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  1. Over Christmas we enjoyed after-dinner glasses of 20-year port with several of our tablemates. We really should have been buying bottles of it.
  2. St. Thomas is considering a law forbidding the sale of sunscreens containing oxybenzone or octinoxate. https://stthomassource.com/content/2019/05/21/senate-panel-votes-to-ban-toxic-chemicals-in-sunscreens/
  3. They're not bad for the price (relative to the other wines in the cellar) and at about 2x the corkage for anything you'd carry on not a bad deal. Usually I buy red wines with a street price about the same as the onboard price for the Cunard wines but I'm going to have too much OBC at Christmas so I might just buy the Cunard wines.
  4. I know that a rooms can be reserved for a gathering such as a Cruise Critic meet & greet, but typically the room is on Deck 2 near Connexions and does not normally have a bar. Isn't there a room just aft of the Commodore Club on the port side? That should accommodate 15-20.
  5. I was under the impression that such matters generally fell to the Entertainment Director.
  6. Not if it's due to illness or injury. I should have been more specific.
  7. Well, generally speaking it's whichever threshold you cross first. If your first voyage is 30 nights you'll skip Silver and go straight to Gold on your second voyage, having exceeded the nights threshold even though you haven't met the voyages threshold. If your first Voyage is a more reasonable 7 nights you'll be Silver on the second, and if the second one is only 4 nights you'll be Gold on the third even though you haven't reached 20 nights. If for some reason a voyage is cut short you'll only be credited for the nights you were actually aboard despite having paid for the longer voyage. I'll reach Diamond in January after my 14th voyage (Diamond status is 15 voyages or 150 nights).
  8. It's as if they want us to use alternate booking channels for which Cunard pays a commission.
  9. Aer Lingus is often among the lowest cost ways to cross by air, particularly on a one-way booking, and it's pleasant enough. We generally fly between Ireland and Philadelphia, which can either be a widebody or narrowbody (B757) plane (looks like its a 757 both ways currently). No complaints about the wide body but it's about as long a flight as I'd want to go in a narrow body plane - the amenities (inflight entertainment, USB charging) aren't what you might be used to flying across the Atlantic in 2019. I don't recall whether the narrow body had WiFi... See more info here: https://seatguru.com/ I'm more driven by cost and will accept the above as part of the bargain.
  10. I think you need to continue as though you're making a booking, select "change your room," then at each step of the selection process (stateroom type, fwd/mid/aft, deck, room number) you have to scroll to the bottom of the page and select "Next" or else the selections don't "take." Eventually you'll be taken to a deck plan of the chosen section of the chosen deck, showing the available rooms in the chosen category there (up to 10, I think).
  11. I think the OP's question is straightforward and not deserving of acrimony.
  12. Ooh, those are interesting terms. Sickness of an immediate family member of a traveling companion is a covered loss, even though your mother's husband is not defined as your immediate family member. Immediate Family Member means your Spouse or Domestic Partner and their children, including adopted children or step-children; legal guardians or wards; siblings or siblings-in-law; parents or parents-in-law; grandparents or grandchildren; aunts or uncles; nieces or nephews. Covered Loss means one of the following events that occur when you or an Immediate Family Member is insured under the policy and the event causes cancellation of the travel arrangements: • Accidental Bodily Injury, Loss of Life, or Sickness experienced by you, a Traveling Companion, or an Immediate Family Member of you or a Traveling Companion
  13. IMO if it's not in the booklet it's not a restriction in the policy. This is not to say that they cover events not listed, but a restriction such as that is material.
  14. Underwatr


    A case is within reason. No one will interfere.
  15. If you can manage eating at (after) 8:30 PM, I think the ship is set up to accommodate second seating a little better. The means your dinner will run to about 10 PM unless you are at a small table and don't carry on like our tables seem to. Pre-dinner drinks seem nicer after 6PM when everyone's dressed up. First seating dinner comes very close after lunch + tea, especially on an eastbound TA when they set the clocks ahead at noon. On most nights there is a second show that starts after second seating dinner (occasionally its at 7 and you'd go before your dinner). Having said that, we always eat first seating. DW can't stay up late enough for second seating.
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