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  1. Brillo, Thank you for clearing up any misunderstanding, and all is forgiven and good. 🙂 I didn't realize that I could turn Bluetooth back on, and yes, I will do so next time I put my iPhone in airplane mode. I guess I am lucky in one sense - normally, I do not need to adjust my hearing aids very often. So, when I didn't use the hearing aid app while on the cruise, it didn't make much difference, because I never actually needed to make adjustments. I am grateful that message boards like these exist. Not only have I just learned how to keep my hearing aid apps while cellular service isn't available (or viable), I also recently found, through a recent message board, how to enable and use wi-fi calling using my iPhone. Since I plan to buy Voom on our next cruise, I believe that wi-fi calling will be my new method of placing and receiving phone calls while at sea. 🙂
  2. Thanks for letting me know - I guess the only "lessons" that I received regarding the hearing aid app were when I first received my hearing aids, from the hearing aid specialist/technologist, several years ago. Live and learn, please don't make me feel bad just because I didn't know a fact about Bluetooth technology. 😞
  3. I didn't purchase Voom on our first cruise with Royal this past June/July, and I wore my Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids during most of my waking time. I had put my iPhone on airplane mode to try to access the free Royal app (the app didn't always work, btw) and when my iPhone is in airplane mode, the app for my Resound hearing aids does not work at all. I can change the setting from restaurant to all-around, and back, on my hearing aids by touching a small button on each aid, but everything else is on the app. I decided against taking my iPhone off airplane mode because I noticed that my carrier (Sprint) was starting to set up roaming while we were at sea. Oh no, I'd rather do without the use of my hearing aid app if I can avoid those roaming charges, lol. BTW, I probably needed hearing aids in my mid to late-thirties, but kept ignoring my husband's complaints until a physical needed for my new job brought my hard-of-hearing condition out from "under the rug." I think that I got them when I was about 43 or so; they make being hard-of-hearing bearable. I just wish that insurance companies would help more to pay for them. 😞
  4. Hello! I received my set of eBag packing cubes as a Christmas present from my daughter almost 2 years ago. I used them for the first time on a 5-day cruise this past March, then again on a 7-day cruise in June/July. I love ‘ em!! Somehow, I appreciated them more during the latter cruise ( probably because we needed more changes of clothes ) and I ended up ordering another set of eBag cubes for my husband during Amazon Prime Days. In fact, I was so excited about them that I convinced my son (a college student who seems to travel quite a bit for his studies) to order some cubes, although his were a different brand and included matching laundry and shoe bags. I think that my daughter probably gave me a set because she also travels quite a bit for her job, and realized their value. My other daughter has cubes as well. I guess the next step is packing cubes for my 3 grandchildren, lol.
  5. Ok, thanks. Our one cruise so far - with Royal - has been on the Liberty of the Seas. We are booked to sail on her again next January and I visited Cafe Promenade at least once daily, usually to get some hot tea, especially when the Windjammer was closed. We are excited about sailing on other Royal ships in the future, and I enjoy learning anything I can about them.
  6. What is a Park Cafe, as compared to a Cafe Promenade? Does it offer more variety of food or drinks? Also, what are Wecker sandwiches?
  7. Hello! We were on our first Royal cruise this past 4th of July week - we sailed on the Liberty, because Galveston is not too far from our home, only 3 1/2 hours or so ( not bad in Texan terms, lol.). Anyway, while husband was busy in the casino during the sea days, I made my way to the Solarium to relax in a hot tub and then read in one of the loungers. I remember seeing those table- top structures! The first time in the Solarium, I think they were empty. During the second and third visits, I noticed people seated next to me were eating small hoagie sandwiches, so I glanced back at those structures, and some one had set out trays containing a couple of different types of sandwiches, plus one or two type of dessert bars. We had already had lunch, so I didn’t try anything. I believe that there may also have been punch on my last visit. I have no idea if food was available at these stations on sail-away or port days. I do know that our ship was full that week, so maybe food is put out there when the crowds warrant it (Solarium was definitely full of people every time I was there.)
