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  1. on our upcoming Thanksgiving cruise - little 5 day - only 1 of the true aft Penthouse suites is currently showing as 'sold / not being available' - leaving about a dozen or so showing as available the current pricing of those suites is $3k+ per person - for 5 days in the caribbean ... which would be over $ 2k pp difference from our current premium deluxe balcony ( all pricing includes PPlus ) we were discussing how much we would be willing to pay for an 'upsell' to one of those suites and I can't see us spending even $ 500 pp ( $ 100 per person per day ) for that ... cray, cray, I know, huh as I remember our only suite was an upsell from a regular balcony to a mid-ship PH and it was about 3 weeks before cruise date - maybe less
  2. might be a UK booking 'thing' versus a USA booking 'thing'
  3. try logging in booked guests then look at the bottom I've also seen the 'chat' green icon just pop up from time to time
  4. with Room Service, can you order specialty coffees from IC if you DON'T have Princess Plus , and just 'pay' for them ? during IC hours, of course
  5. only in the UK, as per numerous postings. Live from Alaska reports bars are open for drinks from the bartenders, not waiters only
  6. This happens - which is why we check almost every day. I don't know if the Princess pricing 'al-go-rhythms' allow for so many bookings / refare at a price point then it changes back after a price drop and number of days passed ?
  7. Not a clue ... or what it involves either ... but also wouldn't mind a Princess ship sailing out of Port Canaveral
  8. maybe 2nd pfizer shot on 2/5/21 and a pfizer booster on 10/1/21 will be enough for a late Nov 2021 cruise without having to provide the 2 day test results ? Mayble ?
  9. Maybe Princess will locate the lng ship from Port Canaveral instead of Port Everglades ?
  10. Can these new ships just "fill up or top off" at most ports, or will the ports have to construct new fueling facilities ?
  11. drinks on balcony is appealing now - 1 each ordered at the same time on 2 separate devices / login with the Plus package ... PITA, maybe ... but would rather do that if necessary rather than having to remove a charge for the second drink maybe / hopefully that will change in the near future, but we will deal with it as is ...
  12. We ordered our Medallions back on 6/23, when we were "green lane" , for our Thanksgiving cruise. We are now 'in the yellow' with step 2 , personalize medallion now missing the green checkmark - and getting the dreaded 'white screen' what should be our next step - delete and re-install the app ? - then do we then have to 'reorder the medallions' ?
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