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  1. I was booked for that cruise on GCT for last October...they cancelled all cruises after June and offered us a deal to go earlier. We went in May. Having done 6 or 7 river cruises ( with Uniworld and GCT) I have to say this one was a disappointment. Just plain blah, in my view. We were told the ship was being moved to Provence, where the demand is much higher.
  2. I tried to upgrade from economy to comfort + for a Delta flight from Boston to Edinburgh recently. They wanted $370 extra round trip, which is nuts. I’ve got over 100,000 SkyMiles because of my Amex Delta card...and could not use them because of my fare bucket ( or some such thing.).
  3. I would not accept that flight. I was in CDG 3 weeks ago for a connecting flight, , and getting through passport control took close to 45 minutes. I’ve flown through there on connecting flights many times, and would not be comfortable with less than 2 hours. I do admit, though, that I’ve never needed 2 hours!
  4. Things do change! We took a Uniworld cruise about 10 years ago, and for the captain’s dinner there was exactly one man without a sport coat!
  5. Loved my cruise on the Douro on Uniworld.
  6. I just returned from a river cruise where my cabin was the last one before the door that led to the crew area. I never heard a single noise and actually saw a crew member enter the area exactly once.
  7. I do have an issue, and it is a big one. I take a lot of trips with a company that gives a 7.5 percent discount if not paid with a credit card. And my flights are usually booked through the company. And I don’t think this company takes American Express if I wanted to pay that way!
  8. Thanks, Zach! Actually, I recently got a Delta Amex gold card. I’m about to pay for a trip in Scotland and really hope the company takes AmEx. . If so, the cost will get me my sign up bonus miles. I do have a SkyMiles number of course. I do about 4 international trips a year.
  9. I’m really pleased to see all the good comments about Cathay Pacific Premium Economy as I’m flying Boston to Hong Kong to Bangkok that way later this year. I fly most trips on Delta in comfort plus and it is ok. I’m fairly simple to please too. My most recent flight was 16.5 hours long on Air Canada from Hong Kong to Toronto to Boston in business class, and it was absolutely terrific...but unfortunately it was a once in a lifetime splurge (well, I did do it both ways of course) that if I want to travel as much as I do, I won’t be able to repeat. Sigh.
  10. I’m at the airport in Hong Kong after being in China for 23 days with a different company. Not a single person in my group of 14 had stomach issues from water or food...as mentioned above, bottled water is available everywhere. No one drank from the tap.
  11. I appreciate this advice too as I’ll be there this fall...in November. Right this moment I’m sitting in the Hong Kong airport for a looong trip home to Boston.
  12. I’m not on a Viking trip, but have been in China for over 3 weeks. Only once have I not used a western toilet. Yes, you do need to bring toilet paper and hand sanitizer. I had to laugh about some of the above comments about Chinese food. That is what is served, but it is mostly good. It is certainly different from American Chinese food! That said, I plan to have pizza my first day home.
  13. I’m flying Boston to Hong Kong to Bangkok on Cathay Pacific later this year in Premium Economy. Reviews I’ve read are very good...I’ve flown Air France in PE and it was okay, nothing special. Delta economy plus or whatever it is called is basically just extra leg room. Have also flown Air Canada in PE and was not impressed.
  14. I did that OAT trip but in reverse last August. Malta was amazing! I’d been to quite a few of the ports before but really enjoyed the trip...except the fact it was 95-105 every day.
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