  8. For that first Royal cruise, I know that I booked, then cancelled and re-booked, our beverage packages and at least one shore excursion, because the prices went down due to an online sale. I guess I will be doing that from now on, although it looks like as long as husband remains prime, he won't need a package...he can head over to the casino for something to drink, and if it's closed, there's always the Windjammer (we liked the iced tea) and on the Liberty, there was also tea or punch at the Cafe Promenade. I like that the casino host on the Liberty gave husband a brochure explaining the tier system. He did earn a casino certificate for a free cruise on Carnival during one cruise, as well as free drinks while drinking in the casino on our last Carnival cruise, but we honestly have never found out what triggered him earning the certificate or free drinks. He doesn't know what level he is with them (their whole system is one big mystery to us...) We have been on 3 Norwegian cruises, enjoyed them as well, but their casino reward system is yet another mystery that was never explained to him.
  9. Hello, my husband and I are also RCCL newbies - we went on our first cruise with them during the week of July 4th. I don't gamble, but husband likes playing the tables in the casinos and he earned Prime on the very last night of our cruise. When we called (a few days after our cruise ended) to redeem the certificate earned for a free cruise (2400 points) we spoke with a very nice Casino Royale agent, Donna Hillderbrandt. She was kind enough to email us both a nice letter explaining exactly what husband had just earned, and what he will earn next April, when the comp cruises become available. Getting to your question, she also noted that Prime members receive a 30 % discount for the Unlimited Surf & Stream Wi-fi packages, which must be purchased onboard. Signature members get 1 device for free, Masters get 2 devices free, both are Unlimited Surf & Stream packages. I don't know much about the wi-fi packages in general, because we have always avoided using those during our previous cruises. So I can't help you with multiple-device packages, other than telling you that the email said Prime members receive the 30% discount, but no free devices. I hope this helps!
  10. Hello from Texas! My husband (who is the gambler) and I recently went on our first RCCL cruise out of Galveston, and we were thrilled because he earned enough casino points to receive the free cruise certificate (on the evening of our last night onboard!) Imagine our surprise when we called to book that cruise the following week, only to discover that we also earned another cruise because he made PRIME tier! We still are rather dumbstruck, and naturally enough, I turned to Cruise Critic for information and advice. My question today is: I have been reading over and over, again, on this thread, that in order to ensure that casino members receive the coveted offers from Casino Royale, we should check our settings to make sure that we are allowing emails from RCCL. My husband and I have both done this on the regular RCCL account, and we have been receiving normal RCCL emails offering their latest cruise sales, etc. Is this the proper place we should be checking our email settings, or is there another one (maybe from Casino Royale?) I have also entered spouse's Crown and Anchor # and last name in the casino's offering webpage, and it says that he has no offers (well, maybe the free cruise certificate was there for a day or two, but we redeemed it almost immediately.) Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks, and I have enjoyed reading through this thread, scouring it for any possible details to help us further understand the casino program and RCCL in general. I have to say this, also: we have paid for several Carnival and NCL cruises in the past. If this program is as good as we hope it is, RCCL may have just caused to no longer sail with the other two cruise lines. Sorry, Carnival was never as upfront as to how or when one earns the perks inside their casinos. Our RCCL host gave us their neat little brochure, and BOOM, hey, there it was (in plain English...)
  11. Thank you so much for posting the review and the photos! My husband and I - fellow Texans - will be sailing with Royal Caribbean for the first time on the Liberty of the Seas in 4 days! We are not new to cruising ( we have sailed several times with Carnival and 3 times with NCL) but it is exciting to try a new cruise line, as well as to see Cayman Island and Jamaica, two islands that we somehow have missed on previous cruises. Anyway, I am getting rather excited because of 1. Great reviews like yours, and 2. We will be boarding this ship in less than 96 hours! 😁
  12. I replied elsewhere a little while ago, but just read the questions above about the food. While on our March 11-16, 2019 cruise, we attended an afternoon tea in one of the main dining rooms. I normally go alone to the teas, but I convinced hubby to go with me because Carnival now offers a Veterans’ Table at these affairs ( or at least, Glory did.) Anyway, the food was much the same as the other Carnival teas that I have attended, but now, they no longer offer the premium teas for free. One can still drink a house brand of orange pekoe, with possibly a few other varieties. They will also sell you the premium tea bags for a nominal charge. Gone is my favorite, the Lipton Darjeeling, and I have never found it anywhere else than on a Carnival cruise. 😢 As I mentioned in the other post, we discovered the BBQ place above the buffet during our first meal onboard, and we enjoyed it so much that we ate almost every lunch there.
