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  1. DH had that problem, and then I showed him that he has to swipe left to see the other pages.
  2. FWIW, find a nail salon you trust at home and get them done before you leave. Even if they could do it on the ship, you would be paying at least 4 times what you would at home. I always prefer to leave for my vacation ready to go (nails done, hair freshly cut, etc.).
  3. Is that method specific to the newer ships? In looking at my June cruise, I don't see an option to pre-pay for specialty dining, nor is FTTF located in the Fun Shops area.
  4. Create an account on Carnival.com. Once you have your booking number, you can add it to the "Manager your cruise" section. From there, you should be able to make payments, schedule spa services, purchase Fun Shops items (including wifi), purchase excursions, and anything else necessary pre-cruise. You will go to the same place for your on-line check in. At that time, you can select to have separate sail & sign accounts, and each set up your individual methods of payment. Have a fun time!
  5. There is a discounted price if you pre-purchase.
  6. I just returned Saturday from this itinerary. We did stay on ship's time, although it did change for Mazatlan and then changed back the next day. They will put a notice in your mailbox alerting you to change your clocks.
  7. Which ship, please? Oops, you certainly mean the Sunshine 🙂 This is NOT an accessible cabin, although I can tell you from experience that there ARE fully accessible cabins on the Sunshine. There just may not be any available for your cruise. EDIT: Looking at the accessibility charts, it appears that all of the previously designated accessible cabins have been converted to AA cabins 😞 You also might want to think through keeping your cabin. It it right underneath the Liquid Lounge (super noisy).
  8. You know that you are responding to an 8 year old comment ... ??
  9. Normally it's 7:30 - 1:30 or so, but it often depends on the ship.
  10. You will still need an extension cord. I always bring my own, just in case Carnival is out of them.
  11. @Organized Chaos is right. Put your phone into airplane mode. Then go back into settings and turn on the wifi capability. That leaves the rest of the modes off (voice and data), but enables the use of wifi networks. You will need to do this to use the HUB app and to use the ship's internet packages.
  12. Fresh squeezed OJ is not included.
  13. You simply need to go to the parent company's website and view their 10K (SEC filing) and you can see their annual financial statements, if you are concerned about what a company does with their money. I think that what you are trying to say, though, is that you want to be sure that your gratuities actually go to those who have earned them? If so, you should know that all US corporations are subject to specific SEC regulations which require a working system of internal controls and must (1) attest that those controls are working on an annual basis and (2) have an external audit validation of those controls. What that means is that if a corporation has employment contracts with their employees and those contracts stipulate the distribution of gratuities, then the company must comply with those contracts. Any deviation in internal controls is noted in the 10K.
  14. ^^^ This. I've been known to do this in movie theaters, too.
  15. No. There is no delivery charge for room service items, in general. There is a delivery charge for Fun Shops items of 18%, so if you were to order a bottle of liquor for your room, you would pay that.
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