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  1. You are absolutely right, and people need to understand that RCL is only trying to compete with the luxury lines in order to keep the $$ rolling in, and to keep it cheaper for everyone else. What no one seems to realize is that there are a ton of us out there that would prefer the luxury lines, but they are not as child friendly. So, they created this "niche" for this particular demographic, and has been amazingly successful. The beautiful suites along with the personalized service with the genies has kept a whole subset of customers engaged that normally would have left to book other vacations. That has kept prices down for others. But, the "others" have to understand that they have not paid the premium that the SC has, and yes, SC pax deserve the perks because they have paid for them. As you said, the differential is significant, yet they have no clues as to what the SC is paying. RCCL should perhaps subtly put the word out that there are differences in classes, though I realize that this is a difficult concept for most. If anyone out there has some better ideas as to how to smooth things over and make things great, I'd love to hear them!
  2. Yes! Quest was the BEST with Graham Seymour. I participated with him, and participated and watched with others, and it's never been as fun.
  3. For the Suite guests, do they automatically supply them? Or do they have to purchase them as well?
  4. What's funny is that it IS supposed to be 90 days out, but the Nov 2 Symphony sailing is still not allowing any bookings- they are saying it's 60 days out for this one. I know I'm left scratching my head.....
  5. Thanks for the responses. Merion Mom, you are right, all I see is the comedy show. I just expected the other shows would be available since the "you can check in now for your cruise" email went out. My bad.
  6. Hi All, We just received the go ahead to book all entertainment, restaurants, etc on the Nov 2 Anniversary cruise, but we cannot see the shows listed. Has anyone else had this problem? We've also been trying to get some info on the details of the "celebrations" on this cruise- has anyone heard anything? Thank you in advance for any info/advice!
  7. Great! I’ll look into the roll call. I know I did see some activity a bit ago. Don’t know what you mean about the two week live?
  8. That surprises me, but then again I am certainly no expert on any of this. So while this may seem presumptuous of me, I would like to say that I have so appreciated your helpful advice and comments over the years. Would there be any way we could meet for a drink and chat in November?
  9. John, it was late Nov 2018. I think you are going on that trip as well?
  10. I think you are spot on. I’m looking forward to the “surprise entertainment” but perhaps the premium was too much; didn’t fool or tempt people. Now that it is priced back in the normal range for that time of year, perhaps it will be more popular. Regardless, I am hoping everyone that is booked on that cruise notes the price drop and saves a few $$ before final payment.
  11. So I keep checking on the prices for the Nov 2 2019 Symphony Anniversary Cruise, and the prices keep dropping dramatically, at least for the suites. So far have saved 21% from original booking to June 21, now today another 6% from the June 21 price. Total of 25.7% off original price. Seems odd to me, since it should be a popular cruise. Has anyone else noted these price drops?
  12. We did this on a weekend cruise to make it to D+. Thought it was worth it for the perks on the next cruise, which was longer. Since it left from Bayonne, it was a quick drive to the port, and quite a fun weekend!
  13. I usually budget $1000 for the week. Seems like the offers increase if I happen to win a big jackpot. They want their money back, perhaps?
  14. Thanks for taking the time for this great review. Love all of the photos.
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