  13. I read through the cruiser’s review (May 19-26 ) and smiled to myself when I saw their cabin number and who their room steward was. My husband and I sailed on a a 5-day cruise on the Glory, from March 11-16 of this year, and we stayed in cabin #2216, with the same layout and beds, and the same room steward! Neither hubby or I had any problems with the beds - they were quite comfortable for us. This was our first time booking a room with porthole windows (we usually have at least 1 of our children with us) but our youngest is away at college, so I jumped at the chance to get a cabin with portholes! We both enjoyed the windows (same price as an inside cabin) and the room seemed to be spacious enough for us. Our ports of call were only Progreso and Cozumel, but we enjoyed the Mayan Ball game excursion in Cozumel very much. Our Progreso excursion was cancelled by Carnival due to insufficient sign-ups, so we just did some souvenir hunting downtown for a bit, then went back to the ship. We don’t remember our cruise director’s name, but we don’t think that it was Dustin. Whoever he was, he wasn’t afraid to sing, be crazy, and dance for all he was worth, especially during the last show in the big theater. One “rose” that we had on this ship was that we found a great place to eat, beginning with our first meal. I had read about the BBQ place on the Glory, and when we sailed, it was still a largely undiscovered venue. We ate lunch there ( not open for dinner, I think ) almost every day, and we honestly thought it was much better than the regular buffet, which is down one flight of stairs. However, by Friday, more and more people were showing up, so it wasn’t a secret anymore, lol. It was rather strange though, on that first day, only a few passengers and some ship officers were sitting up there enjoying the food ( and the solace!) We enjoyed the Glory, but hubby really wanted our next cruise to depart from Galveston (which it does not, of course.) At the time that I was looking at cruises, however, RCCL actually had a better price on one of their ships than on the Vista. So we booked with RCCL (for the first time!) and we sail in 5 days! Meanwhile, we have been receiving offers from Carnival to come sail with them again. The latest one is a fantastic casino rate for the July 1st Vista sailing, but of course, we had already booked another cruise for the same week. But...$99 per person for an inside cabin, plus port charges and taxes?! Wow, not bad for 7 days, even if 5 are sea days. Oh, well, now I can finally compare Carnival with RCCL.
  14. My family (husband is retired navy) was stationed in Jacksonville in the early 90's, and yes, I do recall thick, heavy fog in the "country" roads right outside of the city (we lived in Orange Park, a nearby suburb.) It would have been great to have had a cruise port in Jacksonville back then, but we did take our first cruise out of Port Canaveral (back in September 1993.) It was a 4-day cruise on the OLD Mardi Gras, Carnival's very first cruise ship. Small, but I thought it was a pretty ship, and hubby and I had the time of our lives!
  15. Our family sailed on the Elation in November 2012, so it was definitely before any recent make-overs. However, I kinda enjoyed hanging out in the Romeo and Juliet Lounge, and other venues, for trivia or watching other people sink karaoke songs. It wasn't the biggest, fanciest ship... and the itinerary was Cozumel (again!) and Progreso but but there was just something about the ship that I found charming. We almost scored a free cruise on the Elation (spouse and myself, anyway, not our son) a few years later when the Casino Club offered my husband a free cruise the morning we were disembarking from our Carnival Dream cruise. Alas, my husband suffered a heart attack about 2 1/2 weeks prior to the freebie cruise (he is fine now, thank heavens) so that second Elation cruise never happened. However, if Elation were sailing out of Galveston or New Orleans nowadays, I would definitely be tempted to sail on her again. BTW, our first Carnival cruise, way back in Sept. 1993, was on the OLD Mardi Gras. We even had the time of our lives on that ole ship, tiny by today's standards. Now Carnival has come full circle, with the recent announcement that the next mega-ship will be another Mardi Gras! Sailing in less than 2 months on the Carnival Glory, getting more excited every day!
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