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  1. I've seen quite a few posts on here about the Ocean Cay stop being missed owing to conditions however it seems quite regular. Looking today Seaside should have visited but is showing current location as Nassau. Obviously safety is paramount so I understand the reasons but pretty gutting when you've looked forward to it since booking.
  2. Does the MSC Seaside have any areas near the pool decks for snacks such as Burgers , Pizza etc ?
  3. When travelling from the US to the Caribbean with MSC on a booking made in the UK what is included in the Premium Drinks package ? It seems to suggest a €10 limit but what is it when in the US as I believe the bar prices are in US $
  4. Thanks for all the advice much appreciated. I missed off my list Princess Cruises which we have been with once , on Carnival can you purchase sodas and water online before your cruise for your stateroom ? How much are the drink packages on Carnival ?
  5. A few questions if I may 1. Is the Horizon a good choice for a small family ? 2. What location or room type would you recommend for 3 people ? 3. Whilst I accept all the mainstream cruise lines are busy especially on sea days how does the Horizon fair in this respect ? 4. As a family who've never cruised Carnival before you hear a lot of horror stories about the line what's your experience ? 5. From Miami the month we wish to go their appears to be two sailings a 6 night which goes to Ocho Rios , Grand Cayman and Cozumel the other is an 8 night which goes to Aruba , Bonaire , Curacao being we haven't visited these what are your thoughts on the best ? Just for info we've cruised a few Royal Caribbean ships before and one Disney. All replies are greatly appreciated.
  6. Ok cool thanks for replying. Another question if I may. Upon reading the reviews on this ship there seems a lot of people saying they found the pool deck hard to find seating and the World Stage hard to get a place. Are these fair comments ?
  7. Not booked a HAL cruise yet but been looking , as a couple in our early 40's with a 13 year old would the Koningsdam be ok.
  8. Thinking specifically about the pool deck which ship have you experienced the worst crowding on and which ship the least crowding and more pleasant to catch the sun ? I'm meaning from the mainstream Cruise lines such as Royal Caribbean , NCL , MSC , Carnival , Celebrity and Princess.
  9. Is it easy to find seats if you dine their in the evening ?
  10. I've read lots of reports of people having to queue for the Horizon Court on this ship and lots complaining it's to small. What's your experiences ? And has it changed since the dry dock , I believe its now called something else but I'm not sure of the name. Does anyone have pics since the revamp or have a link to pictures ?
  11. I was watching some YouTube tours of the MS Koningsdam and really liked what I saw however I have a few questions in relation to Holland America and cruising Alaska with them. Do you ever see many kids on the later August cruises ? Our daughter has never liked the clubs onboard (feels she's to old lol) and at the time of travel will have become a teenager do you see many others at similar age on this cruise ? We really enjoy music especially live performances and like the look of some of the venues on this ship.
  12. Another question if I may ? Which cruise line offers the best selection of music on the Alaskan cruise ? We love music from all eras but especially enjoy live performers and different types of music. From my point of view the Koningsdam from Vancouver looks good however we have a nearly 13 yo who feels she's to old for onboard clubs lol and I'm not sure Holland America would be suited so opinions here would also be appreciated.
  13. Here's another looking forward to you updating us with any changes on the Emerald Princess.
  14. In the month of August are the outdoor attractions used on the Alaska cruise out of Seattle ? I'm meaning the likes of the water slides , pools , hot tubs and so on ?
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