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  1. This is a busy thread today, thanks everyone for all the information. @kazu tragic news about the firefighter. Appreciate all your photos of Tarragona, thank you. @1ANGELCATgood luck with your appointment tomorrow. @smitty34877sorry to learn of Tana's set back, best wishes for her improvement. Happy Birthday to @Seasick Sailorand @SusieKIslandGirl. Unsettled weather again today, some rain, a touch of blue among thegrey clouds, temperature 10 C. Stay safe, take care everyone.
  2. And away she goes, a silent departure.
  3. No camera operators to follow progress.
  4. Thanks for all the daily information. We have twice driven around Ireland, had an overnght stay at a hotel in Cork. Ireland is a beautiful country. @Seasick SailorHappy Birthday for tomorrow. @St. Louis Sal Congratulations on your "Mission Woman of the Year" award. Well deserved. @cunnorlsorry to hear of your DS diagnosis, best wishes for her treatment. @SusieKIslandGirlHappy Birthday for tomorrow. @aliaschiefthanks for the Panama photos, brings back good memories. Raining here today, temperature 12 C. Stay safe, take care everyone.
  5. The RSV (Respiratory Syncytial virus ) was active during the flu season. we both had it, we called it the coughing Olympics!!
  6. Thanks for deciding to write a "live" review. How long was the flight from Chicago to San Diego? Bon Voyage.
  7. The lack of crackers is very disappointing. Never thought we would have to pack crackers for a cruise.
  8. Thanks for all the Daily reports, photos and humour. For us, every day is cat day, she seems to become more demanding in her old age!! @St. Louis Salcondolences on the loss of your support group friend. Hope your friend who had the liver transplant is doing well. Best wishes to all with health problems. Yesterday was nation wide Super Saturday "vaxathon" day, PM hoping that 100,000 Pfizer vaccinations would be given, that target was exceeded so very pleasing. It's a partly cloudy day, temperature 20 C. Stay safe, take care everyone.
  9. Thank you for these links to Captain Albert's blog.
  10. Thanks for sll the Daily contributions, another port we have not visited, so appreciate seeing the photos. @ger_77 Welcome back, glad you had such a good visit with your family. @Quartzsite Cruiserthanks for reporting in during your journey, wishing you continuing safe travelling. @smitty34877 what a beautiful black cat. A pleasant sunny Saturday, Temperature 16 C. Have been busy in the garden today, now to go for a walk. Stay safe, take care everyone.
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