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  1. Nothing's changed, per se except I have quarantined myself and family for 2+ months. Just starting to go out and getting back to normal. Restaurants around here have opened back up, but only 50% capacity (should be 100% capacity in June). Got a haircut (finally) last week. Had my May 31, 2020 cruise cancelled on Royal Caribbean Oasis. Thinking things will be in full swing my July 1. Booked an NCL Alaskan Cruise for October 2020 as a result. Ready to go!
  2. There are statistics. I would need to look them up, but it's clear that the major way of spreading the virus is via coughing or sneezing if you're infected. THere's another stat showing how long the virus lasts on differing surfaces. In general, as pointed out, it's not significant. I know some won't come out unless all of this is totally eradicated. Not going to happen. It will take decades for COVID 19 to be eradicated, if then. I do see this as an opportunity for NCL (and all the rest of the cruise lines) to go smokeless. It costs the cruise lines money to clean and maintain smoking areas. Now, a cigarette butt, or stogey, which would be a prime carrier for COVID 19, won't be allowed. Given the ships are going to start going out with around ½ capacity, the number of smokers and the amount of smoking areas that would have to be considered becomes more of an issue. Don't be surprised if that's one of the qualifiers that ships enforce upon starting back up....no smoking.
  3. I'm thinking the same thing. I can't imagine that the proper steps wouldn't be taken to make that cruise safe, and to allow Hawaii to recoup some of its large tourist income that they're now missing.
  4. If NCL goes under, you can pretty much bet that RCCL, and Carnival are in the same boat (pun intended). MSC might survive as they do mostly shipping and transport of goods. Of the most at risk, I’d say it would be Virgin. They haven’t even left the dock (at least not with paying passengers) on their new ship.
  5. Curious...I see the Hawaii.gov site states they don’t expect any cruises until 2021. But, it doesn’t say if that’s because the state is refusing POA, or if NCL is not planning on sailing the ship until then.
  6. The Butler did that once when I was on the Meriviglia. I told him it was unnecessary. He tried to insist. But, after the first few times I turned him down, he didn't try any more. My cabin was perhaps 30 steps from the YC bar. I didn't want, nor need, anyone to get drinks for me.
  7. I don’t hire staff in my castle to bring me things. In all seriousness, I believe most of us would rather do certain things ourselves. It’s just as easy, or easier, than to call and ask a butler do it for us. I remember staying in the first Haven cruise on the Breakaway. We were maybe 15 steps from the Haven bar. My GF wanted a drink and called the Butler to “fetch” it for her. Meanwhile, I walked out to the bar, had a drink and got one to take back to her in the Suite before the Butler delivered the one she called about. Mostly, it just makes no sense to use a Butler for certain things.
  8. I guess if I have to be there to supervise, I may as well do it myself. It’s not like it’s all that strenuous. Again, not something I would ever request of my Butler, and would probably be too embarrassed to do so.
  9. It's hard to make a blanket statement like that. I was on the Vista right before all the COVID 19 thing hit. It was a very nice ship. Clean, well taken care of, good staff. Was on the Conquest a few years ago, too. Yes, it was an older ship. But, still was well cared for.
  10. I've stopped the snacks, too...or had them severely curtail what to bring, and how often. I must be the only person who doesn't like chocolate covered strawberries. But those, along with chocolate covered cherries are just too sweet for my taste. They did ask what they could replace the strawberries with. I think I came up with pretzels, which the Butler then brought gobs of. Some people (kiddingly I hope) have said they requested their luggage to be unpacked for them. First, I really don't think they do that. 2nd, I don't want anyone else rummaging through my stuff and putting it where THEY think is fine. It takes all of 5 minutes for me to unpack and put things exactly the way I want them. Again, I don't think the Butler on NCL (or MSC, which I've sailed in the YC on) does that. I head someone mention they wanted drinks, snacks, sandwiches, etc delivered to them while they were at the main pool. Butlers don't do that, either. I think Carnival will deliver a pizza to you anywhere on the ship.....for a charge. But, Butlers don't do that. They are not short order cooks. They will, however, deliver a meal to your suite and set it up on your table from the specialty restaurants, though. If you have a large enough suite, they will act as a party coordinator (which I've been a part of on the GEM). Just don't be ridiculous about your request, and they'll do their level best to accommodate. They are mostly chartered to refresh snacks in your cabin, serve meals in the cabin, if requested, and make certain your in suite drinks are kept refreshed (like the coffee makers, or those who have ordered bottles and drinks for their room). If you need them, and can't get in touch with them, the concierge would be able to track one down for you if you ask them.
  11. While not poo-pooing this news, a 45 person test is nowhere near something that can be relied on as a success.
  12. OK...That makes more sense. Except, with what we know now, 100K deaths have been tallied over 5-6 months, not 2. That said, without a governing body to give an accurate picture, these numbers could be different.
  13. Ain't that the truth! They do like their sensationalism. Fact is, if a shutdown continues for another 6 months or more, there are LOTS of businesses that won't make it. You can throw some big ones into that pile, too....GE, Boeing, and many others.
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