..something for everyone. In the afternoons at 4 or so have a glass of wine & grab some guacamole & chips & sit on the aft deck & watch the sea go by...that was luxury..having the choice. I had a balcony cabin where each morning I had coffee, croissants, fresh fruit & yogurt delivered. Cruising has changed..its just tweaking it a bit ...one thing is if its a late nite..I need pizza....MSC delivered😎🤗😊
  9. There is a group headed by Susan Gibbs trying to save the liner for another purpose/ maritime museum. Of course $$$ is a major obstacle. Personally I wish the shop would be towed to NYC WESTSIDE PIERS, next to the INTREPID AIRCRAFT CARTIER. THERE SHE COULD BE RESTORED FOR MIXED USE, MUSEUM, RESTAURANTS ETC.
  10. The captain of the ship has the authority and final say and decision which direction a ship should sail....and yes storms do change direction in a short time..right now Elsa could go towards the gulf, the Bahamas or Eastern florida. We'll see
  11. No drama...you obviously have never been onboard a cruise ship during a hurricane or major storm..deaths questionable...sickness & injuries are many & very well documented.
  12. The point being if you sail during hurricane season you can expect storms...a hurricane is much different ...as long as a cruise line can take passengers $$$, they will. To be on older CRUISE ships like Crystal IS NOT THE BEST PLACE TO BE IN A HURRICANE. TOO much Crystal kookoo punch is drunk on this board...there is a difference between inconvenience & putting people in danger.
  13. In this day & age its ridiculous to deny that hurricane season is at best a gamblers game/ fools season for cruises & weather. With global warming & the massive changes in weather patterns over the last few years, cruise lines that market cruises in the hurricane region (@ highly discounted rates) are just desperate. Anyone booking these cruises should be warned. For Tropical Storm Elsa, the current European & American weather models show the direction of the storm to go either way..west towards the Gulf of Mexico or East towards the east coast of Florida. Ships can move ...but not as quickly as these storms.
  14. Anyone that books a cruise or island vacation this time of year (June-November1) is foolish to think there won't be a hurricane, Tropical storm or severe rain storms. Especially now when covid is still a major factor either at home or while traveling. Everyone feels cooped up & wants to travel but cooped up is better than dead.
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