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  1. I've had daily gratuities included on most of my QM2 cruises in the last five years (in Britannia). Often drinks are on offer in the grills as well. Perhaps it varies with time of year. I usually book in late December and it seems to be included at that time of year.
  2. The phone person doesn't know anything about the web site repairs. They're probably not even in the same place.
  3. Cunard has been serving me the new personalizer for a couple of weeks.
  4. The options in that field in my personalizer are Passport Driving License Identity Document Passport There's a down-arrow (or inverted carat) at the right side of that box if I go to edit the information (like that shown in JanetWestYorks' screenshot). Looks like you need to make a call.
  5. The smell didn't hit me as hard this past December as it did in June.
  6. I haven't liked what Virgin shows as the cabin layout. There's a sofa that swings 90 degrees and converts to one of the two beds. It reminds me too much of the convertible sofa/bed in our room on Carnival.
  7. Usually the combined tour + airport transfer packages are more suited for evening flights, e.g. back to the UK or Europe. I haven't seen a tour + airport transfer that goes to LaGuardia since there aren't any transatlantic flights departing from LGA. The more common airport transfers depart fairly early and will take you directly to the airport. Airport transfers won't appear in the excursion listings posted prior to embarkation.
  8. The one HAL Alaska cruise I did went to the west of Vancouver Island in both directions. That cruise was closed-loop out of Seattle, though. The "Inside Passage " route actually refers more commonly to the route inside of the outer islands in southwest Alaska. Visiting ports such as Ketchikan, Juneau and Skagway is by definition an inside passage itinerary (I'm not aware of an Alaska itinerary that doesn't go that route). Some cruises might go east of Vancouver but I'm not aware which ones actually do.
  9. This is an odd one, but when we started onto the gangway in Red Hook in June I noticed that I could smell a distinctive smell that said "QM2" to me. I don't know if it's carpet cleaner, air conditioning or what, but it was familiar and not unpleasant.
  10. a. It's in their job description. b. Room service delivery is nominally one of the services covered by the daily gratuity/service charge. Tip if you desire but don't let anyone here guilt you into thinking it's an obligation.
  11. No, tell everyone that the Commodore Club is the place to be. That way it will be easier for us to get seats for late night jazz in the Chart Room!
  12. Meh. I'm run who runs everything through one credit card or another and pays it all off. Credit card debt is an issue when you carry a balance. The discipline is either in not using a credit card (as Ramsey insists) or just living below your means no matter whether you charge it or not (Underwatr's Rule).
  13. I can change the bed configuration in the US but I can't see what option is selected, just two radio buttons. I can also change the dinner seating and table size now. It persists in asking me about my insurance and emergency assistance company details. It still lacks my CWC information. It still tries to persuade me to park my car in the UK before my voyage.
  14. Actually, that's sort of a self-correcting problem. A person with a high credit rating is the sort of person who is unlikely to build up a huge debt. A person who is likely to run up a huge debt is unlikely to have a high credit rating, particularly if the debt gets out of hand.
  15. I consider the pre-voyage booklet to be overrated (but I always opt in).
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