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  1. So this is another reason why cruising may only be available to people who live close enough to drive. If it takes longer to disembark, passengers will not be able to make plans for flights not knowing exactly when they will actually depart the ship. I suppose that problem could be eliminated by staying overnight post cruise and flying out the next day, but not everyone can do that.
  2. Beeline - you simply don't get it. Nobody right now wants to become a part of your crusade and contact the "home office" about the quality of food on Royal. It's almost comical because right now there isn't any food on Royal and nobody knows what it will be like when they start up, so what is the point of complaining about the past? Nobody is relying on you for anything. Don't you understand they are just doing their best to stay afloat? (No pun intended.)
  3. As I previously mentioned, buckets of popcorn and fun.
  4. Thank heavens this came up - we were running out of things to discuss. It should be very entertaining and a popcorn worthy topic.
  5. Thanks for sharring - I would expect that on Asian itineraries. I've been to China, but not on a cruise
  6. We are all pretty much in agreement the food isn't as good as the past, but you have to understand there is more going on with the OP than just that.
  7. Well exactly! I'm not how they will handle it if they reschedule cruises once they start up, but I can't imagine anyone thinks they will do blanket cancellations and have to refund all of those deposits. (Talking about canceling multiple months at one time, not month by month like they are doing now.)
  8. LOL - every once in a while someone who hasn't been following the OP and her numerous threads jumps in.
  9. I know what Dim Sum is - just wish you would proof your messages before sending. Sometimes they are gibberish. If your husband wants to try it why not just go to a local restaurant? It will be 100% better than anything you might get on a ship.
  10. What the heck is dims um? If you cruise sister lines, they don't count towards Diamond on Royal.
  11. I hope the virus is under control by the time the season starts in Alaska or I don't see them allowing cruise ships in, or if they do shore excursions will be very tightly controlled. I was just reading about the increase in cases in Alaska, how it is spreading to the native villages, and the problems providing medical care to them - some don't even have running water. I don't see the state easing restrictions in the spring unless the covid situation dramatically changes.
  12. LOL I still don't get her listing Princess and X as favorite lines on her profile when she has never cruised on them.
  13. I turned 70 in July and I fully expect to be able to sail next November w/o any age restrictions. The bigger question is , "will cruising still offer a product that I'm interested in?"
  14. Funny that you mentioned getting tired of the food because I'm the same. I used to think I would love to do a world cruise and now I'm not sure I could eat cruise food for that long.
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