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  1. I usually do about 11-12 months out and couldn't imagine trying to stay calm for 2 years out...LOL. Get super antsy at 7 months.
  2. Same thing for the Tax free. I think the last port and taxes free saved almost $1000 I am still holding out for no port taxes, free air and shore excursions.... One can hope
  3. Personally, I would have taken those vouchers and ran....LOL Hell, getting almost anything free is a bonus for me. 🙂
  4. I do find that to be very true. We were pricing cabins for next May-Jun and all sail aways were sold out. But if you want a sail away, keep checking because I think they tend to become "un sold out"
  5. i went through the same thing. I had a huge spread sheet, adding in the free wifi, taking all 5 promo's vs 2, compared to sail away rate. If the delta of the difference was too great, just marked it off. What I ended up was for about $200 a person more, ($1800 9 People) total I took the rooms with free wifi and $50 per stop. Plus the free air. Right now the free air would cost me about $4000, so the extra $1800, more than saved me. That's even before including the $200 per cabin (x's 3) per port and the 250 minutes per room. So there is always that option as well. For me personally, I couldn't even drink what the gratuities would cost me. I had heard it was about 2-3 drinks per day. I just don't drink that much. There are people that probably costs NCL money...(you know who I am talking too... lol :))
  6. Exactly what I did for a trip of 9. Since NCL is arranging it, I took a look at the city (Chicago) and found all flights on that day to Miami...of the 9 or so, 3 leave at 600am, 615, and 645. Arrive at 930-1100... the rest all arrive after 5. After dividing up the cost of airline ourselves (2700 on a good day) the average price for all 9 people came out to about 125ish. They promise same flight, just not near seats, but for that savings its cool.
  7. That's what I was hoping, but they are all over the must have a 21 or over in each room. They were very specific in this, which made me wonder. If they will make extra cards no problem, that simplifies this entire thing. 🙂
  8. That's what I was thinking. Everyone would have a separate card on their room keys, but I know the wife and myself will be in one room, and she was the over 21 for the other room. The proper key/room/passenger is what needed to be swapped around.
  9. The title says it all, basically. We have 3 rooms, 9 people and need to basically re-distribute people. I know about the rules for over 21, however one of the room is 18, 19, 18, & 18. The only problem is the boarding cards. How to associate payment with the correct card and room? Is it possible to join a different credit card to a different room key after boarding? Or do they not really pay attention to who is in what room? Thanks for any insight.
  10. The only ones they have not had in a while is the no port taxes and prepaid gratuities. Those probably affect the bottom dollar price so I can see why they don't bring those into rotation, but the free or reduced air worked out for me this time. cheapest I could get the flights for 9 people was $2700, total increase in cruise price $900...Although have to do the gateway city,(ORD) but even with hotel and one way rental car, I am still ahead over 2k. The best sale I have had about two years ago, no taxes, port excursions and free wifi. Yeah, the last two no biggie, but I am a book with the cruise line kind of person, and the free wifi actually has a value to upgrade to the social package for a few bucks. It was the no port taxes that brought the price down to $699pp for a balcony.
  11. Bingo. This is the way I went. The bro and sis, with friend and girl friend in a four room, the other kids and my daughter in another balcony and for my effort...Me and the misses will take the room with 2. :)
  12. I stopped getting responses to the thread via email for some reason. Ended up grabbing a sale with free air and got three balconies to western Caribbean. The blood relations are paying 1/2 and the non-family members are going in full price. :) its like a grown up solution that works for everyone. @myjillian, here's to hoping for a little smooth, but this is gonna be the last time. next time they want to roll, it will be "ship name" and "date of sailing" hope to see you at port....LOL
  13. Call and ask. Worst they can do is say sorry, best they can do is match or OBC you. 🙂 Normally I would just say you are only out a little time, but the hold time can be about an hour...LOL.
  14. I wish could pull it forward, but gotta graduate first. They were late entries to school so they will almost be 19 by graduation. Graduation is the 26th at the earliest...
  15. It is more of the brother is bringing the 4 year long girlfriend, the step sister is bringing the 5 year boyfriend, and then the other daughter isn't close. plus they are already being tossed in an Inside... lol 🙂 If this 9th person really can't workout, she will just have to decide if she really wants to stay home or not. I am going to check out the Oceanview and maybe reach a compromise. No balcony, but a window. Which would make it 4 inside, 3 Oceanview and 1 balcony.
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