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  1. I had intended to do what I usually do in Florida and get to the docks about 10 AM. We got hung up at our hotel for a while and didn’t actually leave for the port until after 10. We got to the port at about 10;40 and got checked in pretty quickly and started moving through the building to the waiting area. As we arrived on the upper floor they were announcing that FTTP was boarding. We literally walked around the perimeter of the room and got in the line and right on the ship. I didn’t check the time right then but I am pretty sure it was before 11 o’clock. I heard other folks saying later that this had been an early embarkation for them though, that normally they don’t start boarding until noon. I guess it depends on when they dock and how fast the other folks get off the ship. I hope this helps.
  2. Thanks. I've always just gotten right on with fttf and I think I'm just going to go with that and show up early---otherwise what's the point of having it?
  3. Did they hold you to that or did you show up early? Did you have fttf?
  4. Has anyone sailed Carnival out of NOLA lately and, if so, has there been any change to the time boarding starts? I booked on the 3/31 sailing about 3 months ago and the earliest arrival time they offered was 12:30-1:00. I got FTTF but they still keep sending me things saying to be sure I stick to my scheduled time. I've never had this happen before after buying FTTF. I usually show up at 10:00 with FTTF and either get right on or wait in a designated area for a short time. Just wondering if anyone had recent experience with this. Thanks.
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