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  1. Bonaire is a very special place to us ... after we booked the 10 day Southern Caribbean , my wife decided she wanted to learn how to snorkel, which she did in our home pool, under very controlled conditions Bonaire was her first 'deep, open water' snorkel - she was hooked, and also snorkeled when we went to St Johns Trunk Bay - nice, but it's not Bonaire ... sad for y'all who will miss that port
  2. Vegas Vacation (1997) - Lucky Nick Papagiorgio - YouTube
  3. Speaking at the Betting On Sports America online conference, gambling executives, analysts and lawmakers agreed that the lure of new tax revenue could prove irresistible to cash-strapped state governments facing large deficits due to the pandemic. And the results of last month's elections, in which voters in numerous states approved allowing or expanding casinos or sports betting, show that demand exists for legalized gambling in additional states. According to the American Gaming Association, the casino industry's national trade group, 44 states plus Washington, D.C., have legalized some
  4. 'Could'? this be a first step into a complete consolidation of ships and personnel of these once distinct brands ?
  5. When will a vaccine be available to the general public, and where will people receive it? Federal officials have repeatedly suggested that people who are not in the priority groups — healthy adults under 65 who don’t work in health care or otherwise qualify as essential workers — should have access to the vaccine by May or June, because there will be enough supply by then. But a lot will have to go right for that to happen. One factor is whether, or when, other vaccines besides Pfizer’s and Moderna’s are approved.
  6. looks like Bar Harbor is also exploring limiting cruise ship somewhat ... it's been awhile, but KW is definitely a "night town" - at least to us
  7. we were on the CB the first cruise after the 'dry' wet dock ... no problems ( except for being over-served in Crooners one night ) - took an upsell to our one and only, so far, PH suite some of the staff from Crooners and Vines were moving over to the SKY Princess and we saw them again when we went on the 'inaugural' V2.0 last December - little 3 day - our last cruise - after our Thanksgiving cruise on the SKY was cancelled currently have a mid-April 2021 cruise booked again on the CB - nice B2 balcony on caribe - hope it still goes
  8. " in December" - after the "7" days or less expires
  9. Caribbean Princess (CB) April 2021 "current" schedule out of PE 4/4 - 7 day western 4/11 - 7 day eastern 4/18 - 6 day western 4/24 - 7 day eastern I expect / hope 🥃 these all go - but as stated - maybe 'modify the western' to more of a PC. St Thomas, sea day(s) combination
  10. we/she decorates our door - with glue on magnets to whatever we/she puts up
  11. OK, I'll bite ... why can't you cancel them now ?
  12. what would be the closest port that would qualify for a 7 day repo ( eliminate the 4 day joke )
  13. except for eliminating Crooners on Sky and Vines on Discovery - big omissions
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