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  1. I totally agree. Some people are beyond belief. I'm not sure if I missed when you will be cruising, but I hope you return after it's completed and tell us all about your surprise.
  2. My husband is a very picky eater and I never have to have the "where are we going to go for dinner?" argument, oops I mean discussion, every night.
  3. We usually see very few children on cruises over 10 nights and if there are they generally are pre school age.
  4. I paid $59 a couple of years ago and made the flower. It was fun and great souvenir but I wouldn't pay $120.
  5. Woman can cruise up until the 24th week of pregnancy. I imagine most women know way long before that. What difference does their age make or if they have children? Once again people are interjecting things have no bearing on the question asked by the OP.
  6. Good to know they have booster chairs - thanks.
  7. Good heavens, the OP never asked anyone if they thought her idea to surprise her son and DIL was a good idea - all she wanted to know was how to pull it off since it's a Medallion cruise. I assume the OP know's her family well enough to know the surprise will be well received, so it really doesn't matter if any of us would want to know in advance or not, (or be pissed off - really?) I've been on 60+ cruises and if my family did this for me, I would be thrilled. If I didn't have all of the things I normally take on a cruise, so what? I hope the OP returns and lets us know how the plans are progressing and I hope they all have a great cruise.
  8. I agree. I have no interest in this. I think it's great to have family entertainment, but if it is an evening performance then have an adult option.
  9. We are taking a 5 year old on his first cruise in Feb. We have never taken anyone under 12 before, so this is a new experience for us. Are booster chairs available in the MDR or buffet? He is way too old for a high chair, but a little too small to sit in a regular chair. Thanks
  10. In 60+ cruises I have never experienced anything gross. If I found mold on tiles I would immediately let housekeeping know and expect to have it removed. A few squirts of Tilex would do the trick and is an easy fix. I would probably report missing tiles or gout, but I don't think I would lose sleep over it. Bottom line CineGraphic, the grout bothers you and that is fine, but most of us aren't on your bandwagon.
  11. It has to be the day we sailed into Venice. I was up on the open deck and a Pavarotti video was playing on the big screen - it was magical.
  12. We we offered an upsell several years ago on Grand Princess in Alaska. We had an obstructed OV booked, not a guarantee, and were offered a balcony for $99 pp or a window suite for $200 pp. We went with the balcony because it was June and we thought we would like being outside that time of the year. We were able to select our cabin and got one on Caribe right where we wanted. Congrats on the balcony.
  13. Unless the ship is an Oasis class ship, entertainment options are limited on all cruise lines. Singers and dancers, guest entertainers are what's expected - it's pretty difficult to shake it up and still please the majority passengers.
  14. i frequently get massages at home, but I always enjoy the ones I get on cruises. I've only had one experience where I really should have stopped the massage and rebooked for another time - for some reason the PA system was hooked into the treatment rooms and there were constant interruptions - nothing of an emergency nature and it was soooo annoying. Other than that one time my massages have always been great. I always book when there is a special so the pricing isn't too bad.
  15. I don't know about that. This has been an entertaining thread and a nice change of pace from some of the more frequent topics that people like to complain about.
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