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  1. I hope the announcement includes only the affected cruises and does not touch on others. It is too soon to lose hope for my August cruises, I want to hold onto that a bit longer.
  2. We just booked it for night 4 of a 6-night cruise on the Magic. On the first night we are too rushed after muster and sail away, and not ready to settle down to a quiet meal. Night two is formal night, and then we wanted one night in the MDR with the regular menu before the larger, longer specialty dining. I guess spacing out the “fancier” meals is what we want.
  3. Thank you! I am trying to avoid unpleasant surprises and your info really helps with that.
  4. I have an inexpensive cruise in August that will probably be cancelled. Can I transfer the total $569 to a new 11-night cruise that has a $900 deposit and have the $569 applied to the deposit, paying the difference with a credit card? Since the new cruise will be booked prior to August 1, it should fall under CWC rules, so my understanding is if it would need to be cancelled, the deposit would be refunded as a FCC. Is that correct? Also, the refundable deposit is $183, almost a wash if only $200 would be lost. If booked prior to August 1, is there any downside to the nonrefundable deposit?
  5. My phone will be in the safe. I also have reservations because of the number of times I have looked at the name of the food and then at the food, and can’t fathom why it was labeled by that name. It is interesting when it happens in person, but I wouldn’t be pleased to notice the disparity when it is on my plate.
  6. I was trying to decide what to do if/when my two August cruises are cancelled by Royal. The quick refund, although not guaranteed for the future, is giving me some options. I was considering moving the money to a cruise in December 2021 or March 2022, but I would rather have it back in the bank than tie it up this far in advance.
  7. I cancelled a July cruise on May 20 (after trying unsuccessfully to lift and switch), received complete refund on May 29. Surprised and pleased.
  8. We are going there in September - hopefully - as well as Half Moon Cay and Amber Cove, on the Magic, and it won’t be quite the same without him. We have had four cruises canceled already and two in August that we are almost expecting to be cancelled, but I feel like the Magic is going to be the magic cruise that actually sails!
  9. I am optimistic about cruising, but still sharing the news that, sadly, Topher died a few months ago 😢
  10. Was the May cruise (refunded in 12 days) booked with an online TA? I book directly with the cruise line 95% of the time, but had two booked through online agencies that I had to cancel. I received one refund in four days (cancelled on March 28), and the other (cancelled on May 13) in eight days. Both of those were deposits only, I wonder if that is the key to a quick refund?
  11. When it looked like suspensions were going to be in 30-day increments, I figured Port Canaveral and private islands would be first, so I booked mid-June. Then Carnival stated no over-70 letter, so I booked July. Carnival cancelled, so I booked Royal for July. Add on a couple of casino comped cruises, two Lifts and Switches. Repeat, repeat, repeat. At one time I had eleven booked, down to nine now, at least one a month through January. I keep making changes in response to cruiseline changes, and I know what my next moves will be at all times. It takes a detailed spreadsheet to keep track of it, but I enjoy it and I really didn’t have anything better to do. I can’t wait to see which cruise we will actually get to sail on!
  12. I believe Lift and Shift has to be to the same cabin category.
  13. I agree wholeheartedly. I am also booked on karena1’s August 3 cruise, and acknowledge that although there might be a slim shot at actually cruising, I enjoy feeling hopeful and optimistic about it. It is helping this not-so-enjoyable time of my life go by just a little more quickly. I am practical enough to have booked the same cruise in late September, while hoping that I sail in August so I can cancel September.
  14. I would go anyway. I don’t want to have to explain what will be done to make cruising safer, I prefer to tell them about it after the fact, when I can describe what was done.
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