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  1. True the reported cases may not represent the total number of infections. How many have died of strokes, heart failure, kidney failure, ect..., which are listed as reasons for death, when in fact if they had not had COVID 19 may still be alive?
  2. Indiana started vaccinating those that are 80 and over today. They have apparently finished up on frontline healthcare workers.
  3. Key West is one of my favorite spots. I started going down there way before the cruise ships started. I think the ambience was much better prior to the influx of cruise tourists. I will admit that I have enjoyed visiting it while on a cruise as well. The locals say they preferred it prior to the cruise port being build. They feel they did just as well prior to the cruise ship invasion. They are the ones living and dealing with the ships. I feel they should make the decision, not the Florida government.
  4. My question is where in the world are they getting enough staff to dispense all of these vaccines? As a retired nurse, one of the biggest challenges for nursing is having enough staff. Our state board of nursing has sent out a call for help to retired nurses, nurses from other states who are not even licensed in our state, nursing students, ect... I know CVS, and other entities are helping, but training uneducated staff takes time as well. Getting it to the states is one obstacle; getting it administered is another.
  5. This is not very detailed, but it is food for thought: What you need to know about vaccine passports (msn.com)
  6. So you think that with all of the deaths, and lockdowns that the laws won't be changed? That seems kind of short sighted.
  7. Be careful when traveling independently. I saw an article today about an 18 year old on spring brake in Grand Caymen who received 4 month prison sentence for ignoring the Covid mandates.
  8. If the cruise line decides to start requiring vaccines to cruise the USA would not have anything to do with enforcement. All of the lines are registered in foreign countries. They can decide on whatever they want. It would be a company decision that they can make.
  9. Has any of the NCL ships ever sailed out of Ft. Lauderdale?
  10. I agree with checking out HAL. The itineraries and food are good. The fact that they can keep the pools open due to their sliding dome covers is a real plus. They have a long history of cruising to Alaska. While in Glacier Bay National Park they take on a National Park Ranger to lecture on deck, answer questions, and point out sites of interest. Transfers are easy, as the line owns and operates its own hotel, rail cars and buses.
  11. T cells are only part of the story. The same has not been proven with antibody response. Without both parts of the immune system fighting Covid 19, you do not have the immunity needed. Only 5 percent have shown the appropriate antibody response to Covid. That is far from herd immunity.
  12. It does not have to be 100% effective. It just has to bring the spread down and reduce the severity to or below that of the seasonal flu strains. The seasonal flu does shut anything down, nor does it have the transmissibility or fatality rate of COVID-19.
  13. The same thing is happening to me. I even tried to book a cruise to see if it would recognize my Latitudes number and it did not. I even put in one of my past sailings to pull up the number on the New Registration screen and it said that I was, " Unrecognized by the System. "
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