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  1. I noticed the Quest arrives in Miami on Nov 26, 2021 following its TA from Portugal. Then she disappears for all of Dec. I was hoping for a Caribbean loop before she heads to South America. Does anyone know why the Quest is off the schedule for so long? The Pursuit and Journey are both showing during this time.
  2. With HAL and Princess nearly identical in service level, maybe the new leader can reinstall some differentiation. At present, they compete with each other, and IMHO, both are not quite on par with Celebrity. As someone alluded to, the HAL cruise director staff has been cut to the bone , there are very limited daytime activities, and the evening show is a light and video presentation. The bars are deserted after dinner, and you can’t even get an ice cream cone after 8pm. The upside for HAL is a great aft pool and decks, Tamarind (where available), and fewer chair hogs. When we want total relaxation HAL is the choice for us. I hope HAL can be reinvigorated.
  3. My bad... it’s the Aug 10th Reflection out of Amsterdam around the British Isles. Between canceling and rebooking I switched the ships around. I need some Vitamin Sea!
  4. People on the Aug 10 Equinox roll call are saying that Celebrity is refunding their onboard purchases without being requested to do so. While we hear Europe is opening to tourism, for most countries, it is within the Schenegen area plus the U.K. and a few other local countries.
  5. It’s hard for me to visualize an August start up. Most cruise lines are still in the process of repatriating crew. I am not a logistics expert, but it seems that getting the crew back to include a 14 day quarantine, adjusting contracts, training on new protocols, reenergizing supply chains, and making mandated CDC required changes will take several months.
  6. We are Select on Celebrity and 3* on Holland. We sailed on the Zuiderdam in January 2020 to the Caribbean. We had just moved and needed total relaxation. HAL was the obvious choice. However, we felt the dining room service and the entertainment have really declined. The HAL vibe is more classic and the Celebrity vibe is more contemporary. There is definitely more cabin storage on HAL. There are not as many chair hogs on HAL. We could always find a lounge chair by one of the pools Several folks have mentioned smoking on HAL. There was no smoking in the casino on the Zdam in January. This was a new and positive change. Yes, HAL “rolls up” early. You can’t even find any ice cream anywhere but room service after 8pm on HAL. The ships officers are more visible on Celebrity, but the HAL crew is more friendly and accommodative. We select based on price, timing, and itinerary. Each has its positives. After being stuck at home this spring and summer you can’t go wrong with either 😀
  7. Log into your account, find a cruise and begin the booking process. When it asks for your loyalty number on the reservation put it in AND then push the tiny “APPLY” button. If you do not push reply it will not show the discount.
  8. I did not receive the email but read about the sale here. I took a screen shot, did a dummy booking with the discount, and sent it off to my TA for our May 2021 booking. We received a $500 discount, but it cost us $150 OBC. It’s a win! I tried booking a Nov 2021 cruise and no discount showed up. I really wish they would post which cruises it’s applicable to.
  9. We were scheduled on the Equinox on Mar 14. We cancelled through or TA on Mar 9th. No contact from Celebrity or the TA since. We called Celebrity today to find out where our FCC is. The Celebrity agent was very nice and helpful. The story we received however, is hard to believe. We were told that our TA cancelled our cruise but did not specifically request a FCC so it was never processed. Now that we have called, our port fees and taxes will be refunded to our credit card and the FCC will be issued. The kicker is we are now at the end of the line and can expect to see the credits on May 14! If it has been 30 days and you haven’t seen your FCC or refund I recommend calling Celebrity.
  10. We had to provide a doctors statement and shot records on Ponant to Antarctica as well. It is required for all passengers regardless of age. As explained, to us you are a 2 day sail in treacherous waters from the nearest hospital with no coast guard, or military, or anyone else to rush to your aid if needed, This is a true safety mitigation. It is very different from sailing a loop in the Caribbean or Gulf of Mexico.
  11. How about one way corridors with arrows on the carpet in cabin areas. Delta Airlines is currently not assigning center seats. Maybe the cruise ships will leave every other cabin vacant in the beginning. Perhaps ordering drinks on a Princess like medallion doesn’t sound so silly anymore. The multiple hands on cruise cards has to go.
  12. With each passing month there is less opportunity to use a FCC issues due to COVID. We had a cruise cancelled on Mar 14 and have not received our FCC. We have a European cruise booked in Aug which most likely won’t sail either. Delta airlines just announced that their credits due to COVID can be used until Dec 2022. This is a much more reasonable date.
  13. It will be roughly a year until there is a viable vaccine in sufficient numbers to begin inoculating folks. Self distancing will be the norm until that time. I have tried, without success, to figure out how passengers could self distance on a Cruise ship. Maybe a 1/2 full ship with staggered dining, propositioned lounge and bar chairs, etc. But, then there are the elevators and narrow hallways. Pools would be off limits. Its hard to place a bar or dinner order with 6 ft between you and the server. How could this work? What would the “new cruise vibe” be like?
  14. We cancelled on Monday for our cruise which was supposed to sail today. We are also hoping for the extra 25% credit, but not holding our breath. The same cruise next Jan is double the price for the same cabin and perks. We have a British Isles cruise booked in Aug. We have considered applying our FCC to that. However, if we have to cancel that one too, what happens to the FCC money. Is it refundable?
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