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  1. huh, many have posted that Princess reads these threads … maybe try posting on Fakebook ??
  2. follow the money - it didn't go to Adagio ...
  3. when was the last time Princess sailed to that port ??
  4. just curious, and absolutely none of my business … but why cancel a cruise so far out ?
  5. Sunday ramblings well, it's (finally) the last day of May - who knew months had 61 days like April and May have seemed ... actually for me at least, 'things' are almost back to semi-normal pre-Corona's … making 'normal' Publix runs ( wearing a mask ), bank, post office, bodega, clients , blah, blah, blah starting to do some drive-thru , but still haven't gone out to a sit down meal … wife's cutting my hair now, not sure if/when that may change nascar from Bristol, TN on TV today - one of my very favorite road trips me and a couple of buddies used to take to the races ... good news ! my wife's very part time nanny / babysitting job starts back this week - she loves it, gets her out of the house, and adds to the 'cruise fund' …. end of November ?? partly cloudy, high 90, low 70, chance of afternoon thunderstorms (40%) - rinse/repeat, see you in October … hurricane season 'starts' tomorrow - plenty of Corona virus supplies carried over to 'hurricane supplies' and/or '2nd phase ... SO OVER THIS !!! looking forward to a July 'road trip' to NC beach rental stay safe peace out
  6. it's indeed an outrage that cruisers on those ships have to set priorities and make decisions about their onboard ship activities that they want to participate in - I tell you it's an outrage !!
  7. it's already 'watered down' when you consider 'Princess Plus' prices for drinks and wifi - comped minutes - meh mini bar setup - meh - will take home, I guess laundry - OK, but wait 2-3 days ?
  8. now that's a mini / shower only cabin we would book if possible - is it also a club class ?
  9. here you go … https://watertaxi.com/map/ we didn't get off at any of the stops - just enjoyed the ride and a real good guide pointing out highlights besides the Southport Raw Bar - we ate at 15th Street Fisheries the next time we stayed there - in December for one night only
  10. Pool area is very nice and clean - lots of chairs, tables, sun , shade, and unfortunately rain also "close"? - Not as close to outside restaurants / bars / shopping as some of the places on 17th street (embassy suites / hyatt) but we drove down, so had our car, easy in, easy out, and no more than 5 minutes or so of a drive did not dine on premises, except for an app by the pool - not cheap, nor are the drinks cheap As stated we drove down, got there about 11 am, checked in, room not ready, went to eat at Southport Raw Bar, stayed a couple of hours, then room was ready … didn't do a whole lot that day, just kinda hung by the pool, on our balcony, the went to the pool bar that night next day - Took the water taxi around - has a pickup spot right at the Hilton - again didn't do much other than hang out on our balcony - direct view of the cruise port - Publix is close so we just grabbed some beer/wine/salads ... next day - boarded the Caribbean Princess sorry, pretty boring to most folks, I guess
  11. we took the little 4 day 'shakedown' cruise immediately after the wetdock to fix propulsion issues, I believe took an upsell to our first and still only Penthouse Suite - which was under the ice cream parlor , so heard some, not much scraping of chairs during the day the only other 'situation' was that I got overserved in Crooners on the last night ! 🥃🥃🥃🥃🥃🥃 excellent ship - enjoyed the aft adult pool and outrigger bar area
  12. Princess dot com - deck plans for all ships something about viewing areas on Royal for Alaska - and too big to go some places we enjoyed Royal in the Caribbean
  13. NOONE repeat NOONE will rec Royal … so eliminate that now
  14. is it just 'deposits'? what about periodic payments made toward the balance ?
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