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  1. Not very likely. While you'll probably get an upgrade in your category (like from 09C to 09A) that gets you a more desirable location on the ship, upgrades tend to stay within categories.
  2. I request a bucket of ice every evening. Then in the morning, I pour the melted ice water into a Hydroflask (or any insulated bottle) - then I have ice cold water to take to off the ship!
  3. Absolutely. No problem with sleeveless. It's more about the formality of the dress - is it a cotton sundress, or is it a more formal design and fabric?
  4. My Dad brought his cpap on the Navigator of the Seas two weeks ago. There was not an outlet by the bed - he just pulled the cord from the outlet in the vanity - a nice tripping hazard in the middle of the night for my mother, I'm told. I think the newer ships have more outlets.
  5. You consider Royal Caribbean ships - with flow riders, Quest games, waterslides, etc... to be refined environments? To keep this store analogy up, I think you're looking all over Target and expecting to find the Chloe handbag you've been eyeing. If you're yearning for a refined environment, try Crystal Cruises or a luxury line. But don't go into Target and spit on the employees because you can't find an item that you should be shopping for at Neiman Marcus.
  6. It also might depend on how you booked. I know if you book the staterooms one at a time, it will flag that stateroom with minors. And sometimes if you book through a third party, it usually won't let you book one room for the minors. But whatever the situation, if you call and talk to a rep, they should be able to override.
  7. You can book connecting - the best way to do that is to call. If they don't have any connecting staterooms together, you can always have them open up the balcony partition between adjacent staterooms so that you can walk between the two cabins via the balcony. You'll also want to call to book because typically you can't book two pax under 18 in a stateroom by themselves, but they can override if they understand that their parents are right next door. The other option is to book you in one room and your husband in the other, and then have them produce additional keys for you at guest services after you board.
  8. If you already have the $29/day specialty package and were considering that you would purchase 1-2 alcoholic beverages a day, the $50/day UBP is definitely worth it for you. A glass of wine runs around $12 - get two glasses of wine per day along with your specialty package, and you've already busted the $50/day mark. And consider this - if you get an alcoholic beverage you don't like on UBP - just toss it and get another!
  9. Two balconies, hands down. Your girls will love you for it. And you will love not having to share a bathroom with them. A junior suite is just a slightly larger than a regular balcony stateroom, and the only suite perk is getting double credits for C&A, which I would not consider worth the discomfort of a family with two teenagers all sharing a tiny space and one bathroom for a week! As far as the solarium, they don't actually ID people. It's more about behavior than age. I'm not telling you not to "break the rules", but I'd advise you not to advertise it on here if you do. CCers can be real sticklers.
  10. I wouldn't call Deck 3 a desirable deck, but if it's the only one with adjoining staterooms that you want, I'd say go with it. The issue with Deck 3 is that it's kind of a maze when it comes to the layout of interior staterooms, and you can't cross the ship on that deck - which I think is fine because personally I prefer to cross the ship on either the promenade level or the pool deck. The benefit is that you're close to the promenade level (deck 5). Downside is that you're really far from the buffet (hey, might not be a bad thing?!). Also note that because Deck 3 is so low, your ocean view might be kind of loud. Which I think is a nice thing because you can hear the waves - but depending on how much quiet you need to sleep, that's something to consider. We were on Deck 6 on the Navigator just last week, and with our balcony door shut, we could hear the ocean loud and clear.
  11. I stopped caring about what other people wear on formal nights years ago. I wear what I want, they wear what they want. Everyone should be happy, right?
  12. I would choose more time in Bermuda with the Norwegian Escape. Also, my sister did a NCL cruise from NYC to Bermuda on one of their smaller ships (might have been the Gem), spent 3 days in Bermuda, and she highly recommends. Also, note that even if pricing is similar, NCL usually includes a "choose 3 free" or something like that promotion in which you can get free specialty dining, drink package, tips included, etc. So look into that and see if it might be a better deal for your family.
  13. My suggestion would be to go to Guest Services and ask if it is playing, and if not, request it. Most of the cruise staff are actually not American, and are not necessarily familiar with how important football is to their American passengers. We were just sailing over Christmas, and another group of Clemson Tigers(!!) had requested to the cruise director that it be played on the big screen by the pool. They did play ESPN by the pool deck, but I had to go around asking several cruise staff - bartenders, security, etc. if they could get the audio playing. We watched the first nearly three quarters with no audio, which was pretty lame. But whether or not they are playing it on the big screen or in a public area, they have ESPN in the staterooms, so you can watch from there (where my father went when he needed audio).
  14. You pay for 7... but you can still go and get specialty coffees and water on the last morning before you disembark!
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