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  1. For me, satellite speeds were very good eastbound and westbound. We had some WiFi issues in the room westbound but public spaces had no issues. Eastbound was fine in the room.
  2. We've gone via Staten Island both times we've had the transfer to EWR.
  3. Recorded soft jazz is played in many interior spaces. I didn't make a specific note of where it is and isn't played.
  4. If your intended dining companions are on the voyage prior, they just need to visit the Maitre d'. No codes or calls required. Yes, this does mean that the party boarding later may not be aware of the arrangement.
  5. Absolutely, although the full-refund window closed a bit in 2017, from until 90 days before sailing to 120 days before sailing. The final payment deadline has stayed at 90 days but apparently that's moving up also for 2021 sailings.
  6. I should clarify, they do ask for your flight info on the outbound transfer booking form but I've just left it uncompleted with no issues. Perhaps your travel agent can play what's known as CSR Roulette and try calling Cunard with appropriate flight numbers a couple more times. Maybe it's not really as firm a policy as you've been told and/or there's an override available. Fun, huh? 🙂
  7. No longer in Britannia, though.
  8. I've booked the Cunard transfer to EWR a couple of times. They don't ask such difficult questions going that way. You could take the PATH train to the WTC (except on weekends, I think) and cab from there but I wouldn't recommend it.
  9. It's simple - If you want the last-minute pricing, wait and book last-minute. Just be aware that your desired cabin category may not be available, or your desired deck/location might be full, or your desired ship and sailing may have sold well so prices may not drop close to embarkation. But if you'd be happy with a ship, itinerary, date, and stateroom that others haven't found exciting enough to snap up, wait and book the last-minute sales. Enjoy the last-minute airfare to the port. 🙂
  10. If you're traveling solo the shuttle should be a good value (we've only gone from the port to Newark, and the price has been ~$40 per person in advance and $50 if bought onboard, while a cab is $80-90 (perhaps plus tolls...).
  11. Two more romances and you'd have an episode of The Love Boat. ♥️🛳️
  12. Open flames! Oh, my stars!
  13. You might be trying too hard to rationalize a process/policy that probably boils down to "because we can" rather than "because we must." If it was driven by economic necessity you wouldn't see a different policy in different markets.
  14. It'll be interesting to watch even if we missed the filming.
  15. Ahem... June 28, 2019. This would have been the night of the Chef's Parade (although there was no overt "Chefs Parade Baked Alaska" or "Baked Alaska Chefs Parade" announcement linking the two).
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