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  1. You won't get a full refund. If you read carefully both their new cancellation terms and your booking contract, you will only get FCC for the amount of your cancellation fees. So if you wait until after it drops to 50%, you will get 50% cash and 50% in FCC. If you wait until they cancel, they will give you FCC. That's how I read it, anyway. Hopefully I'm wrong.
  2. Ours was May 28 and we paid our balance in Feb also, but check your booking document, ours said if we cancel by today April 1 we get everything back in cash except our cancellation fee which as of today was just $200.
  3. So they are supposed to give you your money back and some FCC? Not all FCC and no money back? That is good to know. The cruise we are supposed to take in May is not offered in 2021, so that's a bummer.
  4. The way I read the offers, it is for people who cancel their cruises. Not if the cruise was cancelled by Princess? Also the advisory sets out differences between deposits and full payments. My inquiry is if full payment was made, we don't cancel, but the ship doesn't sail. What happened to those who had bookings on the cruises that were cancelled by Princess?
  5. I am confused by the word "refund." Are you all using it interchangeably for FCC? I understood if we cancel, we get FCC not refund. What about the cruises that Princess cancelled, not you? If Princess cancels, do they just issue FCC for the cruise and refund the extras? Or do you get your whole cruise payment refunded? I realize there is a difference if we cancel. I'm asking about what happens if Princess cancels. I have an upcoming cruise I haven't cancelled yet (May) but I doubt it will go. If we don't cancel, but they do, do we just get FCC or the cruise itself refunded? I actually just paid the credit card bill for it since the full payment was due in February and the credit card bill just came due, so it really hurts!
  6. Exactly. And excursions happening assuming tourist places are open. We have a May 28 cruise to British Isles with non-princess booked air to London May 24 and excursions to castles and other popular places (Guinness Storehouse). England has already announced the Beatles Private Homes tours are cancelled till June 30th. The question is, even if Princess is cruising May 28, will we be able to fly to London (travel restrictions)? Will the flight be cancelled or moved? (Our flight from Fort Lauderdale to JFK in April has been changed three times and will probably be cancelled). Will we be able to see any of our planned sites? Windsor Castle, Edinburgh Castle and most others are closed “until further notice”. I’ve been playing the waiting game since we have non-refundable hotel reservations and I read my travel insurance which does not cover pandemics so we may be out the air fare too. I think we would be in a better position to cancel the air, hotel and excursions if the cruise cancels, but even if it doesn’t, I don’t want to take the cruise if the whole point of the trip was to see the sites which may be closed.
  7. What was really upsetting is that just today I got my credit card bill that had the balance on it that I paid in February for our cruise. There's no point in not paying that, I still owe it to the credit card company. But knowing I was paying almost 7,000 for a cruise that is not happening did not make me happy.
  8. Just got notified that one of the places we were looking forward to seeing in England is not going to be open until June 30th, which is after we will be there. Another consideration, I guess, the purpose of the cruise is to get us from point A to point B, etc. If we can't see the sights when we get there, what's the point?
  9. We did not book air through Princess. Another reason that I think we should wait. If the cruise is cancelled, I would think our travel insurance (also purchased from an outside source) would cover our air fare if we can't get that refunded through the airline. In addition, the question of whether flights will still be flying to London in May is an open one. Will the US allow travel to foreign places? Will London be allowing Americans to come in? If the answer is no, the airlines will have to refund or extend a credit. We also have a non-refundable hotel booked in London for the three days prior to the cruise. I'm hopeful that they will be flexible and allow us to rebook for another time if we are unable to go in May.
  10. We're past final payment so the option is just cancel within 72 hours and only get an FCC. Thus the option for us is, cancel now and rebook in September? Cancel now and rebook for next year hoping that there will be a similar itinerary within 12 months? Or wait to see if the cruise still goes. If it does not go, I'm guessing, since they're cancelling it, they will either refund or give FCC.
  11. We are booked on a British Isles cruise leaving May 28, 2020, with airfare (not purchased through Princess) going to London May 24th. We have the option through Princess of cancelling now or waiting till 72 hours before sailing. Princess is suspending cruises until May 11(?) so theoretically our cruise may still sail. Who knows? The same itinerary is being offered in September 2020, but the timing is not as convenient for us due to other scheduled activities in our lives that would be impacted. The dilemma: Do we cancel now, and book the September cruise, which currently has open cabins in our category? Do we hang in there and wait, and if the May 28th cruise is cancelled by Princess, do we then hope that there is availability on the September cruise? If the May 28th cruise is not cancelled, because so many people on our Roll Call have cancelled, I wonder if there will be enough people that do still have reservations still sailing? Will Princess still sail if the ship is not full? Will people be willing to travel the end of May? Since our crystal ball is not working these days, we have no way of knowing what the world/virus will look like in two + months. We are willing to hang in there and wait and see, I don't see a down side to doing that, and if things are not better by the end of May, we could then see if there's availability on the September cruise. But should we just pull the plug now while there's cabins available on that cruise, even though that timing is not as ideal? If by some miracle the travel restrictions are lifted by May 24, do you think people will re-book this cruise? Do you think Princess would still sail if the ship isn't full? Obviously if they are still sailing but it looks like it's still not safe to travel, we wouldn't go. Is anyone except us and one other couple on our Roll Call not cancelling their upcoming cruises yet?
  12. Our cruise is scheduled for May 28th so I am hoping that we will still be able to go!!
  13. I didn't get an email either and our ship leaves May 28th for British Isles cruise. I feel neglected. I did get an email from Tours by Locals saying if we have to cancel due to coronavirus, we will get a refund. Oops never mind it went to my spam.
  14. Since we are going to be in Dublin on a Sunday, figured we could take in a Catholic Mass before doing any excursions. Does anyone have any recommendations for a Catholic Church in Dublin that we could attend Mass?
  15. We are staying in London and booked a car service from London to Southampton on the day of our cruise with Discover the South, they are picking us up at 9 am and taking us to Southampton via Windsor Castle. They do the same thing on the return side. They were reasonable, but we are sharing the cost with two other couples. You can post this on your Roll Call and see if anyone else is interested in doing that. https://www.discoverthesouth.co.uk/tours/1190-9387/windsor-castle.php
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