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  1. I never take the victim role in life........
  2. I did it yesterday and the deposit stays $1 for each of us?
  3. I agree with your point and there does seems to be a spirit of entitlement running though the OP's posts. I believe the OP is not open to any suggestions from anyone because every time one is made there is a "yes but!" Really do not believe their story anyway because we have had many cruises with Princess and always found them to be helpful and accommodating to their guests.
  4. Be a good example and you start it!!!
  5. We would not miss those Princess cloth tote bags.....we always throw them away and I am sure they could save so money getting rid of those too....
  6. I agree that Princess is not a premium line even though most Princess passengers probably think it is (just like they think the demographics are not an old crowd compared to other lines)....to me it is a basic Ford or Chevy!!! When staying in a full suite it can approach a Mercedes......
  7. I am sure there are plenty of lawyers that would happy to take the case and it would not be even a stretch to have it be class action. Princess is clearly misrepresenting what you are paying for. Are you Princess corporate??
  8. This is what we do to and there is never a problem.....I like to stay in charge of all of my travel bookings and one of the reasons I do not want a TA or need one....it just adds another level that can make solving issues more difficult.
  9. But they did do it on the Royal class ships!!!
  10. Nice response and I applaud the OP for making the effort to locate the owner instead of doing nothing.....we do not know exactly when they found it and it could have possibly happened at disembarking (who knows?)....Obviously because of some of the negative posts this should be called Perfect Critic instead of Cruise Critic!
  11. Oh really?.....there was a lot of complaining on CC when the Royal Class ships first came out and there was no center stair well for passenger use.....WALLAH!! Passenger center stairwells have made an appearance on Royal class ships now!!!
  12. We are now pricing other cruises lines after solely sticking with Princess for many many years.....if other cruise lines offer a better cabin and itinerary experience then we are going with them which would never even have entered our minds in the past.....Princess is making all kinds of cutbacks and it is helping us to upgrade with other lines...there is a reason they did not rate in any of the top cruise line travel polls published this year.....Princess - please...please....please...can I have some more butter!! 🙂
  13. Another assumption about how people are....many people in the world do not believe this way.
  14. Well.....at least people are not talking about the missing barrel chairs anymore.... 🙂
  15. We like to do a variety of immersion vacations where we spend a month or more in different countries. The thing that I noticed about cruising is that many people are not really interested in other cultures. They take their culture along in the ship, get off to say they have been there and done that and then go right back to their culture in the bubble of a cruise ship. I would not expect much compassion on CC about how other cultures might feel slighted by being portrayed in an inappropriate way by crew or others....it just comes as part of the territory of cruising Princess....IMHO....
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