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  1. Do the Retreat lounge guests have access to the Retreat?
  2. If each person in a cabin gets on offer our pvp will get the casino to "buy" one offer. My husband sold an offer back to the casino of 1/2 off rate for $375 in casino cash. We did not need but one cabin and had two 1/2 off offers. When we both get Ultra or Premier offers we both get the casino cash. We have never had a Hot Streak offer but I would check with pvp or casino about both getting something.
  3. Has anyone heard a date for the fall ultimate?
  4. Has anyone heard anything about a day for the fall cruise?
  5. We did these cars in Bonair. ...such fun!
  6. We have had large rooms that wrap around crew stairwells. The rooms are nice. Never had any noise problems. But the one we had was on the aft end and smelled like the east gate to hell...sewage. We always carry a smellies for the room so after a while it was tolerable. We prefer the front of the ship for this reason. Plus we like to feel the motion of the ship so forward fits us well. Good luck with your choice.
  7. Be sure to call the Ocean Players club and make sure the owners name is on their list for a legitimate seat. I would hate for you to pay for a counterfeit.
  8. Received call the night before our last cruise. Free upgrade from interior to oceanview. We have received upsell offers via email. Upgrades have always come through phone calls.
  9. I personally would like to see Michael's club stay as is instead of being included in the refit. Just a personal preference.
  10. We are cruising this month on Holland from an offer that we received. We have not sailed Holland in years. Kinda looking forward to seeing any changes since last time. I think this offer is probably associated with Carnival or Princess since they are all Global group.
  11. Too funny! This pen crap has got to be the cheapest thing I have heard in a long time. Who thinks these cheap moves up? I'm sure they are being paid well to try to get people believe their "environmental BS".
  12. Of course the only real football is SEC Football.
  13. By "football" I hope you are talking about soccer or else you might be out of luck!😀
  14. We finally had a muster drill at 1130! It was a weird day (and night). We were ready to have a good time and the casino was not open, no bands playing,.....nothing. It was like the streets of the ship were rolled up. So we went to bed. Yes we did stay in Cozumel overnight which was strange too. But again....we did have a good cruise. As a matter of fact, we have never had a bad one!
  15. Tapi thanks for the review. Thanks also for the updates to those of us that were waiting to board after you. We also had a nice cruise. We had a great cruise after my dh won the free cruise in the casino the last night. We will be sailing on the Breeze in October thanks to the Fantasy.....Susan
  16. 2shoes2go....have you already done your turn around embarkation? Have they started the next cruise embarkation yet?
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