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  1. Such an interesting thread. We have had three Princess cruises booked for ages—WC on Sea Princess in June 2021, Transatlantic on Island in December 2021 and South American on Discovery in Jan 2022. I am very curious to see how the original bookings and itineraries change. I don’t much care—as long as I am on a cruise, the world will be good. I don’t imagine any bargains will be had to cancel and rebook. Looks like the WC got quite a few new bookings from those that had this year’s WC cut short. There are only a few cabins remaining. I DO wonder if beverage packages, specialty restaurants and excursions, etc will increase in price. If I can, I will book them now if I can. Can’t hurt.
  2. Before pot was legalized for recreational use, you just went to a doctor next to a pot dispensary and got a prescription for $100 after explaining your maladies for five minutes or so. I just had a vision of similar doc-shops outside the gates of embarkation ports. 😈😈 These are so easy to falsify. This is a very CYA move by cruise-lines. I can’t imagine these certificates will be verified or investigated, just filed. As for me, I will seal meds in a plastic bag and hide in my. . . Oh, never mind. 😱😥
  3. Yes. The definition and enforcement will be interesting. Diabetes? Cancer? But what if meds successfully manage it? I imagine it will be easy find a doctor—for a price—that will happily sign a medical certificate. If this is a CYA move, doubt if there will be much scrutiny beyond collection of paperwork.
  4. Loved street painting in Valpariso, any sailing from or to home under the Golden Gate Bridge, and we love a good formal night. 584E6A6F-C64A-4486-BD47-C5E59899861F.MOV
  5. We are supposed to be there right now. Sigh!
  6. We are booked on a free European Ultra in late August on the Legend. If they cancel the European season (a rumor on these boards) we may go for the Elite offer for same timeframe out of Miami if we can. Using CCL airlines so could just transfer, I guess. Like all of us, watching and waiting. And so need a cruise, having just cancelled our April cruise vacation. Still working and pretty fried. I need some anticipation-emotion in my life.
  7. Yes, we are on Legend for August 30 cruise from Barcelona to Venice. No longer on website but not cancelled. They are still taking my payments! But now I am holding off until June 21 final payment deadline. We will definitely go if the ship is sailing and we can fly to Barcelona .
  8. Samiam1, there may well be suits filed. . .but many will not prevail. And negligence by the cruise lines? I don’t see much outright negligence but situational issues because ships are floating petri dishes. Japan was responsible for the Diamond Princess quarantine, not Princess. As the situation has evolved, cruise lines’ protocols improved. CCL took a hit for Contra Costa, with more deaths than from COVID-19 so far. With all cruising now paused, deaths of cruise passengers should taper off. I agree—this might be a long haul recovery. The virus is in the driver’s seat. In 1917-18, the flu had three waves lasting 15 months. A vaccine and the development of herd immunity will make a huge difference. I am biased. I love cruising so much i want my personal good will to make it survive. But that’s just the self-isolation talking. I wish I were on a cruise ship!
  9. A constituent asked about cruise refund wait times on our regular town hall call with Rep Speier (D-CA) earlier this week. She was remarkably knowledgeable about the cruise industry and stated that, given they were flagged in other countries, she did not see the industry as a priority for governmental financial support (e.g.Bailout) Of course, lobbyists are working as we speak. And I haven’t yet seen if their fate is detailed one way or the other in the relief bill slated to be voted in the House today. Having said that, I believe our capacity for amnesia and penchant for fun along with a pent-up demand for escape will re-build the industry. I believe the deep-pocketed capital invested in ships and operations will be patient. And I am buying 300 more shares of CCL this morning!
  10. Bay area resident here. Thanks for all the information. Looks like the roll call for the GP voyage that is docking in Oakland is no longer on the Roll Calls? Passengers were using it to talk to one another. Following facts and medical experts and reading histories/patterns of previous pandemics (Smithsonian Mag did a stunning article about the Spanish flu in 2017). Yes, pandemics can change history. Hard-wired human optimism is pushing up against the dispassionate and exponential math. The latitude we have as individuals—regardless of our ages or personal health issues— to choose whether we are going to sail anywhere in the next few weeks/months will continue to have its limits as ports close to ships and infections spread. 600K are on cruiseships at any given time. I can’t imagine the stress on cruise line leaders, passengers who sailed with infected people, those who have been diagnosed, their families and health authorities. I want Princess and her sister cruise lines to survive economically—but changes will be coming. Tourism, in general, will suffer and take years to recover. We have a South Seas cruise scheduled in mid-April and are prepared to have it cancelled. Though we are not cancelling yet due to the economics of the when/why/who cancels timing. All we can do is invoke our humanity, be as kind and civilized as possible and wash our hands. And repeat.
  11. Carnival Corp is a house of brands, not a branded house. Each cruise line under the umbrella operates autonomously in myriad ways.
  12. Thanks, all for the info on the wine packages. Headed out on our first Oceania cruise in April. Think I will spend some time with the wine list in advance since I won’t be putting wine in my suitcase to Papeete! 8 years in California have not made us wine snobs but we do know what we like! catsandgoats, think you got a gentle schooling. I can’t imagine sneaking wine on board to save a few bucks or put one by the cruise line. Ugh. . .aN elegant cruise is not a high school prom.
  13. Yup, i always ask for extra anchovies. I have caesar salad every night. I have gotten as few as 2 and as many at 8.
  14. Our initial thinking is a medicare advantage plan from Kaiser in Washington State (returning there for major issues, if necessary—will run us around 200-250 per month). . Since we both take cancer meds, this is a must. And then supplemented by an annual travel policy as well as a membership in Med-Jet. Need to research which annual travel policy fits our needs. All on the to-do list.
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