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  1. You are in Bergen, Norway on a fine day. That is why no one recognises it.
  2. I am indeed on the Irrawaddy River in Myanmar, a country I would love to return to - so glad I was able to visit when I did.Over to you.
  3. Another stall in another town. This one is selling school uniforms
  4. You are correct it is not Vietnam, but nearby.
  5. Name the river and Country where this lovely lady had a market stall.(No need to name the town). Nothing in my size was available.
  6. The tall building to the left of the Opera House is The Caraville Hotel - used by US journalists during the Vietnam War. You can also see where the new Metro/underground is being built - funded by the Japanese.
  7. It was designed and built by the French. I believe back in the day many European performers played here. It is now used by a very good young Vietnamese acrobatic group. Telling stories of old Vietnam.
  8. We are about to be entertained in an Opera House by a young Acrobatic troupe. Not the Danube.
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