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  1. Not thinking anyone wants to hear others’ conversations.....no matter how interesting you may think your conversation is. That said, no one is saying you can’t talk in the Spa. Just keep your conversation to a level that only you and your partner can hear.
  2. Correct....MSC YC balcony cost a bit more than the Haven Spa Suite. And, the Haven Spa Suite also included more and better perks. Solos are more than welcomed on NCL, too!
  3. They also will use bleu cheese or pimento stuffed olives. Just ask for whatever you want
  4. If this thread proves one thing, no matter how you prefer to dress on a cruise, you can be just as tacky dressing in alleged formal wear as you can dressing allegedly casual. Agsn, your food, your service, your experience won’t change if your dressed in a tux and gown, or dressed in shorts and tops. I still can’t believe this debate is still going on (albeit much, much less frequently) in 2019.
  5. Tipping is a hot topic. I've always had exemplary service from my concierges and use them for just about everything, making dinner, show and excursion reservations, making wifi work on my iPad/iPhone, taking care of all my billing issues, and escorting me to shows. They've always done all that with a smile and a thanks. I tip them accordingly. The Butlers, never really needed them all that much. They do deliver snacks during the day, but aside from that, I don't require anything of them. I tip them accordingly. Bartender in the Haven who always knows my favorite drinks, always smiles and calls me by my name, always urges me to try one of his/her concoctions that was painstakingly makes, in general makes my time at the Haven bar enjoyable. I tip them accordingly. Waitstaff in the Haven restaurant...hard to nail down what I should tip, given I always seem to get a different person who takes care of me. Not really sure how to dip in the Haven restaurant, as there's always a table available, and there is so much staff in there to take care of you, it's hard to know how to tip. Plus, I don't dine in the Haven restaurant every day, and some days, I just grab some breakfast items from the breakfast buffet in the Haven and take it back to me cabin. So, unless someone goes above and beyond for me, the entire cruise, I give the concierge an envelope and ask him/her to give it to the Haven Restaurant staff. I leave a $50 bill in the cabin for the suite steward and they are always top notch in the Haven. Whether you tip $100, $50, $20, $10...everyone is alway appreciative. How you do it us up to you.
  6. I’m thinking anyone vaping in the Spa would immediately be reported by the many staff tending the Spa. That’s a non-smoking/vaping area of the ship. NCL is restricting the smoking areas more and more.
  7. David...I saw that before I booked. Thinking Humberto will either cease to exist in two weeks, or won’t get near Miami before sail away. Anyway, those are my hopes.
  8. Well....here I am...rock you like a hurricane..... Cheesy...sorry for the Scorpions reference! This thread is more or less a continuation of the now well worn thread outlining my attempt to sail the Breakaway on 9/. As we now know, that one never arrived in Miami to sail on 9/1, and actually stopped in New Orleans, before carrying on to the Bahamas to deliver humanitarian aid and supplies. I'm assuming it's sailing its normal itinerary right now. For my work, there's always a big push in the 4th quarter to, book, bill, massage, pull in, etc business to end the year strong. This year's no different. Those of you in the Business Development, Marketing, Sales etc depts know exactly what I'm talking about. As such, aside from births, deaths, marriages and funerals, no vacations are approved in Q4. We still take off most of Thanksgiving week (U.S.) and Christmas Week. All else? Grind it out. So, I was safely within the last of my vacation plans if I had sailed originally on 9/1. That ship has literally sailed. The idea of losing the last of my vacation was not appealing. But, since my dept and my team has done well so far this year, I was allowed a speciate dispensation to sail from 9/29-10/6. It took some cajoling and promises made, but it's done. Background, I've sailed both the "Away" ships in the past. They are among my favorite cruises of all time. I love the ships. I love their entertainment. I love the WaterFront, and.......I LOVE THE HAVEN. I'm still pretty chaffed about how NCL handled the 9/1 sailing and how poorly they communicated with me, sometimes not communicating what was going on at all. But, they didn't hesitate to refund the entire cruise amount quickly. We'll see if they're able to win back my trust. Looked at a Carnival Vista Havana Aft Cabin, which was the least expensive option I looked at. But, that included nothing...no drink package...no specialty dinners....no internet....nothing extra. By the time I added everything back in that I would want, the delta between the Haven Spa Suite (with all the perks) and the Havana was within a few hundred dollars. Looked at the Royal Caribbean Harmony of the Seas, too. Same thing...base fare was less expensive. But, adding everything back in that NCL offered, the price differential was a few hundred dollars. In both cases, I would not have had the access to the Haven (or whatever Carnival and Royal calls their similar Suites and Suite services). MSC Seaside Yacht Club was also an option. But, to get close to the NCL Haven Spa Suite price, I would have had to sail in an inside cabin, which I really didn't want to do. That brought me to the decision to snag a Haven Spa Suite, which includes free access to the Thermal Spa (which is a great part of any cruise in and of itself). Will post as the cruise gets closer (according to NCLS's "check in" page, that's a scant 16 days away.
