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  1. Too late - it already has! Hopefully things will settle down by Spring. Say hello to my two sons tomorrow - they are driving and the other flying in to your town! We are having a reunion in Gatlinburg.
  2. SW is alot more flexible on alot of things and we fly them often. They just changed my flight schedule (this rarely happens with them unlike other lines) and when I called them they were very easy to work work and I ended up with a better deal than I started with! You do have to understand their system however. Once you do, its a good line to fly.
  3. But at a much higher price. My SW flight in late Sept (over 2 months away) has tripled in the past month!
  4. Never having been a smoker, its hard to understand why people do it, but if they want to chance it, thats up to them I figure. My brother in-law passed at age 55 due to lung cancer. At his wake and in the parking lot, I ran into two of his brothers, one of who said to me "I really hate lung cancer, its already cost me two brothers!" Of course at the time both brothers were smoking........... I just shook my head and walked away.
  5. I would wait to book until you board and ask for any special first night offers - you never know, you just might get lucky. First night is a good time to dine there, as usually not very crowded AND the first night in the MDR is often a mess, with people and crew getting settled in. Only negative is if you have Fixed Dining, as first night is when you get to meet your tablemates and get settled in yourself.
  6. Recently we have had the same experience. Were able to book a category (selecting a specific cabin) through our PCC that was blocked off for guarantees only on the HAL and other travel websites. Worked great for us in both cases as we got cabins that we really liked. Not sure if another TA could have done this, but we are happy for using a PCC since we also save money by refaring almost every cruise at some point.
  7. Both American and Delta reported that they beat earnings projections for the second quarter and mentioned that fares and load factors we up nicely. They credited the Max 737 issues as the reason. I had noticed that pricing on my airfares have increased recently, so this was not a surprise. Anyway, I wonder if these higher airfares portend a demand decline for cruises, as most people fly to the departure ports. If so, we should see some fares dropping. Any thoughts?
  8. We never had to do a passport check. That must be the difference.
  9. Thats a bit unusual - normally once a group is called, you go right onboard (with the rest of your group). A 45 minute wait sort of defeates the purpose of being called. Or did I misunderstand?
  10. Just to be clear - that menu is for the Lido buffet. The MDR menu is normally very limited the first day, but the food and presentation were very good. We almost always do this, as it is a nice way to relax and unwind after the boarding process.
  11. Check out your roll call:
  12. First, it is about 8 -10 block walk, so with suitcases I would taxi/uber it. Second, I did not see any food/drink offered for sale within the terminal, but I remember Holland America offering us cookies and lemonade/juice fro free. Still, I would bring something myself, just in case. There are a couple of places within a block or two of the terminal (but outside of it) to purchase food/drink. Third, check-in was quick and easy as I recall, but we got there around 10:30 am, so we had to wait almost an hour to board afterwards. Of course, your arrival time will determine how long your wait is. This was just two months ago. We really did not think it was bad at all. Just have your booking papers with you at the gate, even while you are still in your taxi. Sometimes taxis are let in, sometimes not.
  13. Since it is far too easy to make a mistake when booking, I would use a HAL PCC (personal cruise consultant). Just call HAL and ask to be assigned one. It will be easier to do and should help eliminate issues like those you are having now. Plus, if you need to make changes later, its alot easier to do through your PCC.
  14. We vary on Early Fixed and Open, depending on the cruise itineray and or plans. If we have alot of specialty dining scheduled, we go with Open, as we do not want to tie up an early fixed spot for someone who reaaly wants/needs it. If we have alot of late ports, we also go with Open.
  15. Perhaps you are a higher "rated" player. Many of us only receive casino discounts (no free offers), as we are lower rated.
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