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  1. Wonderful review...thank you! We board SDI for our first SeaDream voyage on the 21st and absolutely cannot wait; your review made it that much harder 😉
  2. Thank you SO much! Now I wish we could change our reservation, but sadly we can't. Next time!
  3. Thank you, Piaa! We definitely will try St. Gladys on St.T Any beach or restaurant recommendations for St. John?
  4. A few weeks ago, I contacted SeaDream to inform them we would be leaving Seattle a week before our cruise in December, and to inquire if there would be sufficient time for us to get our boarding documents prior to our departure. What a fabulous surprise it was to come home today and find a mysterious box from SeaDream on the front step. Much glee ensued as I carefully unwrapped each layer to discover a beautifully packaged SeaDream box filled with suitcase straps, luggage tags, and all sorts of helpful materials. SeaDream, you know how to do things right! Counting the (too many) days until we embark!
  5. Thanks for the welcome and for the tip! We love to snorkel and dive, so this sounds perfect. Can't wait to experience the SeaDream life 😁🍸🥂😎
  6. Thanks for this tip, JSADesigns! Night kayaking sounds incredible! Folks do it up here in the Pacific NorthWest for the bioluminescence, but to be able to actually look down and see all the critters would be amazing. I know how we're spending one evening now!
  7. Hi! My husband and I will be spending 3 days on St. Thomas (Sapphire Bay) prior to boarding SDI on our first SeaDream voyage. We're pretty laid back, outdoorsy folks who'd rather walk a beach or go diving than go shopping. We've lived abroad and love finding local-frequented, hole-in-the-wall places to eat. Plus, we figure we'll be getting crazy fabulous fine dining aboard ship 😁🍾🥂🍸, so we're hoping for some laid back local cuisine on the island. Any suggestions for places we should see or great little places we should eat in St. Thomas? Many thanks in advance!
  8. We employed the same strategy as JES4845 on a first-time visit to Rome 2 years ago, staying directly on the Piazza Navona at a gorgeous 8-room boutique hotel called Lifestyle Suites. Absolutely magical to be able to walk through the crowds mid day and step through the huge 15th century doors into a charming oasis of calm complete with rooftop bar. And mornings sipping a cappuccino on your tiny balcony overlooking the Four Rivers Fountain while watching the Piazza wake up is priceless. The rooms are luxurious and the location is perfect. We popped out to the Coliseum and then back for a rest and snack, out to the Spanish Steps with a return to change for dinner, all without a taxi, bus, or train. Same thing the next few days - walking to all the sights, including the Vatican, returning whenever we wanted to recharge. Speaking of the Vatican, HIGHLY recommend booking a "Be the first in the Sistine Chapel" tour. Yes, it's an early start, but we had 30 minutes in the Chapel with only 20 other people. Amazing! Normally, you'd be packed in like sardines, sharing it with hundreds.
  9. We were in Venice for the overnight transition on a BTB Eastern Med cruise on the StarBreeze. Loved it! I must admit, as Mr. Avery did, to indulging in that most touristy of activities - hiring a gondola...and it was magical. Why? A few reasons - we went at night (full moon, no less!), just the two of us (no shared ride with photo-snapping chatty tourists), around 9pm, from a little wharf found down a stone-covered alley off the far-side of the Square rather than from the huge stable of gondoliers right off of St. Mark's. Truly magical - delightful glimpses into restaurants and hotels, glimmering lights of the Grand Canal, moonlight shimmering everywhere. Worth every penny. Also, I second Torcello. A glimpse of a Venice that few get to see with the added benefit of fantastic food and service!
  10. That sounds wonderful, Katbird! Thanks for the update.
  11. Thanks Mr.Avery, pirate, and ronrick! We're booked on the noon flight...
  12. Hello again! How long would you schedule between a leisurely disembarkation and a same day flight out of SJ? We've got options of 10:45am, 12pm, and 4pm. I'm leaning towards the 12, but don't want to be stuck dawdling at the airport...that is, unless there's a nice bar for some bubbles or rum before boarding 😉 Thanks!
  13. Wow...I'd no idea about the Thai massage! I know my back couldn't handle that, so that one's crossed off the list. My back thanks you for the info! Such a lovely research task this is ...😉
  14. Thanks so much, piratelooksat45! I'll eagerly await your update. Have a fantastic voyage!
  15. ...so little time 😉 Yes, it's only January and I'm already anticipating our December cruise (first time on SD!), but who can blame me? Whilst perusing the spa menu, the sheer variety of massage options overwhelmed....help! Any advice from more seasoned SD folks about which massage services you absolutely loved would be much appreciated. Many thanks!
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