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  1. Hmm..this is why I wanted to ask because I searched online and got different answers. Generally seems like the answer is yes but seems like an easy loophole is to just download credits from the casino to the slot machine and play a little bit, then just cash out. I could just take the cash down to guest services and put "cash" on my account. Since I placed "cash" on my account, the gratuities should come off the cash, right? 🤷‍♀️ I am not too worried about it. I will figure it out either way. Thanks all for the answers!
  2. Its what you think the larger window is worth. 400 dollars more for a larger window doesn't seem worth it to me. I am perfectly fine with the porthole view. I just like being able to have some natural light come into the room so I know what time it is. I am going on a cruise in 10 days on the Fantasy, this will be my first time with a full oceanview picture-window. I normally book the porthole view because they tend to be a LOT cheaper than an Oceanview but this time it was the opposite. Carnival offered me an "upgrade" if you call it that. 50 dollars more for the same room, but a floor or 2 higher. Definitely didn't seem worth it at all. Now, if they ever offered me a decent deal on a Balcony, I would maybe consider it, but never seem to get offers like that with Carnival. only upgrades to higher floors. No thanks, I am ok with walking. I did book a last minute cruise in June on the Norwegian Sun, I got an AMAZING deal. Since they abruptly stopped cruises to Cuba, I paid literally 169 per person (interior) for a 4-day cruise including open bar. It was a no-brainer. I got an offer where you "bid" for an upgrade, so I put in $30pp ($60 total) for an Oceanview and $55 ($110 total) for a Balcony. I was hoping I'd get the balcony, but I did get the upgrade to an oceanview for 60 bucks more. It was worth it.
  3. I just don't understand how questions weren't being thought of ahead of time about their cruise. In this day and age of having the world at your fingertips, no one didn't think of doing any research on first time cruising? No one thought "hey, we're leaving the country, we better make sure we have proper documentation"? The first thing any first-time cruiser page is going to tell you is you need a passport or a birth certificate (for closed loop cruises) to board. I just don't get it. Makes me understand more why they need warning labels on bleach.
  4. I am a pretty avid cruiser. I have been on quite a few cruises, but this is my first time dealing with on-board credit. I have a 250 dollar on board credit on my upcoming cruise here in 10 days (WOO HOO). Can I use it to pay for my gratuities? I have used giftcards in the past to pay for pretty much everything, but I can't really find an answer if I could use my on-board credit to pay for the gratuities. Also, it seems you can also use it in the casino? If this is the case and gratuities are NOT allowed, what is to stop me from downloading money from my on board credit to the slot machine, playing a bit,cashing out, and putting "cash" on my account? That clearly should be able to then be used towards gratuities? Thanks for your help. 🙂
  5. Wow, I just re-logged into my account and noticed this thread blew up! I definitely did not mean to cause offense to anyone and I don't have time to go through to read every reply lol. I wrote this a bit a go, and have since been on a few cruises. I love cruising and have since met someone. I totally understand why sometimes you just don't want to be bothered with others. I always tend to meet cool interesting people on each cruise I go on. I have cruised mainly on Carnival (Its cheap and my friend gets like awesome casino deals) and a few times on Norwegian. I love how gay friendly the cruise lines are, both Carnival and Norwegian have been very friendly to me. I have also NEVER ran into an issue with my orientation with other guests. Everyone is there to have a good time it seems. Seems most leave their hate and bigotry on shore which is excellent. I did find a cool way though to meet other gay cruisers. My partner and I were on our first cruise together, on the Norwegian Sun this past June, we have a couple pride coozies we used to keep our drinks cold. I had a few people come up to me and ask me where i got them, some lesbian couples and a couple gay couples too. I had a few people say hey and hang out with us....was interesting to see. I am going on another cruise here in 10 days on the Carnival Fantasy and will probably do the same thing. I am certainly not on a cruise just to meet other gay couples, but its nice to see that we can all enjoy our selves on any cruise, NOT just the gay ones. Cheers to everyone! -Jeffrey
  6. I know this is a long shot, single gay guy here going on a Carnival cruise, I know...lol going on a short cruise with a good buddy of mine, just curious to see if any other guys were gonna be on board.
  7. YAY! Already booked our next cruise for February. Super excited!
  8. I was getting ready to pre-purchase mine for my upcoming cruise in February and noticed the increase too. I dont mind the increase as long as they improve it so it actually works and doesn't constantly shut down or go painfully slow!
  9. So me and my friend like to cruise a lot. We just got back from doing a 4-day out of Jacksonville on the Elation to the Bahamas. WHen we got back, I checked both our offers, and he seemed to have gotten a Premier cruise offer. (Im not surprised as he likes to play blackjack). We are looking at a couple different cruises, and I was curious. It says he gets the Drinks on us card the first day along with a couple other perks like priority boarding and luggage. Does the drinks on us card also include his guest? I was reading other message boards and they said YES, 1 guest gets it too? Im keeping my fingers crossed (yn)because if you all give me good news, I'm most likely going to book it. I got the DOU card once back in 2015 or so automatically one other cruise because i think I did good on the slots one previous cruise. Never got it since. lol
  10. I like soda now and then, but I really want the juice for mixers in case I get an alcohol package. The 6 they give you probably won't be enough for me for a whole bottle of liquor, plus I like to make different types of drinks.
  11. Hey there, getting ready to sail on a 4 day cruise on the Elation here in 2 days! Have 2 questions. I am kind of interested in the bottomless bubbles package, but not 100% sure. I see its the same price regardless if I purchase it online or on the ship. Can I purchase the package any time during the cruise? So say I decide the 2nd night I may want it, can I get it then? Also, is it any cheaper buying an alcohol pacakge from the funshops online Vs. waiting til you get on board? I've never ordered any packages from funshops before. Thanks
  12. I don't want this to sound like a rant, but it kinda sorta is. Has anyone noticed the influx of unfriendly gay couples on cruises? I mean I can sort of understand why a lot of gay couples are unfriendly or maybe dismissive. Maybe they are on a honeymoon, or just want a vacation together without any other men in the way, but it just sucks when you try to interact with other gay men on a "straight" cruise, and they just put their nose in the air at you. Maybe it has to do with the cruise line? I was on a Carnival cruise about 2 weeks a go out of Jacksonville, FL. I saw very few gay couples, but the ones I did see, they were just all snobbish and dismissive. I just thought to myself "Umm guys this is a Carnival cruise, don't know where the snobbish attitude is coming from". Who knows, maybe I booked the cruise for insecure gay couples? Maybe Carnival specializes in a different type of gay? It was a shame. The LGBT get together, NO ONE showed up except me and one other gay man. Of course we were both single and we chatted for a while, but he turned out to be a weirdo....Im guessing there just isnt a lot of gay men who travel with Carnival....and of course its easy to figure out why..... I went on a Norwegian cruise in 2015 and I met the coolest group of gay people. We had a group of us who got together every night, a couple times for dinner, it was the coolest thing ever. No one felt insecure or stuck up....it was awesome....but idk, this last cruise, just was bad. So I'm probably going to be told its Carnival...and Im sure thats a big reason why.
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