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  1. It might have been polite to the gentle readers here if you added a caveat to the link you posted indicating that it was inaccurate... ...as you already knew.
  2. I think this is subterfuge -- when the real goal is to simply change the ship's name.
  3. I just hope that anyone who forces the premature release of a vaccine is the first one to receive it.
  4. Arnold Donald gets a bigger bonus.
  5. Let's bring on a bunch of people of unknown health status to see if they are able to infect their servers in a short time. For virtually no financial gain...
  6. I thought he fell, and fortuitously a lifeboat caught him... "Costa Concordia captain didn't fall, but jumped into lifeboat, crew member testifies" https://www.cnn.com/2013/11/12/world/europe/italy-costa-concordia/index.html
  7. Was that in the original terms from the TA, or was it something they made up on the spot? I once went to a local TA, which I thought would be nice because they offered free transportation to/from the ship. Before I signed, I noticed that they said they could charge a cancellation fee. I didn't sign. The agent helping me assured me "oh, we never do that". I have sort of felt that that something like this was in the terms, but generally ignored in good times... There was this thread from a couple months ago ... adding a fee makes a credit card dispute much more appealing. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2749714-think-twice-about-a-chargeback/
  8. A long, long time ago, Janet Edwards was an aerobics instructor on Princess; and her husband was a cruise director. Eventually, she became a cruise director. "See you around the ships folks..." Later, she appeared on Home Shopping Network. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/98484-janet-edwards-where-is-she/
  9. I read it in an australian news report around the peak of the Ruby excitement. The actual term 'super spreader' was used. As I don't think there is any technical definition of the term, and (at least in the USA) different news reports contain different 'facts'. I think the current, mockable, term for that in the USA is 'alternate facts'. Here's an example: "The claims come after more than 600 passengers joined an Australian class action against Princess Cruises, with the coronavirus "super spreader" Ruby Princess ship responsible for a staggering ten percent of all Australia's coronavirus infections." https://9now.nine.com.au/60-minutes/cruise-ship-contracts-bonus-scheme-revealed-to-60-minutes/31c30358-26d4-47eb-aa37-7b14bee07544
  10. I somehow doubt that Australia has forgotten the super-spreader Ruby Princess...
  11. I'm sure there will be no corners cut. There will no absolutely no pressure from the government to release something (anything) before 03-November-2020.
  12. I think that is brilliant by cruise lines. You have a bunch of customers who have FCCs which expire. They have to book a cruise before the expiration, or they lose everything. They are incented to book, even at higher prices.
  13. I thought it was interesting that the Carnival ships would be scrapped. Usually, the mainstream cruise lines sell their old ships to other operators. I think it reflects badly on the brand to have even a single ship that should be scrapped, still sailing. The people who cruise on (only) that ship form an opinion of the cruiseline based on the experience. It is also long past time for Grand to go. Ever since the bris...
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