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  1. We received luggage tags with our documents in a leather folder very close to our departure date. I wouldn’t worry if you don’t have any. The ship is so small and the service is so personalized that it is not an issue. Just make sure you have your name on the outside of the bag. We also print a sheet of paper with our name, ship, sail date, cabin number, and email/phone and place it inside the suitcase so it is visible when opened. Pre/post cruise coordination and information is not a Ponant strength. The service and crew on the ship are tops 😀
  2. Looking forward to hear what updates the Zuiderdam received in dry dock. Plz post pics!
  3. I finally gave up on Choice Air. I discovered Delta had reduced the price of Delta One round trip Orlando - Amsterdam (Nonstops) from $3800 to $2195 pp. I checked Choice Air and the Celebrity flight quotes which were both $2700. As others have pointed out, there appears to be a glitch with Choice Air. We were planning to go Comfort Plus, but the new Delta pricing was too good to pass up. Hope we arrive a bit more refreshed!
  4. I appreciate all the hints. I have gone to already booked, the flights tab, and the flight quotes tab. All are now about $15 more than booking directly with the airline. I will try to call Celebrity. Amsterdam must be a happening place in August!
  5. We are looking at Orlando to Amsterdam in August. Keep checking, but little change in price and minimal benefit with Choice Air on all classes of service.
  6. I was hoping choice air had better pricing. I keep checking the flight quotes and there is only an approximate $10 difference between booking direct with the carriers and choice air. Am I missing something?
  7. We have been following the Internet forums since we will be sailing in a few weeks. We have never an issue signing on and off with different devices. I was curious so I looked up the internet offering for our cruise. There is only one offer for one device. It clearly states it is for one device at a time, not just one device. Has HALs policy changed?
  8. We have been to HMC many times. It is a gorgeous spot in paradise. The “cabanas” are just behind rows and rows of lounge chairs. Not very private as they are wide open in front. Everyone has their own preferences. We prefer to dine in the Pinnacle Grill a few times, walk the beautiful white sand beach, and enjoy the sparkling water rather than rent a 3 sided wooden structure.
  9. 81Zoomie

    Open bar

    I will start by saying wine is subjective. We found the champagne to be quite good. We were not fans of the included Red and white wines. There were a few choices that were rotated throughout the cruise. The red wine was a big disappointment, especially for a French line. We sailed from Argentina, so we expected some great wines from Argentina as well. That was not the case. We ended up buying a bottle for dinner on several occasions. We loved our cruise and the Le Soleal. The cocktails were great! Our recommendation would be to sample the wine at lunch and then adjust if necessary at dinner.
  10. This new internet dilemma is interesting. WiFi is now free in most hotels. Many airlines are now rolling out free text and WhatsApp. The cruise ships appear to be moving in the other direction. We have always shared one plan on all cruise lines between the 2 of us by logging on and off. We don’t spend a lot of time online at sea, but like to check mail, download the paper, and send pics. Given the rather lackluster performance of HAL’s WiFi I wouldn’t pay more for it. We have TMobile and get free data and text ashore. The pic shows current Celebrity pricing for unlimited internet on a 7 day cruise.
  11. Caneletto used to be $10. On the older ships there is zero ambiance and the service is lackluster. Looks like the fee is now $20 pp which not worth it in my opinion. We will not be going even with the Mariner discount.
  12. Can anyone provide the Zuiderdam CO experience?
  13. if you travel frequently to the larger domestic airports CLEAR is the the way to go. It adds consistency to your travel schedule. Airports like BWI, Dulles, MCO, JFK, etc. can have long snaking security lines, especially in the summer and close to holidays. CLEAR gets you to the front of the line. You still require GE and should register with the participating airlines to insure precheck. We have CLEAR and GE and they have been well worth it on numerous occasions.
  14. The shower in the Vista and Neptune suites is very small with shower curtains, We gave up and showered in the bathtub on the older ships. Much more room.
  15. We received 7 as pictured below.
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