  9. Yeah...already booked it. Haven Spa Suite. Will start another thread.
  10. Touche! I'm a product of the "hair band" days. Found the show very enjoyable and had a wonderful time when I saw it. As David says, I'm sure kids hear and say far worse on the playground or school bus. And, NCL does warn of the "adult content". That said, if you think the fake weed smoking, the language or the dancing is offensive, you'll probably not want to attend, let alone have your kid attend. I'd venture to say that some (adults and kids) just don't like heavy metal music and the life style that went along with it during its heyday. Again, if you think you'll be offended, we're warning you off this show, and NCL certainly warns about its content in several ways and several times before the show is even performed.
  11. So, I do use AmEx Platinum to book, but I don't use AMEX travel. I have my own TA that I've used quite a bit and passes quite a bit of OBC and perks on to me, regardless of what line I travel. How does that all stack up? Choosing NCL Haven Spa Suite, the cost is right around $4K for the cabin. That does not include the Specialty Dining and Drinks tips. Figure another $160 in addition. AmEx Platinum (which my TA hands back to me) is $300. Plus, AMEX throws in a free Specialty Dinner and a bottle of wine with the OBC. TA's OBC is $300. NCL gives me another $100 OBC for being Latitudes Platinum. Say, $4,200 all in on the cruise, plus all drinks, 280 minutes of internet, $50 excursion credit, 3 more Specialty Dinners and throw in $700 of OBC. Trying to compare apples to oranges, let's say out of pocket with everything above is $3,500 Royal would be right around $2,500 for a Balcony Ocean View cabin. Say, another $450 for drink package, not including tip. Another $200 for Specialty Dinners (say 2 or 3), not including tip. Another $100 for tips for drinks and dining. $100 for internet, but subtract $100 OBC. Out of pocket figures about $3,150. But, I'm not in their suite and don't get Coastal Kitchen, Private pool, bar and lounge area, concierge, butler, etc like I'd get with the Haven. And, while I don't know how much the spa access costs on Royal (if anything), the Spas on the Away ships are very nice and come with the Spa Cabins. MSC.....I like the idea of the Yacht Club, but really don't want an inside cabin. Pricing out Yacht Club Balcony is about on par with NCL Haven. Carnival...maybe someday I'll try their Havana cabins, because I'd like to, but I have to be in a sort of "mind set" to sail Carnival. But, this would be the least expensive alternative. You can see where this is going. I'm still PO'd at NCL, but I picked that cruise originally for a reason. Gonna give it another shot. TA says NCL is aware of the faux pas over Sept 1 and wouldn't be surprised if they try to do something to sweeten the cruise (but, I won't hold my breath). If interested, I'll start another thread for how this one goes. Thanks for everyone's input. Appreciated all of it.
  12. I'll 2nd Choir of Man being the best show I've ever seen on any cruise line, on any ship! It ties "Million Dollar Quartet", which is saying something. Outstanding.
  13. Really? I didn't know that. Can you give me a "for instance"?
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