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  1. I was given a glass of Port without asking for it when I had cheese in The Club, but not offered it in the MDR.
  2. I agree with Mrs Miggins. We haven't sailed on Oceania but can make comparisons with Azamara. We’ve also not been on any of the true luxury lines like Regent or Seabourn. Way over our budget. SOD compares very favourably with Azamara in terms of cabins (especially bathrooms), public rooms, library, craft and card rooms and general space. Plus I loved the aft terraces. The entertainment was mostly a bit better too, partly due to having a proper theatre, not just a show lounge. The White Night on Azamara is wonderful though. There were no similar ‘parties’ on SOD that I was aware of although we had cold North Sea crossings when we could have been outdoors more had the weather been better. However, the food was much less varied (geared to British rather than International tastes). I don’t think they’re appealing to the Baby Boomers who have to be their future market. We also missed the International feel in the crew but service levels were similar. We don’t want to stick to sailing from the UK at present and will watch out to see if they start fly cruises once SOA is established.
  3. This is very interesting. When we booked Quest for Dubai-Athens for next spring our TA said we would have to obtain our own visas nearer the time.
  4. Following along Norris and really enjoying the review. I too was born in 1952 and lived in London in the 70s. I’m so glad you still loved London after so long away. She is a beautiful city, albeit very changed in recent years. We've just finished a Norway Fjord cruise on the new Saga ship and I wrote a Live From blog during it. I’m looking forward to reading about your trip to that stunning country.
  5. Very interesting Sweep. We weren’t concerned about sharing so didn’t ask not to do so. It was the experience of the lady travelling alone who has posted extensively about this that made me notice it all. Yes, there were two tops pushed together in the Grill but with so little space between tables it would have been even more so if they were separated. Our cruise had 951 passengers, the most on any Saga cruise in history.
  6. But two tops are few and far between in The Grill. 😏
  7. I have a copy of ‘Today’ from Wednesday in front of me. The Grill times are :- Early Risers’ Coffee. 7.00-7.30 am Breakfast 7.30-10.00 am Lunch Noon-2.00 pm Afternoon Tea 4.00-4.45 pm Dinner 6.30-9.00 pm. In addition, The Verandah & The Lido Noon-3.00 pm (weather permitting). I can only think that snacks during the day refers to afternoon tea. As far as I’m aware it is not open outside of these times. In fact the breakfast food was cleared promptly at 9.30 on port days and 10.00 on sea days.
  8. Thank you. Yes, I’ve now read your review. 😀. Maybe we’ll try Fred one day.
  9. I’m really enjoying your posts, UKTog, thank you. Lottie, please excuse me thread butting but I wanted to ask you about Fred Olsen. Which ship were you on and did it feel crowded? The passenger space ratios are poor on all their ships, which is partly what has put me off them. Corinne
  10. I believe the problem that some experienced on our cruise was more in the buffet at breakfast and lunch, not at dinner. Seating for two is very restricted up there and as we were not given the opportunity to choose our own table, but placed by the Maitre D, eating without others was not possible. .
  11. MDR food much more British than we’re accustomed to. I cooked a chilli tonight, was missing strong flavours, other than in East to West.
  12. We sat next to a couple who said they cruise on Saga because once over 80 they couldn’t get travel insurance elsewhere. It was no problem on Saga and they didn’t ever have to pay an extra premium.
  13. Some of the brochures have sample menus from the Specialty restaurants which were pretty accurate as the menus don’t change. We only ate 3 dinners in MDR and on the last evening the choices were disappointing. Fried Cod, Roast Turkey or (tough) Veal in mushroom sauce. Unfortunately we missed the best MDR menus which seemed to be the nights we ate in the specials. Unlike on Azamara, you cannot see the menus on the tv in your cabin and decide whether to try for somewhere else that night.
  14. Hope you have a good day Chris. I still don’t believe you should have a forced wake up. You’re on holiday. If you wanted to choose to sleep in and miss the early finishing breakfast, that would be your own decision.
  15. Forgot to add how much we love the aft design of SOD. Having those terrace areas to sit, even when the wind caused by forward movement makes the Prom or Lido deck less comfortable. Also, if the sun is on the opposite side of the ship to your balcony, it’s a good alternative. Plus, in places like the fjords you get the perspective, seeing Port and Starboard views. On the subject of age. We were well aware that we would be cruising with people who were mostly older than us. Yes, there was a bit of ‘It’s not like Pearl and Sapphire’. But, the couple with whom we shared our transport were both 92. They were fantastic for their age. If Saga means I can still cruise well into my 80s, if I’m spared, I’ll be thrilled.
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