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  1. Sometimes it is the time of year meaning one week to another can appeal more than another to some .
  2. Trend

    Iguazo falls

    Took the words out of my mouth. Last year getting the shot I was 65 and DH was 68 . I react to most shots and had no problem.
  3. Trend

    Iguazo falls

    Yes we were there in early January and it was a steam bath and I love the heat
  4. Good motto, but I don’t think the lady in the restaurant in BA would agree with you as she was with a tour group when the man came in smashed her wrist broke her arm and stole her watch. We talked with her when she returned to the hotel from hospital, so this was first hand info. Would that stop me from going back to BA, not a chance we loved our time there but would take same precautions.
  5. I notice you try to be argumentative with peoples postings. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. For me yes I was more careful in what I wore and where I went alone than Some other cities. My opinion.
  6. Trend

    DIY Iguazu

    It is a beautiful hotel with amazing grounds and the dinner we had was excellent. It is the old Sheraton. The cruise line one day tour we took included dinner at the hotel so we were there for a few hours.
  7. Trend

    Iguazo falls

    Wise advise as they say ounce of prevention ....
  8. Trend

    Iguazo falls

    You need to consult with your Dr as we both had underlying health issues and I usually have reactions and got none.
  9. Sorry for budding in but if you take cruiseline transfer to centre how do you get to your hotel in Miraflores.
  10. We had a wonderful day organized by ship, yes more cost than if I booked on my own. Difference was airline new cruise line had booked a large number of seats so they tried to make any delay a short one. The small bus waiting for us had a flat tire, no problem new one quickly arrived. All tickets for train and a full lunch included plus a wonderful dinner at the hotel on the grounds. Back to the cruise late at night cookies waiting in room for a late snack. Tour guide took the group to the most important places plus train ride.
  11. Trend

    Iguazo falls

    Wow did not know that. We were there in Early January. Lots of monkeys around and people were warn not to get close but it is amazing how some don’t listen.
  12. Problem is that flights are known for delays to the falls. If booking independently take that into account. We spent the money and used the cruise lines tour even with delay it worked well, just one view we could only visit for a short time as they close the gates at 5 pm.
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