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  1. We are thinking of taking the 2021 World Cruise on the Arcadia. We have cruised on Cunard’s Victoria and Elizabeth for the 2017 and 2019 World Cruise and enjoyed it immensely. One of our British friends onboard suggested that we try the Arcadia for our next World Cruise. We would like to know how similar or different a World Cruise would be on the Arcadia as compared to Cunard in terms of entertainment, meals, dress code, passengers, etc. Also, do many Americans also sail on her? Thank you.
  2. Cabins 6128 to 6140 were the ones that were affected, especially the cabins around 6132. I think you will be OK with 6118, it is around the corner from the noisy section of cabins. I did report the noise but there was nothing they could do about it. I believe this will continue to be a problem. Best to avoid that area.
  3. We just left the Koningsdam on Nov. 13 and were not pleased with much of it. Our assigned cabin 6132 was so noisy with banging vibrations that we insisted that our cabin was changed. After the usual, “sorry, the ship is full”, we insisted on speaking with the manager and our cabin was changed to a quiet location. The entire corridor around 6132 was very noisy and we felt sorry for the people who were stuck in those cabins. In general, the ship is noisy. Lots of loud music in all venues. If you are presently booked in one of these cabins, I suggest you change to a quieter location.
  4. We have found that with the larger TV’s on the wall, we are also more aware of a louder volume between cabins. We are more aware of the TV noise now then before. Have others experienced this as well?
  5. Our first cruise was on Greek Lines” Queen Anna Maria “roundtrip NYC to the Caribbean and Bermuda in Feb. 1966. We paid $275.00 per person. We spent the first few days dosing ourselves with Dramamine; rough winter weather and questionable stabilizers. After that it was clear sailing to our first port in San Juan. We have been hooked ever since; 165+ cruises.
  6. We have had bad Neptune Suites due to location on the Rotterdam and the Amsterdam. Once under dishwashing equipment on the Lido Deck above and once under the Lido Buffet, carts rolling back and forth all day. Choose your suite carefully.
  7. We have enjoyed wonderful shows every night on Cunard’s Victoria World Cruise as well as TA crossings on the Queen Mary. Cunard also has an impressive lecture series during the days at sea. We will be on the Amsterdam for a Grand Cruise next year. I hope that the entertainment will be as good as Cunard. I also hope that there will be lectures during the days at sea.
  8. Would the location of 324 be problematic because of the outside doors next to it. Can you hear banging noise when people are going outside to promenade deck? .
  9. We will be sailing on Majesty of the Seas for a 5 night cruise and would like to book a Junior or Grand Suite. However, all of these suites are below the Lido deck which can be noisy; pool, hot tubs, Lido dining room, etc. Can anyone recommend a quiet suite to us on this deck? Thank you.
  10. We were on a 103 day world cruise and by the end of the cruise, almost everyone had been ill with an upper respiratory infection at least once. Some people would come to the theatre for lectures or evening shows and sit and cough, continually. We would change our seats, and within a few minutes other coughs would be heard in our general vicinity. I think that it is practically impossible to escape from catching a cold on a longer cruise. Close quarters wherever you go, and lack of good prevention from those that will be infecting others.
  11. We are aware that both ships are being remodeled. We will have the opportunity to sail before and after the improvements at a price that we consider to be a very good value. We have sailed on other ships pre and post refurbishment and have not been impacted to any real degree. We are looking forward to a small group of interesting people to converse with and lots of excellent dining on board as well as wonderful sea days.
  12. Thank you both so much. We feel much better about our choice.
  13. We will be on a long cruise next year on the Amsterdam. Our choices were few as to cabin availability and prices. Has anyone been in 3416 or close by and were there any issues with noise from the dining room above? This is also a connecting cabin and we are also concerned with noise from that. Thank you in advance.
  14. Thank you. is lunch served in a Luminae on embarkation day and days in port?
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