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  1. how long is "forever" ? a couple of beers ? 🍻 glass of wine ? 🍷 a martini ? 🍸 a scotch ? 🥃
  2. hopefully now in April, 2021 ... after our SKY Princess Thanksgiving cruise got cancelled yeah, it was fun on the CB last time ... saw some of the same staff from the CB on SKY last December ... got overserved, again ... really missed Crooners on SKY 🥃
  3. thanks - but I was not clear, I guess ... If I "catch" corona virus at a Waffle House driving down to FLL/PE - can I then give it immediately to someone standing in line waiting to check in ?
  4. 60+ days to 10/15/20 to get "better" testing, quicker results, vaccine ... then another 60 days to re-crew, etc to 12/15 - 🥃
  5. what time period it there between "catching the covid-19 and becoming able to expose others" start with that as not to confuse the "experts"
  6. for what it's worth ... on 2 separate occasions, using the cruise card, I checked our account the last thing the last night before retiring to the cabin , everything OK ... when the final bill was slipped under the door, a bottle of wine once, and a specialty dinner once were added 'during the night' j/s
  7. The Coast Guard estimates that 209 Americans are still on board 37 of the ships that are either in the vicinity of a U.S. port or have the potential to arrive at a port in this country. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, however, reportedly said that it is only aware of 53 Americans spread across 22 ships. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP A CDC spokesperson told USA Today that it is unclear how many of the Americans still at sea are workers that the cruise companies have deemed necessary to keep the ships operational, and how many are simply stuck due to their circumstances.
  8. i have an iphone 4s ... it mostly goes into the safe ... I used the OM on our last 2 cruises just like I would have used the cruise card... we bought a few fit-bit clips to use and color-coordinate them with what we are wearing that day/night it will be a little more complicated now having to also coordinate them with our mask of choice that day
  9. more than just commission as it has been posted here that 'some TA's' take their customers charge cards , create the charge to themselves / their TA account , then later send that monies to Princess from the TA account , I.e. not a direct charge from Princess to the cruisers account then a chargeback would go against the TA's account and the TA would have to deal with Princess to get "their" money back from the cancellation ... at least that's the way I read the posts
  10. how confident are you 1) your cruise will be cancelled 2) you will want to sail again on Princess 3) Princess will still be cruising
  11. i'll help you correct that ... follow the $$$ ... $$$ buys time, no question healthcare industry ... testing on thur ... work sat, sun ... get results on tuesday ... testing every 2 weeks entertainment industry $$$ - test on tuesday, work on wed, thur if the test comes back negative ... $$$ talks and buys timing of getting results ...
  12. why should NZ deserve them to continue to cruise ??? P&O Australia can serve that market
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