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  1. I received an email from RCL showing great deals for my upcoming cruise. One of the deals shows the Unlimited Dining Package at 55% off, but when I try to buy it, the price shows $154 per person, $308 total. Does that seem right that at 55% off, it would be that much. I think I looked at this package for previous cruises and it was the same price as they show is the sale price.
  2. I'm glad you were able to get it. It probably disappeared when I was looking at it. You're obligated to throw a party on that big balcony now. We had 46 people on it one time, and still had room to move around.
  3. Well, after all that, I decided to keep our hump cabin on deck 6. We got an amazing price when we booked with TA perks, which we would have gotten a better price if we changed cabins, but would lose the TA perks. Also, the convenience of the hump beats walking the Green Mile to the back of the ship. If any aft enthusiasts are interested, 7408 and 9704 are available on Liberty of the Seas 9/6 sailing.
  4. Thank you all for the replies. We don't have a problem paying the 3rd person rate as it is not that much. And that would be fair to Royal, I guess. I was concerned how the whole "no-show" would work. There are still plenty of 2 person balconies, so I don't think they would open a 3 person for 2 people, even if it is a more desirable location.
  5. Has anyone ever used a fictitious 3rd person on your booking to get the cabin you wanted? If so, did you cancel that person prior to the cruise or just show up and check in without the "person"? Insurance IS NOT involved, so there won't be any insurance fraud, but wondering how the 3rd person not showing up would affect gratuities, etc. Also, before anyone starts flaming me for even asking such a question, Royal is the one that changed their policy to only allowing certain number of passengers in the most sought after cabins.
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