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  1. Thanks for this post and sharing the info you have. We are also boarding Sunday. Been watching the webcam and yes seas look rough. UGH. Good thing I don't get seasick !!! Knock on wood. I'm going to attempt some spin classes next week hope there is space. Enjoy the rest of your time !! Anthony
  2. Will be on Bliss soon. Anyone know how, where and when to sign up for special classes such as spin? Or do you just show up. thx Anthony
  3. Do you have the red filehub/router? Trying to find the correct one on Amazon Thx
  4. Thanks Jamie. Hitting Bliss next weekend (first NCL cruise). I ordered those patches can't wait. BTW how long do you leave them on? My issue is the same. Would love to go bar to bar but I think I'll get comfortable at one and then don't want to leave. Ugh what a dilemma, lol. Good luck !!
  5. On Bliss soon. I know they block out 2 hour windows for a dining reservation. In general how long on average would a party of two adults sit for dinner? We dont see ourselves rushing nor will we want to sit for two hours either. 60 to 90 mins maybe on average? Thanks
  6. We are headed out in two weeks. Have been looking forward to this for almost a year. I am going for sure unless they cancel on me. Maybe I'll try and be cautious where i go and what I do or if I even eat at the buffet will see. We can only do the best we can and can't control what happens around us. This entire illness is very very unfortunate and I do feel sad for many. And I will feel sorry for those people who will be gathering extra looks during the cruise. If I get sick and die I'm gonna be pissed. Life goes on.
  7. Thanks for sharing this and your recent trip report. Just under three weeks and counting for us.
  8. Thanks for all the replies. I never ask a question without searching first. Whatever terminology I was using was not being found hence the post. This is not the first time I have searched for an item without finding. Anthony
  9. Hi, Added an excursion to my cart but there was no way for me to add the excursion credit to it. Can someone explain how that works and how you apply the credit to a booking? Thx Anthony
  10. Anyone here can provide any specifics on this? Thanks Anthony
  11. Curious if they have servers that will come to your table wherever you are sitting in these venues? Or do you have to order at the bar. Thx Anthony
  12. Hi, First time on NCL. Do we (just 2 of us) have to make MDR reservation or do they save spots for walk ups in all 3? I'd prefer to wing it if they have open slots but if I need to make a reservation in case I will Thanks !! Anthony
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