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  1. We went to Publix in Collier County (two-hour drive) last Wednesday for our first shot. We are registered in Manatee County, where there is a list and names are drawn randomly. There are over 144,000 names on the list, so we considered Manatee to be our backup plan. So, only five days after receiving the Collier County shot, we were called by Manatee County this morning. Happy that two additional people got to be scheduled this week in our spots.
  2. I had the first Moderna shot Wednesday. Beginning four hours later, I was exhausted and had a very sore arm with pain in my elbow and wrist, plus badly aching legs. I woke up in the middle of the night with a painful shoulder and ear. By the next morning, it had all lessened by 50% and was gone by late afternoon, with the exception of the sore arm. My SO had only a mildly sore arm. We believe we both had light cases after we attended a concert at Busch Gardens last February, but were never tested for antibodies. This leaves me a bit concerned about the second shot. I have started a list
  3. Now I see why my 85-year-old SIL in NY was so excited to get an appointment for March 11. She is still hoping to escape the cold and visit us in Florida, but I think that is almost impossible. She is hoping to get a Johnson & Johnson one-shot vaccine to avoid the extra four-week wait.
  4. I have a June 2021 sailing on the Mariner that was lifted and shifted from June 2020. Up until this point in time, lift and shift is allowed only once per sailing. If June 2021 is also cancelled, do you think they will allow a second lift and shift? It would seem quite ugly to hold money from fully paid cruises for over a year and then offer only FCC or refund for an additional cancellation. I am certain they never expected the pause in cruising to last this long when they introduced the lift and shift option, but it now seems very likely.
  5. My sister (retired RN) told me she read that we should not take ibuprofen after the shot, but Tylenol is okay. I researched that and she had it wrong. What I read is to not take either before the shot, as they can make the vaccine less effective by blunting the body’s immune response. Afterwards is apparently okay. I had my first shot this morning and have a sore arm plus both legs, pain in my elbow and wrist, headache, and fatigue. I am going to forego the meds, just in case. It might be worth googling this question prior to taking the OTC meds.
  6. I completed the “patient information” form and saw a statement saying I had been successful. Immediately below that was an option to register another person. I clicked on it, was taken directly to the patient information form, and was able to get his appointment for twelve minutes after mine. I think it was helpful that I selected the last day (January 15 through 20 was available), thinking others would be trying for the earliest possible date.
  7. Trader Joe’s in Sarasota is still monitoring the number of people they allow into the store, but the number they allow in at one time is a lot higher than it was, I am guessing twice as high. We got our shots at Publix in Collier County this morning. My arm hurts, I am exhausted, and I have a splitting headache, but am still thrilled to have gotten it. We are still on the list to be called for an appointment in Manatee County. They had 3,000 doses yesterday and made random selections from the 133,500 people on the list 🙄. We were not selected. Edited to add:
  8. Same in Manatee. Three days ago they said there were over 85,000 on the list. I was able to get on the list within the first three minutes, but calls are made by a lottery system, so someone who got on the list yesterday could be called today, while we could be called absolutely last. I felt relief that somebody knew we were interested and we would be called eventually, but that warm fuzzy feeling didn’t last long.
  9. February 22 Brilliance for us. More memorable because it was free. We had booked a short cruise just a week in advance, less than a week after returning from another one. Received a call the next day that it was overbooked and accepted a refund for that one; the following sailing was comped. So glad we got that last cruise in before it was too late.
  10. Lee County switched from FCFS at some point after their overnight lines appeared on national television. They announced a new phone appointment system to begin at noon on Tuesday. On Wednesday, the local news station reported that they had received 35,000 phone calls per second. They said they had 1,000 call center employees and the appointments were taken in minutes. Other counties have reported overwhelming responses to phone and computer systems that cannot handle the load. Manatee County has a “standby pool” from which names are drawn in a lottery system when vaccine becomes available
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