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  1. Jland sorry to read you still haven't received your refund. Have you tried Fair Trading and NCAT they will help you get your refund from Ponant Australia because they are in Sydney and your booking would be through the Sydney office.
  2. DSmith91, your cruise will not go ahead because no international flights are allowed into Australia. Hope it works out for you. Ponant has been a terrible company to deal with.
  3. I just wanted to let everyone know I finally got my refund of my deposit less 10%. I cancelled my cruise in March and decided to cop the 10% cancellation fee because I didn't want ponant to get anymore of my hard earned cash. One thing I will guarantee is I will NEVER touch Ponant again or any company that is affiliated to Mr Pinault.
  4. jland,do you have to pay the balance? if you are still outside the 91days cancellation, why don't you cancel and cop the 10% penalty instead of giving this retched company more money.
  5. Jland, check with your credit card if you pay with credit card and ponant cancels the cruise will your credit card refund your money if you dispute the transaction because ponant failed to supply the service that you paid for.
  6. Hi jland, my sentiments exactly, this was going to be my first cruise I've cancelled and I'll never risk booking ponant again. I have river cruises booked that are paid in full which I've also cancelled and they are refunding my money less cancellation fees which I'm OK with better than FCC which won't be worth the paper their written on if the company collapses. When is your cruise.
  7. If a company can't find a lender at a favorable rate it's because they are high risk. I'm glad I cancelled before paying the balance. If they collapse at least I've only lost my deposit which will still hurt my hip pocket.
  8. Jazzbeau, good for you that you see it as a positive but in my view if a company can't refund me my money because they've already spent it, they're in financial trouble.
  9. Today I cancelled b2b uniworld river cruises as I'm 120days from sailing. The penalty is hefty but better than their policy if they cancel. Holland America cancelled a cruise of mine and they are giving me a full refund plus compensation for the airfares. What have I learnt from all this. Never book a cruise with a small company. And on a big cruise ship I will be able to afford the penthouse
  10. Here is an exert, they are choosing not to borrow money to pay refunds my interpretation is they are not in a good financial position because they don't have the money to refund our money. What have they done with our money. Really sorry to worry you jland.
  11. I'm apprehensive to publish any of the letter because it was addressed personally to the TA and she forwarded it me in good faith. So it could get traced back to the TA.
  12. The other thread on cc is Ponant suspends operations.
  13. My TA issued me a copy of a letter she received from ponant. They are not in a good financial position and will not borrow money like other cruise companies to give refunds. I have only paid a deposit and that's why I bit the bullet and cancelled my cruise. There is a facebook page and also another thread on cruise critic. Same sentiment as here. We all hate Ponant.
  14. I'm another unhappy ponant passenger. I've only paid a deposit but decided to cancel and cop the 10% penalty. I'm not prepared to pay the balance and have ponant hold around $30,000 of my hard earned money. I don't trust them and I will never book another ponant cruise.
  15. My cancelling is viewed as change of mind Credit card don't refund for change of mind they refund if I did not receive the service I paid for. In that case I would have to pay the balance and if ponant collapses then credit card will refund. I prefer to lose 10% not give ponant more money which would be around $30,000
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