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  1. I have gotten mojitos, i have gotten Manhattans, on our last cruise i even ordered caiphirinas twice, had to make the bartender redo it because it was just water. Only place i was able to get a decent drink was a Modernos, and again that was the caipirinhas....I just stick to wine now.
  2. not to mention that if you don't buy the drinking package you get watered down drinks...
  3. i was going to say something similar, what's the point? that means the priority boarding lines would be astronomical.
  4. us too, we only sail NCL and have 4 certificates left. When we use those certificates we will start looking at other cruises lines. Is probably time to give NCL a rest. NCL people say they look at cruise critic for feedback well at times i feel that they don't or they will see the amount of complaints they get.
  5. with all due respect if you were told to be quiet maybe you were too loud. People enjoy their cruise however they want, i myself enjoy the ports, excursions and on a sea day spending hours in the spa, reading, enjoying the facilities and the quiet ( when allowed by others) so i love to be one of those logs in the spa 🙂 If i wanted to talk to people i go to the pool area and meet and greet, eat in the main dining room with strangers etc. As you said the spa is meant for relaxation therefore part of that is " SILENCE"
  6. I am going to disagree with you. In the old way it used to be i would get two vouchers with 2 bottles of wine. One voucher i could use at Le Bistro the other at La cucina or once upon a time the mexican restaurant. When the mexican restaurant disappeared it became la cucina or moderno. Now you get one bottle of wine and 2 vouchers per stateroom, one to use between le bistro or cagneys the other at moderno or la cucina . I used to be able to eat at le bistro with my bottle of wine and at moderno or la cucina with a bottle of wine not anymore, they cut my meals in half, thats why we have to share the vouchers now if i want to eat at both restaurants minus a bottle of wine.
  7. Because before we each used to get a voucher for the restaurants, i went at my time and he went at his time, now either i have to eat at 5 pm or he has to eat at 7:30 in order to share the vouchers. I don’t get why we have to share dinner times just to use the vouchers since we both earned our level. I guess some people can’t understand that. Yes, we share the stateroom but we both like to do different things at different times. NCL did not think of that, they just assumed ok they share a stateroom so they must be a couple.
  8. so i ask this question. I travel with another Platinum plus person, ( to get the double occupancy discount), he likes to eat early around 5:30pm, i like to eat a little later, does that mean we will each get our own voucher? again? or are we stuck having to eat at the same time like now. I found it offensive and unfair whey they changed to the new system( per stateroom) because he earned his status and so did i.
  9. I hate to burst this bubble but is at their discretion. On our last cruise, as a Platinum Plus we were supposed to have a party just for us like it says above, however at the last minute ( literally one day ahead of the party) they decided to have just one for everyone, they just to split it in 2 days. We did not go, it was just too crowded.
  10. Oh my goodness, i have no idea what happened. I would call NCL and inquire, nothing like this has ever happened to me, so i would not know what to tell you. I wish you good luck, let us know if you fixed the problem.
  11. Have you registered to the NCL.com account?. We never receive an email to upgrade. We have a travel agent. We go to our NCL account and there is a section there that tells you " let's get you upgraded" and that's how we do it. Good luck
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