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  1. I used the online link to change my Oasis Nov 2020 sailing to 2021. It worked fine for me and I made the original booking with a TA, not directly with Royal. My OBC transferred over to the new sailing also.
  2. I had a November2020 Oasis cruise booked and final payment was due last week. It was a NR deposit, so I had nothing to lose by doing a L&S for November 2021, but I wasn't going to throw any more money at them until the future of cruising is more certain. There is absolutely no way I would make a final payment on a cruise in 2020. I believe most lines will be in serious trouble by the end of the year and I wouldn't make bets on any of them delivering what people have booked..
  3. While I think the idea of a rapid test is a good idea, the antigen tests we currently use aren't always as reliable as the PCR tests. Our governor in Ohio is a prime example. He was tested with an antigen test when the President was the state and the test came back positive. Subsequent PCR tests have come back negative, so using an antigen test to determine if a person can or can't board a ship could be problematic - people who aren't ill could be denied boarding and someone who is ill could board.
  4. That is kind of my point - people are booking cruises right now that have a good chance of not sailing according to the date and itinerary they think they will be getting.
  5. This is the primary reason I think people who are booking future cruises right now when that future is so unknown or might not even exist for a long time are crazy. Who really knows what will happen in the next 12 months,(or possibly longer?) What happens if ships don't sail, lines either stop operations or go out of business, and then folks have thousands tied up and want their money back? I think anyone booking future cruises has to realize they just might be kissing their money good by.
  6. Unless something has recently changed, you can get 100% of your money back with a NRD after final payment as long as the cruise has been cancelled.
  7. Oh for heavens sake, controlling this virus is so much more than just about cruising. Sheesh......
  8. I personally don't see how the cruise lines will survive if cruising doesn't start back up until mid 2022 and unless there isn't a vaccine I expect some sort of cruising will start back up by mid 2021.
  9. And what do you do between now and a few years to not catch C19? Are you willing to live the way we are for another 1-2-3-4 years? Not me. I'll take my "chances" with a vaccine.
  10. That is one of the things the clinical trials will do. Exactly what will it take for you to accept something is "safe?"
  11. Right now I agree with you, might change my mind down the road but if a vaccine becomes available, then yes, in order to do some things proof of a vaccination should be required and if you can't or won't get one, then that is your choice but certain things will be off limits, at least or a while.
  12. So what? You base your actions on those of others? If people drive through a school zone faster than the speed limit just because the area isn't patrolled, does that mean you do it also?
  13. Pretty much agree. We were fortunate enough to get our February cruise completed before the crap hit the fan. A June cruise was canceled and we L&S our November 2020 cruise to 2021. Unless a miracle happens, I don't see cruising starting up until mid 2021, so I'm really in an "on hold" mode for at least a year.
  14. Well doesn't this sound like fun! Exactly what will happen, only on a larger scale, if the people who would like to see mainstream cruising start up before it should could have their way.
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