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  1. Yes. I am not on this cruise but have friends that were supposed to be on it. I have seen Carnival canceling cruises, refunding money, and giving people the option to cancel during this hurricane. This particular cruise had the embarkation port and itinerary changed in the last 24hours before sailing without the option to cancel. After over 80 cruises, yes, I am aware that they don't have to treat you as you expect you should be treated. But they should at least try to treat everyone fairly equally.
  2. There should be an option to cancel. The cruise does not leave from the scheduled port nor travel to one of the scheduled ports. Carnival needs to step up on this one!
  3. We have gotten notice as we pulled into parking at Charleston that we were not going to Bermuda but to Cozumel instead!
  4. I supposedly qualified for the Ultra but have yet to get any invite or notification. I finally gave up on the idea and booked back to back on Holland offer from their casino. Really disappointed with Princess although we are sailing with them on Halloween.
  5. It is listed as a meta category upgrade.
  6. Totally agree. We were on an Ultra casino cruise on the Sunshine in April and found it to be very dirty. Not a fan of this ship.
  7. When????? I keep getting free cruise offers from Holland for November but want to kinda wait for info on the Princess Ultra. Maybe I should take the free one and not worry about Princess? Mixed emotions.....
  8. Have done this after sleeping on balcony when dh snoring got on my nerves!πŸ˜ƒ
  9. And I bet a lot of them have!πŸ˜ƒ
  10. The ones that we have really liked..the packing cubes, the blue night light, the velvety blanket, the journals. The ones not so much..backpacks, stationary,frames, and the future lanyards.
  11. Please don't take them to guest services or leave them on the ship. I want them to run out of them!
  12. You said you were not in a suite. Did you got to use the retreat sundeck? Just curious.....
  13. Thank y'all for the responses.
  14. Do the Retreat lounge guests have access to the Retreat?
  15. If each person in a cabin gets on offer our pvp will get the casino to "buy" one offer. My husband sold an offer back to the casino of 1/2 off rate for $375 in casino cash. We did not need but one cabin and had two 1/2 off offers. When we both get Ultra or Premier offers we both get the casino cash. We have never had a Hot Streak offer but I would check with pvp or casino about both getting something.
  16. Has anyone heard a date for the fall ultimate?
  17. Has anyone heard anything about a day for the fall cruise?
  18. We did these cars in Bonair. ...such fun!
  19. We have had large rooms that wrap around crew stairwells. The rooms are nice. Never had any noise problems. But the one we had was on the aft end and smelled like the east gate to hell...sewage. We always carry a smellies for the room so after a while it was tolerable. We prefer the front of the ship for this reason. Plus we like to feel the motion of the ship so forward fits us well. Good luck with your choice.
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