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  1. I was there on the weekend - didn't look like that.
  2. The statues are near the entrance to the car park - you can see them on google street view. We were there in 2016 (it was my 5th visit to Rotorua , but first time to the Redwoods). We did not do the tree walk as I believe it had only just opened.
  3. Yes, it is the Redwoods Park in Rotorua, you can see the treewalk in the background. I really thought that this would have been easy and somewhere that most on this board had visited, as it is in a very popular tourist town, close to home.
  4. No much closer to home. Can't see the woods for the red trees
  5. Only because I have been going through my own photos the last few days and it stood out. Here's the next one.
  6. Yes, we were due to go on the Quest in August out of Amsterdam, but she visited Brisbane in Feb/March, so just had to go see her arrive. Your turn again
  7. A super easy one, after my last one.
  8. Yes, that's it, located south of Luderitz. Dias was the first European, a Portuguese navigator to sail around the southern tip of Africa, opening up a route to Asia in 1488.
  9. And here is one of those skeletons.
  10. Clue 3: Firstly, I am probably wrong calling it a memorial it is more likely a marker. This person was the first to do this.
  11. Sorry no, many years before then. Clue 2 : there are skeletons on these coasts.
  12. Clue 1, as no takers yet. The memorial is to a "Cruiser" who went east.
  13. It has been a while since I have visited Toowoomba, visited often as my Grandmother and many Aunts and Uncles lived there. I visited the gardens on a visit many years ago also.
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