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  1. I really miss the Golden Lion and 3 o’clock tea in the Queen’s room. Also, the petit fours that followed dessert in the Brittania dining room each evening after dinne. Do you think cruising will ever be the same again?
  2. I have just brought my husband home from the hospital, after having a total hip replacement. I was allowed to visit him for a few hours a day, but every precaution was taken; distancing, mask wearing, temp check etc. Our numbers seem to be lower than before, but that will probably change as everything is open 100% once again. We are still planning to be on the QV for a World cruise Jan. 2022. Hope it happens.
  3. Some cruise lines have laundry room hours. Open from 8AM to 7PM.
  4. We have been on three world cruises on Cunard. They do have a laundromat on board; free detergent is supplied. The laundromat was a great place to exchange gossip, etc. World cruising is unlike any other type of cruise. There are special amenities provided, special events, etc. You get to know your fellow cruisers so well that after a while you feel like family. The ports are not that important to us, after 160+ cruises we have seen most of the world. We enjoy the experience of onboard life, 100 days go by too quickly. My concern at this time is whether or not cruising will ever be the same post Covid. If I have to wear a mask on board, socially distance, etc., even after receiving a vaccination, I don’t think that I would want to go on a cruise of any length again. In the meantime, we have put down a hefty deposit on a 2022 World cruise, in the hopes that things may be back to “normal” by that time.
  5. I am impressed. Those are beautiful and creative. I usually just bake my “famous” zucchini bread for Holiday occasions.
  6. I definitely agree with you. There is a big difference when cruising on Cunard as compared to many other cruise lines. It brings us back time and time again.
  7. Hi Host Kat, I followed your link and did find what you said was there. However, you now have to plow through all three ships reviews and there is no mention of cabin categories, i.e. BE Balcony cabin. Before, there was specific categories that you could click on and read the review. Why have they changed this? It used to be very helpful.
  8. I have always been able to find cabin reviews for Queen Victoria on Cruise Critic. As an example, if I wanted to see reviews for category BE, I would just click on BE reviews, and they would appear. Now, I get a message that the Page is not Found. Does anyone know why this is happening?
  9. We are wary of Phase 3 in South Florida. Our numbers have improved a little, but now that bars and restaurants, gyms, etc. are opened at 100% capacity, I am afraid that numbers of cases will start to rise again. My husband is facing Hip replacement surgery in two weeks, so we are especially as careful as we can be. I am hoping for a vaccine sooner rather than later. Of course, we will not get vaccinated until our doctor feels that it is safe to do so.
  10. We have been lucky enough in the past to be able to get off the QE and the QV in Southampton and step right onto the QM to sail back home. That was in 2018 and 2019. We are also booked on the QV World Cruise, but will have to fly home from Southampton. No “ferry across the Pond” in 2022.
  11. We are afraid to dine inside or out at this time. Five more people in our community, who have been out and about have just contracted COVID-19. I think that we will continue to be cautious and stay at home.
  12. Today, a Yellow Fever Vaccination is required in order to cruise to regions that have Yellow Fever mosquito infections. I am wondering in the future, if a COVID-19 vaccination should be a requirement to board any cruise ship for any length of time? I am interested in fellow cruiser’s opinions.
  13. We have been on over 160 cruises; on most cruise lines. I started cruising in the 1960’s on Greek Line’s Queen Anna Maria, long since out of service. However, the Cunard Cough has been a unique experience for me. It has been consistently present on all of the Cunard cruise ships that we have sailed on. Sometimes we are lucky, and do not catch it, but more usually we do. Yes, we have heard occasional coughing on other ships, but not anywhere near the amount of coughing that is present on Cunard.
  14. From my recollection, passenger’s who are disembarking in an overnight port are asked to leave the ship on Day 1 so that new passenger’s are able to occupy the cabin early the next day.
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