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  1. United announced today that they are adding 25,000 flights into their schedule for the month of August. Other airlines are following suit as they experience an uptick in air travel as passengers are slowly returning. Evidently their safety campaigns are working to entice people to travel by air again.
  2. Well, if you are American we can't go to Europe anyway because we are banned so it is a mute point. I doubt the Europeans will have a problem following these guidelines but many Americans will just say they cannot do them for whatever reason....and then not do them!
  3. Totally agree.......our travel options are being limited for us too as many other nations do not want or are not allowing Americans to visit because of our poor handling of the COVID-19 and our inability to cause a major decline in cases. Who can blame them and it should be an eye opener to us of how we are being viewed around the world now. We knew what to do as a nation but because it seems we are not united we have not been able to pull it off so far. Also, there is the new worry that if there is ever a vaccine developed only 50% of American have said they would get the vaccine. Cruising is probably going to be very difficult to bring back as long as the virus is as active as it is in the US. They can try to do testing of passengers but the logistics seem very challenging if not impossible and if there is an outbreak of COVID-19 on a ship because testing cannot exclude all people who may have been exposed to the virus or have no symptoms at time of boarding then the ships will be back to square one. Having to quarantine the guests and find a port that will allow the ship to dock and put everyone in quarantine until they can be tested for COVID-19 just seems to be too much of a risk for cruise lines. That scenario and if an outbreak would happen on several Princess ships, for example at the same time, then they would really have a scrambled schedule. I just seems too big a hill to climb at this time. I hope the prediction that was made yesterday that we could possibly be experiencing 100,000 cases a day later in the year does not come true or things will really get tough for the travel businesses.
  4. Different airlines are doing different things but basically it appears at this time you will be banned from flying that airline while the face mask requirement is in place for that airline. But the one certain thing I have learned after flying several million miles is that you NEVER EVER want to get into an argument with a crew member or disobey a crew member directive on an airline. I have seen too many times where that happened and when the plane landed there were local authorities waiting at the gate and the offender was escorted off the plane by them sometimes in handcuffs. Most importantly, when you are on an airplane you are under Federal law which carries significantly more severe penalties.
  5. They are are being told to deplane if it is before flight and they also are either putting that traveler on a "no fly list" for an unannounced extended period of time or they are "banning them from flying" their airline all together. So the passenger will have a choice. If they wanted too, I guess they could also bring Federal charges for refusing to follow the directions of the flight crew and/or threatening the safe operation of the flight. Moral of the story.......Do not mess with FA's or the flight crew because they are the law on a plane in the US!
  6. You are allowed to remove the masks for drinking or eating if allowed but then mask must go right back on. Current research in regards to flying show that that your risk within a confined space like an airplane comes down to three factors: the duration of the exposure, your proximity to the source of the exposure (usually the row in front of you and in back of you which is 6 feet) and how infectious that source is. While there's no way to eliminate that risk, there are steps you can take to reduce your chance of picking up an illness on board an airplane like COVID-19. These parameters are greatly increased on a cruise because the duration is usually longer and there is much more movement of people on a cruise so greater chance of contact.
  7. We both know the COVID - 19 Deniers put a ridiculous spin on what is happening in the US with COVID-19 and especially in regards to cruising. The results of their theories do not hold up against the reality of what is happening in the majority of states. Reminds me of what my grandmother use to tell me which was "A man convicted against his will is of the same opinion still" or "It is easier to fool a man than to convince him he has been fooled." We know who the fools are!!
  8. I did not know we had Russian bots on CC?
  9. You are so correct.....the attitude here is that it is everyone for themselves and any ridiculous belief about COVID-19 goes. COVID-19 Deniers are even at the highest level of the government and promote some real insane theories. All you have to do is look at the states where the cases are really surging to see if those theories hold up. They do not! It is basically the local governments and corporations, like the airlines, that are taking charge and requiring safe guidelines be followed. Until COVID-19 is controllable, treatable or preventable cruise lines will be going no where in the US. There is a big difference from being on a plane for 2 hours with everyone now required to wear a mask or they are banned from flying then on a 7 day cruise where everyone will probably do their own thing because cruise lines are notoriously lax in onboard enforcement of rules. Plus, where are the cruise ships going to go with most EU countries and others too not wanting American tourists because of their flippant attitudes toward COVID-19 and lack of success at controlling it.
  10. This is for all travelers to Hawaii not just people who fly. Hawaii has a 14 day quarantine in placed and enforced and if you want to avoid the quarantine you need a record of a specific COVID-19 test that is negative 72 hours prior to arrival. You can bet that cruise passengers will not be disembarking in Hawaii as long as these travel restrictions are in place by the state of Hawaii. As things stand today it would be nearly impossible for cruisers to meet them.
  11. For Hawaii the test has to be completed within 72 hours before arrival. However, most travelers will be from West Coast and Asia (Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, etc.) and testing should not be a problem. Also, Hawaii is working out testing logistics with CVS for a testing and certification travel program. If not, you will still do a monitored 14 day quarantine or until you have proof of a current COVID-19 negative test upon arrival.
  12. Agree.....it may not be realistic but that is what they are thinking of doing and I hear that is it getting harder to get tested because of a shortage of materials that go into testing kits.
  13. In 1918-1919 the Spanish flu infected 1/3 of the world"s population (500,000,000) and killed an estimated 20,000,000 to 50,000,000 people. Commercial air service was just in its infancy so it spread pretty far and pretty fast over 100 years ago.
  14. Hawaii is looking at 2 COVID-19 tests for all arrivals. One within 72 hours before you leave and then one when you arrive. Then you are quarantined in a specific hotel/s for 6 days and if negative after then you could be free to travel to your place of lodging and then around the state. This would be in place of the 14 day quarantine they have now. They also are looking at a scenario where you would be tested 72 hours prior to arrival and/or when you arrive. Tests must be negative or 14 day quarantine if stay in state. Also, they are talking about having people wear tracing bracelet who are in quarantine. The penalty for breaking quarantine is up to a $5,000 USD fine and possibly a year in jail. Fines have already been imposed on a number of tourists who broke quarantine already.
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