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  1. Just saw a post appear about 4 below this one. Got my answers
  2. Well dang, just posted almost a similar question. Good to see its possible, just need to call.
  3. Has any one received an extension to their cruise next certificates? I had 6, all of them are expiring June 2021, I am able to use two of them for a Feb 2021 cruise, and possible book another with another 2. Still leaves 2, is there any talk of getting another year on the expiration dates?
  4. I am not too worried right now, but would love a near empty ship and maybe a sweet upgrade to any newly emptied suites or Havens....LOL But on another note, I charged the cruise for 8, collected cash and then paid the card off. I was just thinking what a mess I would be in to have all the credit go back to the card and try to get them to cut me a check or personally have to come up with 8k to pay people back...
  5. Or for those of us, *me*, that sails on 31 May...LOL Wouldn't cancel because I managed to get the Free air, but would be a nice chip to play for maybe an upgrade or something. I have noticed the prices have been falling for balcony's on the cruise, not enough to make up for 7 peoples airfare, but dropping, which probably mean lots of vacancy's.
  6. The best "sales" if you want to call them that, is when they have the tax free (e.g. no port or govt taxes) that can easily knock off $1k to a cruise. The other sale that I am finding is actually a really good deal is the free reduced air. This one is 7 people, numbers 3 & 4, and 3 in the other room were $199, and the cheapest I have found so far is $300 each. The real savings is numbers 1 & 2, in both rooms were free. So that was like $1200 assuming I waited until last minute to buy flights.
  7. Not until May 31st. Looking at all flights out of Chicago to Miami, there are only three that would get us there on time. So I don't know if this is of concern, but there are 7 of us, so I could just see 4 direct and 3 routed to New York or something. Did you happen to know if Philly flies direct to Orlando? Although, Philly to NY or something would still have made more sense then Chicago.
  8. We just went into double digits. Someone had posted their free air took them from Chicago to New York then down to Ft Lauderdale. Looking at the sheet I didn't see any flight this bad. Any one have any truth to this?
  9. Don't be jealous...LOL (Air Force myself 21 years) This was on another board similar to this question and like you mentioned, would have to be balcony or higher... The question asked on NCL board was what would you regret if stuck on cruise ship. My answer was the option to purchase the Haven category. (largest room with large balcony)
  10. Well, I just threw down $50, for both rooms. Figure a total of $100, doesn't hurt and best case get a mini suite... And my room tossed down the $200, but knowing there is only one 4 person room, guess that makes it a looser...LOL Minimum's cause I am happy with the current selection, but still trying, cause why not? :)
  11. Just received mine for the Breakaway, and started going through all 183 pages, most pages are off topic and re-affirm no one wants to say what they bid to stop someone else from bidding more. I am hoping to get some answers. To answer yours, they could have had a cancellation, maybe a DOS when up or who really knows. Wow, and I think I just summed up the 183 pages...LOL
  12. So I usually book through my TA which is why I never have received one of these offers before, but this one coming up actually booked on the last cruise then carried it over. They are both balcony's, near the rear. Nothing great, 10th floor, so on. One room has 3 the other 4. I know what the NCL site says, I am looking for that practical, I did it and here's what happened type of help. The Mini-suite balcony upgrade starts at $25pp The Spa balcony upgrade starts at $75pp. The Spa Mini-suite balcony starts at $100pp. The Haven Forward facing penthouse at $500. Ok, no doubt, would jump on the Haven, with just me and the wife, but I hear like a balcony, once you go Haven, you never go less....LOL...So thats basically out for 4 people or 3 people. This cruise is the final family vacation before graduations, life's and such, so makes is a little complicated. I figure the Mini-suit at another $75-100 is a no brainier. However, I seem to have lost any previous posts talking about this stuff...lol...So... What are the odds of winning at the lowest bid? If one room wins and the other doesn't, do I have to take the upgrade? (I remember this one is yes, I think) Is the Spa balcony that much better than the mini-suite balcony? I am of course going to give it a go, no harm no fowl, only because of the number of people involved, the price goes up and the kids have already paid their portion, so the cost would be a gift from me, and for me...:) Thanks for any help, I need to go search again for those threads...I seem to think there was a FAQ on it somewhere.
  13. I think the OP was referring more to pre-pay vs paying at the end of the trip. As far as that goes, I prefer to prepay for everything from Gratuities to the Excursions. I know what it costs, get it out of the way and then usually leave with a zero balance. Helps in my planning for the trip, prepaying, for me is the only way to go.
  14. I have moved over to the multiple USB plug system like posted above. However, if you are just looking to use the outlets, Plain adapters work the best. Simple two plug to the rounded plug style. I bring two of those and a 6 port USB-C / USB hookup. That works for the watches, phones, cameras and just about everything else now.
  15. Thank you for that. Wasn't even thinking it would go from the shuttle to the ship...Makes sense, not sure why I didn't think about that. I will have the tags ready to go...Thank you again.
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